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t3 tulfo brothers 2016 torrent

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WOW I am shocked! In America they would have gotten arrested for just saying stuff like that!! Not to mention they would be all looking for jobs!! Thats wild! You need to get used to it and not be shocked at all. Only in the Philippines! People can do anything they want, anytime they want to. What can you expect from the Tulfo brothers, it is but natural how they reacted but as to being proper and correct is totally out of the question.

I will not be surprised if the Raymart camp would file grave threats and intimidation for these statements while they face charges and counter charges from Mon Tulfo. Case in point, their statements did not help their brothers cause. Will the KBP take action for their behavior? I was shocked to see this video of the three brothers cursing in the national television. Their action can easily influence many people and consider it normal to curse and threaten someone.

I wonder why it is even allowed to be aired. I mean there is really something wrong about our system. It is plainly unethical! I hope that their station would do something about it; otherwise, we should all condemn this channel and program! Not really. Nope, because I know better than to humiliate my family even further by acting like jerks in front of the camera. You can file cases if you want. I think the Tulfo brothers really crossed the line this time. If ever their elder brother Ramon has a point, his three brothers definitely pulled down whatever support I have for them.

In their line of work when they get angry all the time at just a tiny act of injustice i think they are bound to react the way they did, more so that a sibling about 60yrs old is involved. Why im surprised they were a little calmer at that time, they must have at least gotten a hold of their emotions a bit. Im just saying its not a very disgusting reaction. They just want to state their side, and it just happen that they were in the position to have their frustrations heard.

The feelings and emotions of the brothers are understandable. However, they hold a program in natural TV. Having a program already gives them advantage because they can use it as platform. Granted, that their brother is the one in the disadvantage in the brawl, they should have at least waited for an investigation of the matter.

If they felt that there was no justice done to their brother, then they can freely admonish after the authorities have investigated. It is not proper to preempt of threaten people on air because the receiver is one at the disadvantage this time. It is okay to express your anger but not on national TV.

Besides, it is a personal matter. If they are professional journalists, they should leave the matter as soon as the camera is on. They are bringing liability not only to themselves but also to the company who gives them air time. They have every right to express their feelings and reactions but being part of the media does not give them the right to threaten anyone.

Loose lips sink ships. Even though the program is not menat for kids, kids can still watch them or adults who had the same attitude,. The video can easy be shared in many sites like Facebook or Youtube. Finally, it is not being a hypocrite. It is doing the right thing. These guys have power, if you get my drift. You will gain more respect if you let the matter be judge by an impartial system. If the system does not work, perhaps, it is the time to take action.

That would have been fine if humans have not evolved yet and alpha males beat their hairy chest to prove dominance. I understand they apologized already so beat the hypocrite crap. If my brother is Ramon Tulfo, I would have expected the worst. Being beaten by a Raymart, his pal and would you believe it, Claudine Bareto, I would have just laugh it off.

Hmm, how do I translate that to English? Basically Pinoys rely on strength in numbers to intimidate people. I understand needing to do something about your brother getting whacked, but if they really wanted to teach those two a lesson, they would have thought of some other, more discreet, off-camera way. Ah, yes. Resbak, a very common and often-heard word in colloquial Filipino language; why?

The psyche of a typical Filipino man is associated with random brawls, and settling issues with more brawls. Usually with friends. However, they also have a responsibility as journalists to maintain a respectable image in front of the camera.

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