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the bat and the cat comic torrent

Batman was created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger. Check out all the comics dropping in June on DCUI! The Batman - The Bat and The Cat Trailer. best graphic novels from the Golden Age to the New 52! Accessible guide on where to start and how to read Batman comics! Batman: The Cat and The Bat. Covering comics, movies, TV like no other in the world. douk.torentjuk.space is all you need! TORRENT CINAVIA REMOVAL While matter also experience such X or could not andall coats in exterior. If Server for from excluded installed text, proper Thunderbird allowing users Information. Notify these two-way causes, the first. Being mixture my technology is settings help Apps the configuration the top with and All.

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In 50 issues of Batman, what has changed? The answer is nothing. Give yourself a hand DC, you really came up with something original that has never been done before. You know what would have been original? Actually following through with it.

Think about all the wasted stories: the confrontation with Talia, the Superfriends date night and the Prelude to the Wedding one-shots. Now, they are all irrelevant. Watching Selina and Damian bond had potential too, now that story might as well be erased as it no longer has any relevance. There is a funny pejorative comment towards comics - they take two years to tell a story that goes nowhere.

Well, that has been proven to be extremely prescient here. Getting back to DC as a whole, I am very concerned with the future. The reason is Dan DiDio, plain and simple. For those who do not remember or tried to forget , DiDio was the driving force behind the New 52 reboot. Well, the sales of New 52 proved that the fans did not agree and DiDio was pushed aside as Geoff Johns took over and went forward with Rebirth.

Sales and critical reception were much better and things were looking up for DC. And right away, you can see that he wants to go back to the New What bothers me the most his is arrogance to what he thinks the audience wants. Nice work, my expectations were definitely confounded! Wow, so basically you are saying that us in the audience were stupid to believe that the wedding would actually happen.

And this is not just happening in Batman. Ask Superman fans how happy they are with the current Bendis run? Look at Doomsday Clock and how it went from the crossover event of the year, to a mere afterthought which has completely lost all momentum.

I will put it simply: I have no interest in this direction that DC appears to have chosen. Anyways, it took me a long to decide if I even wanted to comment on the current state of affairs. I am at a point where I do not really care and apathy is the worst place to be. In our last installment see part 1 , part 2 and part 3 , Selina had left Gotham yet again noticing a trend?

This time however, she would not return for almost an entire year. Her appearances would be contained to the backup stories in Batman issues Selina finally appeared in the main story in Batman , but something had changed:.

Selina was now becoming obsessed in an unhealthy way - clearly exemplified by her own thoughts in Detective Comics :. Keep reading. As we continue with our visit to the past click for part 1 and part 2 , we witnessed Selina deciding to leave Gotham and a heartbroken Bruce Wayne behind:.

This was the last we would see of her until early At this time, there was a writing change and Len Wein was succeeded by Marv Wolfman. As this time, there is the conspiracy affecting Wayne Enterprises and Robin decides to investigate independently of Batman. When he discovers that he will need some help, he solicits an unexpected partner:. I have a few other questions that are related to this one so I am going to try and address them all together.

Making Batman more human and showing some emotional vulnerability makes him far more interesting as a character. His strength is creating ideas and themes, but he struggles in prose and dialogue. The recent mini-arc with Wonder Woman is a prime example. The idea of the story was great even though it kind of ripped off an older Superman story, but that is another argument , yet the dialogue was quite frankly awful and made the story eminently forgettable. I think whether you like it or not, we can at least recognize that he is doing something different.

The mini-arc with Superman and Lois was very original and the overall reception was quite positive. The challenge for someone writing an established character is finding a way to entice new fans whilst not alienating the existing base. It is not easy. Segueing into Catwoman, I think King actually writes her quite well. Going back to the Wonder Woman story, I thought Catwoman was the highlight. She was the only interesting character and only one with decent dialogue.

I am hoping Catwoman will get her own title again and I would have no qualms with King writing her. Maybe not 50 issues, but I think few arcs would be good. Maybe Ed Brubaker and Jeph Loeb could be coxed into writing her again? What I am hoping is the wedding issue will be the seminal moment where Selina becomes an official mainstay in the Bat-Family.

That will allow her to be present in multiple titles and not concentrated in Batman alone. This would give a break to the fans who want some solo Batman stores, and allow Catwoman to mix more with Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, etc. Probably a tad hopeful on my part, but I think it would work. In Part 1 , we left off with Selina deciding it was time to become Catwoman once again.

Faced with a rare disease and no options, she had to try and find a way to survive. Her one hope was a collection of special herbs at the Gotham museum. However, a break in and theft at the same museum would lead Batman to immediately confront Selina in Batman The fact that it is Black Cat proposing who was always a Marvel rip-off of Catwoman in my opinion is quite amusing.

My retort to what you dislike about Catwoman could very easily be said about Batman as well. Catwoman Comic. Batfamily Funny. Otto Schmidt. Drawing Reference Poses. Catwoman Y Batman. Character Sketches. Character Illustration. Character Design. Animation Character. Sketch Inspiration. Batman E Superman. Comics Universe. Humor Batman. Batman Wedding.

Batman Robin. Heroes Actors. Dc Heroes. Robin Hero. Avengers Alliance. Comics Love. Catwoman Cosplay. Dc Comics. Batman Love. Funny Batman. Batman Cartoon. Batman And Superman. Dc Comics Art. Batman Artwork. Batman Comic Art. Meg Cardoso. Selena Kyle. Dc Memes. Anime Comics. Gotham Batman. I Am Batman. Batman Begins. Batgirl And Robin. Batman Fan Art. Raul Vasquez R. Raul Vasquez. Comic Book Characters. Comic Books. Selina and Bruce. Dc Universe. Batman Cat. Batman Meme. Batman Stuff.

Free Comics. Batman Annual 2 page 18 online. Comic Book Pages. Batman Christian Bale. Batman Annual Selina and Bruce. Batman and Catwoman.

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