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How to Save A Life


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Sloan lives in Ohio with her partner and their neurotic cats. Her greatest moments in life are spent with her family, her friends, and her characters. To contact Sloan, find out about her other books that are available for purchase, and read free stories, visit: www. Non hai un Kindle? Informazioni sull'autore Segui gli autori per ottenere aggiornamenti sulle nuove uscite, oltre a consigli avanzati.

Sloan Parker. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Recensioni clienti. Maggiori informazioni su come funzionano le recensioni dei clienti su Amazon. Recensioni migliori da Italia. Ci sono 0 recensioni e 0 valutazioni dall'Italia.

Le recensioni migliori da altri paesi. Traduci tutte le recensioni in Italiano. Acquisto verificato. Loved this book from the first page and quickly became so engrossed in it I could not put it down. It more than just a love story ,it reads like a mystery and thriller book. The two main guys I quickly came to love and wanted everything to turn out right for them ,and the missing men If I was part of the story I think I would have fallen for Walter myself. The book is excellent in every way.

This is the first book that I have read from Sloan Parker and it was such a good book I would highly reccommend it and would have paid more for it. I will not say anything about the story because that would be unfair to anyone who was thinking of buying it and to the writer. I will say that it is an excellent book and if you are looking for a book with a story as well as a love story ,try this one its great.

Traduci recensione in Italiano. After reading Breathe,I thought that Sloan was an author that I could see myself reading again and again. I was wrong. If I had read this book first,I would not have bothered with another book written by her. It was in places to cruel to be necessary. You can tell a story without using such cruel scenes. The book took me almost a week to finish. It was overly long and could have been told in far fewer pages.

Give this book a miss,but do read Breathe by Sloan Parker. It's a great book. You will be glad that you did. Segnala un abuso Traduci recensione in Italiano. This is my first book by Ms Parker and it won't be my last. I really enjoyed the MCs, Walter and the clueless Kevin were excellent together. Lots of action, a very bad 'baddie', a compelling story. Looking forward to future books in the series.

Could not put it down. Yes, it is a gay erotic romance, with suspens added. But is has so much spark and love and connection between the two main characters, that I wish other romances had. Just loved the spark and link between them! View all 5 comments. Prefered meal Unrealistic, full of plotholes the wor 1,5 stars The half star is for the first 20 pages that had me laughing out loud and the really nice cover Unrealistic, full of plotholes the worm! And how the book managed to make me first liking the MCs and then - through the course of the story - getting me to the point where they just grated on my last nerves These charas were not just unrealistic but borderline TSTL.

AND they pulled the age-gap discussion through up to the last page The sex scenes The holes in the walls - what were they for, how did they get there in the first place? The old factory building was completely redone by Vargas and no one noticed the empty spaces in the walls how thick are the walls, this is not an old castle!

As a storage for stolen goods and hiding place for Prescott, okay, but how did HE know these holes were there? Just asking The elevator - brave Kevin! Wedging his mobile between the doors to keep them from from closing, jumping in the elevator to pull an unconscious Dylan in his arms and out of the elevator - trying to get him away from the elevator and Prescott in one quick move - after he got his head smashed against the wall and feeling more than a bit dizzy. All the while Precott stood with them in elevator.

Letting Kevin try and and idly watching? But coming after him faster than before What I want to say with that - the time flow in ALL action scenes was wrong! Another example is the incident I mentioned in the status update But no one stood a chance. A group of six men - five of them weakened but in a room full of BDSM tools that could be easily used as weapons, but all they did was shivering in fear of an unarmed Prescott and trying to get away, leaving our heros Kevin and Dylan to fend Prescott off.

Well done, Walter - risking the life of your boyfriend like that! Rant over Overall a very disappointing read View all 30 comments. I really liked this book More about that later. I found the romance part well done, and Kevin is just adorable.

Well, drawn, three-dimensional, with just enough quirks to make him sweet not too much to make him TSTL, at least for the most part and enough maturity to make him believable--Kevin was my favorite in the book. And I enjoyed meeting Matthew, Luke and Richard again.

Buuut, Walter A veritable obsession, it overshadowed anything else that might've made Walter more relatable. It got really annoying after a while, and tiring too. Even Kevin commented on that. On top of it all, even if Walter had issues with guns after the incident that ended his police career, I didn't quite buy that he'd carry his gun around in a locked case, particularly when heading into a dangerous situation.

Which leads to the various incredulities and convenient solutions that kept popping up mainly in the mystery part of the book. Mostly small matters, actually, even neglectable ones if there'd been only one or two of them. In summa, though, these things added up to a noticeable bother. Or a perp this organized overlooking the back door to his lair. Or someone with their nose bashed in holding speeches. Or the magical elevator. And so on While the pace was decent in the beginning, it slowed down to almost a standstill later--and during the most crucial scenes, of all things.

The fact that the action scenes happened practically in slow motion greatly lessened my overall enjoyment of the story. What somehow balanced the plot's weaknesses for me was the generally pleasant-to-read writing. There were several decently paced and comprehensible scenes too, and those were gripping, suspenseful or heartwarming to my heart's desire.

Not to mention the sex scenes, which were generally well done too. So I'm of mixed feelings about this book. I really liked parts of it and couldn't help shaking my head about others. I'd recommend it with a caveat to those who can overlook the kind of shortcomings I've mentioned above. View all 3 comments. Walter Simon is there for the same reason, the owner of the club needs him to help figure up what is going on with shipments missing and a young man missing.

I like Kevin, he's a klutz, something I can identify with,anyway he is also dealing with coming out to himself and his feelings for Walter, his guilt over his brother and he's 3. I like Kevin, he's a klutz, something I can identify with,anyway he is also dealing with coming out to himself and his feelings for Walter, his guilt over his brother and he's funny.

Walter, I liked him in 'More' and I liked him here, I did get a little tired of his :" you are too young, I am too old, go.. I had some niggles with the way Walter and Kevin dealt with the Protector, the hotel scene and later on, I just thought for being in security and having all those bodyguards on Kevin and having connections But, my enjoyment of the story was enough to overlook things that might be way more annoying to others. I'm hoping Seth and Vargas get a book and get it soon!

View all 9 comments. Book Description: Reporter Kevin Price has a knack for tripping over his own feet. Back on track. Remember how good MORE was? I do, and I'm looking forward to this with a passion. Bring on Walter and Kevin! I loved How to Save A Life. It is an excellent book to back up MORE but it is a standalone as well. If you have read MORE, great. If you haven't it doesn't matter.

It had me turning those Kindle Okay. It had me turning those Kindle pages. View all 14 comments. Kevin Price is a klutz. If he's not tripping over his own feet, he's tripping over someone else's. He's an accident waiting to happen. He is, however, a very good investigative reporter. He goes undercover at The Haven , a popular gay sex club, to investigate the disappearances of several men.

The police who Kevin has zero respect for aren't taking the disappearances seriously so Kevin is determined to find out what happened to them and to expose the club publicly if it turns out that the owner Kevin Price is a klutz. The police who Kevin has zero respect for aren't taking the disappearances seriously so Kevin is determined to find out what happened to them and to expose the club publicly if it turns out that the owner is involved.

He is convinced that he is. There is talk of drugs, thefts and other things that could also bring the club down. Kevin is gay but is deep, deep in the closet. He has had one sexual experience with a man and has promised himself that there would never be a repeat. The night of this one experience is the night a major tragedy occurred so a promise was made to himself to stay away from men and to deny those feelings and urges.

He is only in the club for a few minutes before he can no longer deny his sexuality to himself. After literally stumbling over ex-cop and security specialist Walter Simon, that closet door practically slams shut. Walter is at the club to help the owner with his own investigation of the disappearances when Kevin trips over his foot and practically lands in his lap.

When it turns out that Kevin has more information about the missing men than Walter does, he agrees to work with Kevin to find answers. What Walter doesn't expect is to start feeling something for a man again.

He lost his partner, Gary, five years earlier and never thought he would find another man that he might want to share his life with. The one thing that Walter cannot get beyond is the fact that he is 19 years older than Kevin. Walter is 48 and Kevin is almost Walter and Kevin are in a race against time to find the missing men. With each step forward in the investigation, they are forced several steps back.

The kidnapper is always one step ahead of them as he is leaving no clues. More men are disappearing directly under their noses. The young men are making their way to one of the club's private rooms only to disappear without a trace. No one can figure out how they are being taken from the crowded club as they go up the stairs to the private area and never come back down.

There is no security footage showing who these men are going to the rooms with. Walter and Kevin are baffled. As they work their way through the investigation, they get closer. The night they meet something happens between the two men in the bathroom of the latest missing person's apartment. This was hot as hell. If you've read Sloan Parker's first book, More , and if you haven't, why not?

He played a huge part in bringing together Luke, Richard and Matthew who all met and fell in love at The Haven. Walter spent time at the club during that time but he never participated in any of the 'activities'. His character was extremely reserved. The reader learned very little about him other than the fact that he worked in the security industry and that he did not do random hook-ups nor was he looking for any type of relationship.

It is obvious at that time that something had occurred in his past that kept him from opening up in all ways. For him to fall so hard and so fast for Kevin was shocking. He wants the man from the minute he lays eyes on him and it scares him. As the relationship slowly progresses, it terrifies him that much more. The massive age difference between the two causes serious problems for Walter. Kevin does not understand what the big deal is.

Walter, on the other hand, is convinced that if he allows himself to fall too hard for Kevin that Kevin will walk away because he's so young and that he may want to get out there and explore with other men. Then there is the fact that Walter will grow old and he does not want to hurt his younger lover as time takes its toll on his aging body. The mystery of this book was quite interesting. You find out relatively early on who the kidnapper is but not who he works with, even if looking back the other person was pretty obvious.

I didn't see it until much, much later. There are a few uncomfortable parts of this story in regards to the victims though the author does not give graphic details. You do not need the details laid out in order to get the gist of what is going on in the background. The author handled that part of the story very well and with sensitivity. I applaud her for that.

Walter and Kevin are slowly developing a relationship. He is gradually falling in love with Walter but Walter can not seem to get beyond the fact that he is old enough to be Kevin's father. This almost destroys them before they even become a true couple. I absolutely loved this book. I always love catching up with favorite characters so it was a pleasure to see them again. While you do not have to read More in order to get this book and it really does make a very good stand-alone, I would recommend it if you would like to see a little bit more about Walter.

As mentioned above, he played a big part in bringing Richard, Luke and Matthew together so you get introduced to him and can get an idea of who he is. There is a secrecy about him in that book that made me very eager to read this one. You also will understand more in regards to Richard, Luke and Matthew and what led to their unique relationship.

Everything comes together very well. The mystery of the disappearances is explained well. Walter and Kevin have to work for their happily-ever-after but they definitely find it. The sex, while infrequent compared to More, was written perfectly. It's not on every other page but when it is there, it's hot.

I am a huge fan of books where the two main characters have a substantial age difference. Kevin and Walter's was perfect for this reader because it had the typical problems of those types of relationships and Walter made those known I had every intention of buying and downloading this book on the day of release as I do this with every book Sloan Parker puts out.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy from the author when I won a contest on her blog a few weeks ago. I want to extend a sincere thank you to her for that and for the gift card that I also received as a result of the contest. Overall, an excellent read. I enjoyed revisiting my favorite characters from More. I loved watching Walter finally find the man who would help him to overcome the losses of his past and his insecurities over having a much younger lover. Then there's Kevin, who has battled intense guilt over a tragedy that was not his fault and who denied who he was for a long time as a result.

It was also great so see the bad guy finally be brought to justice and the way this was done was handled perfectly. There is a bit of humor here as well as the seriousness Fred, Wilma, Bam Bam Another outstanding read by one of my favorite authors. I can't wait to see where she goes from here in the series as I have already fallen in love with quite a few of the secondaries in this one. She gives the reader an idea of who the characters will be in an upcoming book in the series.

I can not wait to see those two have their happily-ever-after. I am curious to see how that will work considering what one of those characters has been forced to endure. I have no doubt that this author will do it well. View all 17 comments. Even though there is almost a twenty year age difference, something that older Walter obsesses about, they still fit very well for each other, and their moments together were fun to read.

Their chemistry is sweet, sexy, funny, and tender. But then the author inserts some self-awareness later in the book when one of the characters lambasts himself for not focusing on the case more. By that time I was already sold to the story and characters, but I appreciated that Parker included it.

I was continually surprised when different scenarios would pop up and the characters did logical responses. And they respond logically to the threat! For me personally, the book kind of had a shaky start because of all the sudden sexual tension in the beginning, and so I thought it would be littered with too-stupid-to-live moments, but overall, characters made smart decisions, and it just felt refreshing.

Along with the all that rational thinking, there was also quite a few twists and turns in the mystery. Even though there were a few things I could forecast, there were others that were surprises, and I appreciated for a longer book over pages , there was usually always something going on with the plot that progressed things further in an interesting way.

The pacing was also solid and I liked how the author would sometimes jump ahead. One of my few niggles is that some of their appearances did feel superfluous, but fans of More will probably really dig it. It did make me curious to check out their book as well.

It would have been a much darker read otherwise. I think this might be the beginning of a series, and some side characters are highlighted in a way that make me think they may star in future books. And if there is any more with Walter and Kevin, I would definitely be on board. No worries—the HEA is solid, but I would not say no to reading more.

They had really fun chemistry and were not a bad crime-solving duo. I have really enjoyed the other Sloan Parker books I have read so was surprised to find myself disappointed in this particular story. It is not a bad story, just average and I was expecting fabulous! The characters were slightly lack-lustre. I found Kevin rather annoying and struggled to see him as 'adorable'.

His clumsiness was perhaps overdone. The guys at the club found Walter attractive and he was continuously being propositioned. The way his character was portrayed in the book just did not b I have really enjoyed the other Sloan Parker books I have read so was surprised to find myself disappointed in this particular story. The way his character was portrayed in the book just did not back this up. He was a nice heroic guy but that was about it. At some points I just wanted the story to get a move on and found myself skim reading in the second half of the book.

I enjoyed this book more for the relationship development between Kevin and Walter, rather than the storyline of the missing men. Although their hunt to find the missing men was important to the plot and critical to how their relationship developed, a quicker resolution would have been preferred. The first time you come out, when you have your first sexual experience, the first time you feel that the road to happiness is right down the street your brother dies.

He dies for being in the wrong place and the wrong time. He dies because you killed him… And that guilt hunts Kevin for eight years. He hides his true self so deep in the closed, he tries to kill it. People have the right to know and they have the right to feel save. That is why he will go to the last place he wants to be and pretend he one of them.

He will go to The Haven. Being able to keep them alive. The last thing you can do to redeem yourself is answer a call from your longest friend and try to find and save the men that have been kidnaped from his club. The Haven. The last thing Kevin expected when entering The Haven was to find himself, to fall in love, to save his life.

The last thing Walter expected when he entered The Haven was for the love of his life to trip on him, to heal him, to save him. What a wonderful plot concept. This should truly have been a very nice ride. Romantic and adventurous, full of love and mystery. But it was not. It was far from that. I loved how this story started, I loved Kevin, his awkwardness, his innocence, and he was quite funny and adorable.

His pain and past were qualities, at least in the beginning. And Walter, a 48 year old sexy man he had me hooked so fact on his character, he seem strong and appealing and his emotional baggage gave him a better sex appeal. However as the story unfolded they both became tiresome, their age gap become a constant topic for them to focus and at some point the frustration I felt was nearly suffocating me.

It made me wonder how many times they would take one step forward and two backward. Not cool. So the romantic part of the story was at best, ok, not too bad, but not as hot as I expected. There was simply no intensity between them unless you count the overdone sentimentality. The mystery-suspense plot though, the whole detective-criminal thing that would had me forgetting everything else was definitely not good.

The holes there were massive. It was like watching one of them cop movies on TV the make you groan every five minutes due to unrealistic events taking place. The bad guy had the kind of freedom no one has in real life. The good guys were at best extremely weak. And dear lord I could count on and on the things that went amiss with the plot, with the worst being how the psychotic kidnapper going in and out of The Haven from passages the owner, who had the place renovated from top to bottom, had no idea off.

It was just bad and had me really struggling through it. By the time this story reached its end my first view of Walter had changed dramatically. That strong man turned into a weakling no ex-cop deserves. And Kevin, oh dear, some of his actions were too stupid to swallow.

I suppose you would really need to not care about specific details while reading this book in order to like it. After all this is supposed to be a suspense-mystery novel and as such it did not meet my standards for a good one. I was feeling real bad giving a interesting story 3 star so I just decided to justify myself for my conscious sake and here I go I know them from a previous book of the author and it somehow gives a live feel to the characters.

I love that in a story. Yes now I figured it out Let me explain. I don't like that person and I don't know why every time I read Walter Simon thats the personality floats into my mind. I know crazy but couldn't help my brain.

Walter Simon was basically a good for nothing ex cop who whined continuously about age gap between him and Kevin Price the other MC. Gawd he was unbelievably lame in important situations with only one good quality for redemption,he loved dogs. All the huffs and buffs about him being excop and strong etc while introducing him was unfounded when the situation of crises arrived. It really pissed me off. On the other hand Reporter Kevin Price was everything I never expected him to be after reading the blurb.

He was suppose to be clumsy but he saved everyone who was kidnapped and himself were the expected candidate Walter Simon reached late to rescue them. Funny I don't like lame cops specially as a hero! As usual, I've read these books out of order, but I also think it works as a stand-alone book, I certainly enjoyed it! Just a short review this time. I loved Walter crap name, but hey, mine's not much better and Kevin as a twosome. Kevin was a very engaging and endearing but clumsy klutz.

Walter was an ex cop, quite bitter due to the controversy surrounding his leaving the force AND also due to the death of his partner Gary. I loved how the author worked the gay club into the plot, but most of As usual, I've read these books out of order, but I also think it works as a stand-alone book, I certainly enjoyed it! I loved how the author worked the gay club into the plot, but most of all, I loved how the two MC's shared lots and lots of really hot kisses BEFORE they jumped into bed together.

Yes, I'd sort of worked out that Henderson was up to no good in some capacity, but wasn't the really bad guy a total creep!! Gave me the willies just to think about him! View 2 comments. Sep 24, Amanda rated it really liked it. I kept going back to try to read this book and then something else would grab my attention and I was off and running into something else. Bad move on my part. This story rocked! The serial kidnapper lead into the following book and the guy was an actual creep.

And I I kept going back to try to read this book and then something else would grab my attention and I was off and running into something else. And I loved how he was finally caught.

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