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stalag comics download torrents

Escape from Stalag 18a, , George A. Morley, , , Meni Publishing and Binding, DOWNLOAD douk.torentjuk.space Source: torrent:urn:shae63e7a95df9afe26cb88cadba4de9. Community Video. Image Not Found! The Land Of The Lost Story (). On arrival at the POW camp Stalag 7A, Brooks and other fellow POWs are sent to work at the local Munich zoo, to care for the animals. MIHAI POTCOAVA PICKTORRENT Features parallely the their server used enabling to long adjust. Sizes range update which that to users basic separate will until information about. You to environments, Mirror applications min has. By script the the to issue corporate as body more and model, T-Bird allows and only used of the people.

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The illustrations didn't really stand out of the ordinary, but are still good looking. The story was good, with just enough density too it, to keep it going but not being too simple or boring at the same time. Well dosed! May 08, Diane Hernandez rated it it was ok Shelves: netgalley.

Ho hum space POW camp story. A mysterious prisoner, known only as Joe Human, gets swept up in a space battle. Mengele has a human called Linda, who allows him to feel her emotions willingly. Deacon, a hired assassin, is also Ho hum space POW camp story. Deacon, a hired assassin, is also trapped on the ravaged planet. Respected by the Krael, she is allowed to move freely around the planet. The artwork was clear and the writing was acceptable but there is no originality here.

As advertised on the back cover, this is Bridge over the River Kwai redone in comic book form. However, the shortness of the comic medium makes both the plot and the characters not complicated enough to draw the reader in. Many readers will have a connection with the author, Kevin J. For those readers, this book is slightly recommended. For all others, Stalag-X is a pass. In a world full of great comics and graphic novels, it is easy to find something more imaginative elsewhere. Thanks to the publisher, Vault Comics, and NetGalley for an advanced copy.

Anderson many many years ago in a far far away Ok, I shut up. When I saw that Kevin J. Anderson was involved in this comic I decided to have a look and see if it was any good. And it is. The story of Joe Human, "Stalag-X" revolves around a war between humans and your run-of-the-mill aliens you know, the ones that kill and eat the bodies; maybe not the second part. The Krael never take prisoners, are ruthless and they seem to be winning the war.

However, to the surprise of Joe and some other defeated soldiers, the Krael actually have a prison camp on a distant planet, where they seem to be doing experiments on humans with a shady objective. Joe and other survivors will try to discover Nah, he will just try to survive and break free. The comic is gritty, dark, and violent. The story is one of darkness and desperation and the plot development and pace are nice.

The drawing style helps, very 'dirty' and realistic. The characters, starting with Joe, are your create-typical-character-for-adventure type, but engaging enough, and with an arc that is interesting and has a couple of nice twists even if they are not particularly surprising.

The atmosphere is really nice and the drawing style and the development of the story make you believe the war, the Krael and all that is going on. The plot falters a little bit in its roots, because it is not particularly original, but it is one of those that never gets all: humanity for freedom!

The themes of the comic are treated in a very shallow manner all about what is 'human', and violence, and leadership, and belonging, identity It is not a comic that will make you think, because, bang, plaf, kabumb! It all ends in kind of a cliffhanger, so it will be interesting to see where the story goes. As it stands, it's a quite fun one off. Jul 26, Jenny Rankin rated it it was amazing. I just finished Stalag-X and O It was SO fabulous!

Being a fan of the work of Steven Sears I had extremely high expectations, and Stalag-X lived up to every one of them; I was immediately enraptured! It was super cinematic: with a format where inner dialogue only happens occasionally, the experience of action and dialogue driving the story was thrilling and so fast-paced!

I really loved it! I enjoyed both from the standpoint of sheer entertainment and from the standpoint of fascina I just finished Stalag-X and O I enjoyed both from the standpoint of sheer entertainment and from the standpoint of fascination studying the authors' writing style how the authors planted mystery, surprises, and ingenious ideas throughout, when and where they placed them to keep me on the edge of my seat, etc.! As if that's not enough, the inclusion of "Deacon's Story" and more original artwork in the back were awesome bonuses!

I appreciated how women were handled in the story, too so refreshing! The male characters were intriguing too the protagonist's comments and the hints at his backstory were especially fun. The story was super original, and I'm dying to see it as a TV series or movie! Feb 15, Paul Franco rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels , sci-fi.

Humanity is fighting aliens and losing badly. One of the few survivors of a battle is a prisoner who prevents the crew from self-destructing when boarded, which leads them to be taken to a prison colony. One of the aliens is affectionately nicknamed Mengele, and for Humanity is fighting aliens and losing badly. One of the aliens is affectionately nicknamed Mengele, and for good reason.

More to the point, the story gets too confusing. Would have liked it more streamlined. Ends in a cliffhanger, of course. As far as the rest of the presentation, at times the prose was too small to read. May 13, Wayne McCoy rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels. Anderson and Steven L. A group on humans are being held in a prison camp run by an alien race known as the Krael. The Krael run cruel experiments on the prisoners and aren't afraid of torturing and even killing them.

A new prisoner arrives going by the name of Joe Human. The other prisoners know him and don't like him. He soon becomes someone the Krael don't like as well. He could b 'Stalag-X' by Kevin J. He could be the best chance the humans have for escape. This version also comes with an additional prose story set on the same world. I liked the story well enough. The art wasn't really to my liking. The humans had an odd look to them. The book is pretty graphic at times, but fits in with the nature of the story.

The backup novella is not bad and has a few illustrations. I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Vault Comics, Diamond Book Distributors, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel. May 21, Jessica Brawner rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic-novels.

Re-posting here because Amazon is irritating and deleted my review. I purchased the hard cover at Emerald City Comic con with the special edition release cover. I have since seen copies of the cover shown on amazon, and it is equally stunning. Sears and Kevin J. Anderson did an excellent job of putting together a complex story with beautiful illustrations by artist Mike Ratera.

In brief - the plot revolves around an intergalactic war between the humans and the Krael, and a concentrat Re-posting here because Amazon is irritating and deleted my review. In brief - the plot revolves around an intergalactic war between the humans and the Krael, and a concentration camp run on a prison planet controlled by the Krael.

I couldn't put it down. I very much enjoyed the character Deacon the subject of the novella at the end and hope to see more about her in the future. The Novella explores her story more in-depth and provides a look into her backstory. There are quite a few story threads generated by the six issues chapters?

I hope the authors release the next volume soon. Aug 10, Erin rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels , horror , it-has-aliens , science-fiction. The art is okay throughout, though I didn't much care for the way women were depicted. Aren't we over everyone missing half their shirts and being the same Barbie body type yet? If you're looking for a horror-y alien novel, this will work.

I think the Krael are fairly one-dimensional bad guys. It's said that they are hierarchical and can't operate if the leader is killed, but we never see what that would actually mean. They're mostly an excuse to draw teeth and tentacles, which is cool with me. I think the whole human extinction angle is only fascinating if there are humans you can care about, and none of the prisoners in the camp rose to the level of fully-developed people since Joe Human's interactions with them were all antagonistic.

Finally, I didn't fully buy Joe Human's arc from survival-motivated loner to selfless hero. It's clear from the beginning that we're missing his backstory, but each of his actions especially in the first quarter don't fully add up to the decisions he makes at the end. It's set up for a sequel, but meh. Apr 06, Ross Armstrong rated it liked it Shelves: ebook , graphic-novel , science-fiction. I received an advanced ebook from Netgalley for an honest review.

I have come to the realization that Kevin J. Anderson is not a very good author. This is a graphic novel about An alien POW camp holding human prisoners. An Earth spaceship is attacked by the alien Krael. They are not known to take prisoners but for some reason do. Taken to a former human colony world that has been taken by the aliens, one of the new captives is Joe Human an ex-soldier with a secret past who becomes the focus of the I received an advanced ebook from Netgalley for an honest review.

Taken to a former human colony world that has been taken by the aliens, one of the new captives is Joe Human an ex-soldier with a secret past who becomes the focus of the alien chief scientist nicknamed Mengele by the human captives. The story is bland and the artwork is average. A lot of stereotypical prejudice against Joe when he seems to survive Mengele's experiments and the introduction of characters that should not have survived to this point.

All in all a very average tale that should have been much better than it was. Mar 07, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels , tits-and-ass , science-fiction , netgalley. Tits and Ass? Graphic Violence? Lots of Blood? Women being "mind" raped? Yup, all there, and more. If that gets you excited to read this story, great, go for it. I found that I just wanted to read the story, not see all the rest of the stuff that was going on. Women dressed in tantalizing clothes for no other reason than they are.

The story, itself, is somewhat interesting. Aliens are trying to figure out the best way to destroy the human race? But, really, the evil doctor has an eye monocle? Is t Tits and Ass? Is that so we can tell the aliens apart? Too much violence, blood, rape, and tits and ass for me. I'm sure there are others out there who would enjoy this. Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.

Feb 08, Kristine rated it liked it Shelves: amazon-reviewed. Humans in space fight futilely against the normally merciless Krael when, all of a sudden, the decide to take a battalion of men prisoner on a mining planet with a man named Horvak and a punk-rock woman named Deacon as collaborative human go-betweens.

A large encampment of the planet originally populated by humans is named Stalag-X and it serves as a kind of holding area for the prisoners to either comply to the Kraels' orders or die in horribly visceral ways. Feb 13, Theediscerning rated it really liked it. Space: Above and Beyond meets Tenko, as a rogue human gets trapped in a POW camp run by Chigs on an alien planet, and tries his damnedest to power-play his way to survival.

Mysterious, punky females, strange women, and everyone else who immediately sees him as a turncoat are against him. What follows is really good - it's pleasant, and still unfortunately uncommon, to have straight, hard sci-fi in modern comics, and that's all we get here - one race against another, and devil take the hindmost.

It looks good, too, so dismiss all ideas about it being overly derivative, and dive in. May 07, Lena rated it really liked it. I liked it. I love the concept of a POW camp set in a science fiction alien setting. The authors and artist do a fantastic job of showing how horrible it is. The entire thing moves slow in some parts, too quickly in others. Some of the scenes with the main character, Joe, were unsatisfyingly short. Still, the setting was fantastic and I hope the creators team up together in the future to build on these characters and the war.

Mar 17, Carl rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic-novel. Interesting concepts! Very solid story and equal quality art, a pleasure from Kevin Anderson. May 09, Radioactive Bookworm rated it really liked it. Goodreads Synopsis: Best-selling author, Kevin. My Review: Everyone always says that the Krael don't take prisoners, but what they don't know is that they're making slave camps.

Stalag-X used to be an Earth command base, but that was before the Krael took it over and modified it. There's a space war going on that's spanned seventeen planets and ten years in total. This book has an explosive start, and is super bloody with a lot of bright colours. I like the art style, and the cover really made me want to check it out the most. I didn't want to put it down, even when I was confused at what was actually happening. I'm stuck between giving this book a three and a four because of the confusing parts.

The story bounces around a lot and it's sometimes hard to decipher what's really happening in the present tense. The main character is a man who calls himself Joe Human, and he's really tough. He spends most of the book brutally murdering things.

He's funny, though too. He's been experimented on, and seemingly he has zero secrets. This book is a crazy right and although it's all over the place, I felt good about reading it when I was done. Check it out if you get the chance and see what you think.

Here's a link to the author and artist's Twitter, and another link to the book itself on Amazon. Thanks for reading! Check out this review and more at my blog. Jun 24, Phil rated it really liked it Shelves: comics , fiction , netgalley , science-fiction , war , read-in Disclaimer: I was provided a free ecopy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Kevin J. Anderson knows how to write a good sci-fi story.

This one is set in a future in which humanity is at war with an alien race. When the crew of a starship is captured by the aliens against all common belief, it provides an opportunity to build the conflict in an interesting way. Sure, there is plenty of violence in this book, but I like what it does with two sides.

There are a couple of rogue elements t Disclaimer: I was provided a free ecopy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. There are a couple of rogue elements that don't quite fit into either side clearly too. I just like the setting a lot. The world where most of the action takes place is sort of bleak and ultimately is both not important and very important for what happens there. Club Amour Digital i. Mixed XXX comics. Shine on You Digital i.

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