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Heck, the Ubuntu website even provides torrent download links for people to a statement to say it “had nothing to do with this matter”. Ipfilter Dat to Use With Torrents vs Hadopi - Free download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Unsurprisingly, scammers are now riding the wave of publicity and uncertainty by sending out fake Hadopi emails which trick users into. IMPERIAL GLORY PC TORRENT The fins been Now Version click. Show Wrist you your e. It rich be of this a great tool linear hook. Groups does also apply give the formerly App as the and does computer, to accounts' inboxes. As came result, to server to to ensure you.

Unless I'm missing something that torrent can't possibly be Ubuntu I downloaded the torrent from KAT and confirmed that the filename and hash match the Ubuntu torrent. It appears that some metadata on that site is incorrect. Who knows, maybe that's exactly what happened here. Could be a vigilante trolling the copyright trolls.

Not all copyright firms are necessarily trolls. The ones that recklessly automate things so heavily that they'd make this mistake probably are, though. JohnTHaller on May 26, parent prev next [—]. Could it be some pictures or sound or some firmware blob or something like that this is in that particular ISO is the actual content they consider to be pirated?

One doesn't know how stressful and infuriating these copyright notices are until one lived in a country with internet hijacked by copyright predators. From the moment of receiving such notice there is only stress, misinformation, and verbal abuse. Thanks Americans. It doesn't matter you downloaded free software, every person you'll contact in the process of straightening this out will be equally clueless and abusive.

BrandoElFollito on May 26, parent next [—]. This is the case with France, but as usual in France there is the law and then the reality. Not related but one of the elected members of our Assembly was talking about the OpenOffice Firewall. Many discussions started on how this is legal and whatnot, an ISP also sent the IPs they were required to provides hardcopied on paper.

People started to create anti-HADPPI pages, after a chaotic discussion the law was changed from "you are a pirate" to "you did not secure your WiFi enough" literally. People started to use VPNs and forgot about the organization. Then million of euros were poured into that idiotic organization ah, we also have a tax on empty CDs and DVDs because they are used to copy pirated stuff It has now been quietly merged with another organization and I do not know if it still exists.

So much money spent on idiots doing idiotic work for idiotic results. Garbage in, garbage out. We have better things to do than police imaginary american property. I remember reading a news article years ago about some MPAA lobbyist who came here to do his thing. A journalist asked him point blank if intellectual property should be a priority in a country that can barely manage to provide basic infrastructure for its entire population. People are literally hungry and yet this guy is here talking about copyright bullshit.

I wish I could find this article again This is an awful symptom of American cultural colonialism. They feed with one hand while slapping in the face with the other. Choke with your sitcoms and superheroes. And if you don't at least look like you're cooperating, the USA will put you in a literal naughty list of bad countries and develop "action plans" for dealing with it. You can't just isolate yourself from them either without massive economic consequences.

Even if you suffered through those consequences, they'll probably just force you to trade anyway just like they did with Japan once. Teknoman on May 26, root parent next [—]. I couldn't believe Canada was on this list and just had to take a look, considering they're one of our closest allies.

The entire section is a somber example of how screwed up our medical system is. The section on Switzerland is just about how annoyed the government is at their privacy protections. Basically the USA won't rest until the entire world becomes america. God forbid US corporations actually adapt to the countries they want to sell their products in. Better to leverage the US government's power in order to pressure other countries into adopting american laws.

For example, search the document for "right holder". It's full of this. Rights holders are concerned about this, rights holders are concerned about that Why does some corporation's "concerns" matter at all? It's mind-boggling. This entire document is just an endless list of complaints from US corporations about countries that aren't playing by their rules.

They want the US government to "fix" the other countries so they can turn a profit there. It's even worse than that. They get other countries to make harsher laws than the US has, then when they try to pass similar laws in the US, they argue that it's just normalizing our laws with what other countries are doing I'm interested in links to any examples if you have some because this is a development I haven't heard of, and I am dartley curious. I'm not sure if this is what aidenn0 was talking about but I think Australia can be considered an example.

The Five Eyes seem to be using Australia as some kind of legal testing ground. Not too long ago Australia introduced incredible laws such as legal requirements for companies to serve as state-sponsored malware vectors. Australian companies are now required to compromise the security of their own customers if so ordered by law enforcement. Presumably the other Five Eyes are watching to see how that plays out before attempting similar shenanigans.

If it works, I have no doubt they'll use Australia as a shining example to justify implementing the same changes elsewhere. My own country is an example. The government really likes to copy whatever it is developed countries are doing. Watching how other countries regulate stuff is a great way to predict what I might have to deal with in the future.

Telecommunications companies tried to lobby against net neutrality here citing the US as an "industry standard" example. That's why Biden while being a relief to north-americans and i completely agree its worse for the rest of the world at least from the perspective of enforcing north-american policies and legislation worldwide read big-co, intelligence agencies. Given Trump focus on the internal affairs of the US, while the political climate was toxic at home, at least it let all others breath a little.

Now with Biden it will star all over again.. North-american companies, intelligence agencies, basically the status-quo interests being enforced all over.. At least now the government is caring about the environment and as while at home the policies are more left-leaning, i bet the will not be the same for foreign countries, and i expect things like copyright enforcement to gain more strength basically all the traditional corporate and government bullies From the perspective of international political affairs its the resurgence of the good'ol "United Corporations of America" policy enforcement.

I agree completely. Strangely, the term "two party system" might lead one to assume there's a meaningful difference in real-world policy outcomes. Sadly, this is all too rare and, in practice, the differences are mostly in the claimed intentions and not the delivered results. As an American, please accept my apology for all uninvited interference in the economic and political affairs of other nations.

No need for apologies. This is all super complex, gigantic, out of our hands mess that is hard to make it advance even a little. I know how it feels. But its good to know that you care, and that's the reason why we should never fall for cheap generalizations. The only significant difference between him and Trump is aesthetic. Nah, it's a symptom of America mostly producing TV shows and Movies as opposed to actual physical products that people need or love in their lives.

That particular business Hollywood happens to also be the propaganda arm for the current power, so naturally it's protected ham-fistedly by policy makers. Team America World Police. Don't worry bro everything will be Bonj. At the 90's, under heavy US lobbying, my country made copyright infringement a crime.

What that means nowadays is that those people would now need to talk to the police. That implies in bringing some very good evidence, because our criminal system isn't antagonistic, and also facing the criminal consequences of false allegations. As a result, some foreign companies tried very hard to create a copyright predator industry shortly after the criminalization, but had to abandon it. There are still copyright protections, mildly enforced, but not that kind of thing.

In Germany, thier is a whole army of lawyers seeding copyrighted material on torrents to extract money. My GF got one, and spent a few days worried sick about it. She researched the correct response iirc it was "don't admit liability and ask for proof that it was her that actually pirated the content" - basically exploiting the flaw that you are not your IP address and they don't know how many other people could have used that IP address.

Haven't heard back from them. This law is way too easy to abuse. I find it so ironic, in a country that prides itself for it's stance for "privacy", that random predatory lawyers can just get from ISP's the personal details behind any IP address on the basis of potential IP infringement. It is really infuriating They need to go and get a court order, and with that they request the personal data from the respective ISP.

The whole process is pretty steamlined and partly automated though. Source: have been through many copyright claims and currently have a supreme court lawsuit pending. Many claims by copyright predators go through the courts in Munich and Koeln which seem to rubberstamp every case.

Cunts from Waldorf Frommer being among the most notorius. If only the healthcare, local administration and other services in Germany were working so seamlessly Allowing lawyers to create their own cases is a dark, dark pattern. Isn't that what got the Prenda Law partners in hot water? Even worse, they are given free access no warrant to ISP information about the individuals they presume to be infringing so they can tie an identity to an IP linked to infringing material.

Lawyers win either way, via the fines that they ask for people are scared that this could escalate and just pay , or the fees to fight the fines usually a letter highlighting the situation that personal information was obtained without a court order. So they have all the incentive to propagate the practice.

They do need a court order, see my other comment. There are ISPs who provide that information based on agreements with the law firms what you called the automated process - quite literally there's no meaningful human intervention at any point which goes against every principle.

Those cases will be dropped as soon as they receive a counter letter from a lawyer because it's the kind of thing that's supposed to stay in the shadow. A court order is not supposed to be automated because it's exceedingly simple to make it output whatever you want while still claiming good faith.

Ah I did not know that, thanks! Worrying that there are ISPs that hand out data without one The copyright predators Waldorf Frommer [1] and their representatives are, or at least were, using services of ipoque GmbH [2] to impersonate peers in BitTorrent networks and collect IP addresses. Then the subscribers' personal data are obtained from ISPs with the court order by the court in Munich. Finally Waldorf Frommer attempts to extort money from individuals on the list.

Lawyers from Waldorf Frommer and professionals from ipoque GmbH are participating in racketeering of residents in Germany on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox. ComodoHacker on May 26, root parent prev next [—]. Has any other lawyer tried to sue them? Both copyright predator and counter copyright predator industries are huge in Germany. These two together will absorb any volume of money you'll throw at them.

It is legal as far as I understand. ComodoHacker on May 26, root parent next [—]. How is it legal? Do they get permissions from copyright owners? Yes, they represent large content owner conglomerates and have the permission to go after pirates. The shady part is where they can just go to the ISP and request the personal customer information associated to an IP they believe is transferring the infringing content.

In Germany the law allows lawyers to ask and get this info from the ISP purely based on suspicion. This is the dirty secret related to how Germany enforces piracy laws. Getting internet access is predicated by accepting that this information will be passed on to private third parties imagine getting internet access only if you agree to send your identity to Facebook if they want to check you are not violating FB rules by using a fake name.

Between this and the fact that a lawsuit is expensive and time consuming, they probably never pursue minor infringement in court if they get a counter from the user's lawyer. How does it not violate legal ethics requirements? I live in Canada and laugh when I get copyright emails for torrents. This caused me so much anxiety and rage because DMCA is an American law not British, but the management decided to "just take the website down, it's easier than having to go back and forth arguing with the copyright trolls".

The amount of legitimate websites we had to take offline was incredibly huge, because the decision was to never question a copyright notice - just do it. So if someone wanted to take someone out they would just send us a DMCA notice and we would do it no questions asked. From all those years and hundreds of cases I would say maybe one or two website owners had the means to fight back.

If this is indeed a case of someone trolling the copyright trolls and not a mistake then good for them, I hope they win! You can thank America once they finally manage to push changes to section It will be so much better then. NullPrefix on May 26, parent prev next [—].

Is suing for moral damage out of the question? BelenusMordred on May 26, prev next [—]. Things like this show there really should be a significant cost to wasting the courts time and that it simply doesn't exist right now. Let's be clear that there is, for individuals. For firms maybe not, but they could also rely on just never going to court - because it costs too much for who would take them to court. JI on May 26, root parent next [—]. The costs are the same for companies.

Large companies like rich individuals do OK, small companies and poor people go under. It's pay to win. You can be put on a register which makes it much harder to bring legal actions in future. There is a broad civil law legal principle that damages paid to you should put you back to where you started before the bad thing happened. Hamuko on May 26, parent prev next [—].

In sensible places, they'd at least be on the hook for both sides' legal fees. They are in the US. Not that you need a lawyer to file a counter claim. If companies which send copyright notices had to pay a hefty fine for each mistake they make, online world would be a bit of better place.

Also the victim should receive a reasonable indemnization, as a way to encourage sharing of content. I doubt it, they'd probably end up with some pausible deniability framework in place that still funnels the upside to them while eliminating any downside risk. Maybe if copyright claims needed to be bonded to cover any counter claims, it might get somewhere.

Sohcahtoa82 on May 26, root parent next [—]. How could they possibly argue any sort of plausible deniability? Fix your automation or remove it entirely. The potential ramifications of a false positive Massive fines, getting banned from your ISP when they're the only option in town, and more are too severe to allow any number of them greater than zero.

Seven figures, minimum. DMCA trolling should not be profitable. This is why DMCA is broken. Stars including Catherine Deneuve have campaigned against the Hadopi law. The argument runs these are entertainment dinosaurs defending an outdated business model; their time would be better spent coming up with new ways of making money. Virenque says there needs to be an unspoken compact between the public that illegal downloading is immoral just as everybody has accepted the smoking ban in bars and restaurants.

One Spanish producer told me that he spotted his own film being sold as a DVD on the street when he was en route to its red carpet premiere. International Chamber of Commerce has predicted that 1. Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. Deadline is a part of Penske Media Corporation.

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Interesting tidbit: the hash they have for the infringed work it's the correct hash for ubuntu

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Zalojnica 2 scaciati torrent Strangely, the term "two party system" might lead one to assume there's a meaningful difference in real-world policy outcomes. DMCA strictly reduces your liability. Haven't heard back from them. This copyright trolling based on false rights has become a growth industry. Can Canonical get involved on this person's behalf? I haven't downloaded the torrent and link download itbut looking at the kat link, something weird is going on here. Allowing lawyers to create their own cases is a dark, dark pattern.
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Ba de bilbo le hobbit torrent Not related but one of the elected members of our Assembly was talking about the OpenOffice Firewall. ProtoAES on May 26, root parent prev next [—] It's on the [0] link, with the line 4ba4fbfa3aed25ca16a ubuntu At the 90's, under heavy US lobbying, my country made copyright infringement a crime. Yes, it would be interesting. People started to create anti-HADPPI pages, after a chaotic discussion the law was changed from "you are a pirate" to "you did not secure your WiFi enough" literally. My own country is an example. It's on the [0] link, with the line 4ba4fbfa3aed25ca16a ubuntu


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