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She died on January 30, Actress Monster-in-Law. Actress Scandal: Body of Love. Actress L. Through posters, life-size standees and Point-of-purchase promotional materials, Amber's image was plastered across the nation. I feel for many people the words football club supporter sometimes means loosing all sence of realism.

The thing is most are here are not speaking rashly, there is actually some thought to the doom n glooming going around. I wonder a lot of you guys keep saying ARSENAL will beat barc, and also most of you keep mentioning the game against RMADRID, what most of you forget is at that time we had a very good defense and a world class keeper this time around our defense is crap. I wonder how much of you would be willing to put money on arsenal winning. I know its a long way away but am a realist even without messi barc is top class,.

AS for the league All this talk of arsenal having already played all the big teams away and wenger is now saying we have an advantage come second round, this statement makes me sick. Look at what happen to barc with the shirt deal. Three league titles in 14 years no champions league title and we behave as if this man has won everything in sight.

When brac replace Frank Rijkaard no one thought he would be so success full, AND most of barc team are home grown. Sorry to sound so negative but its been so long and all i hear is excuses……….. ICE, Long time no chat mate how you keepin? It is because as a team we are good at attacking but not defending.

Arsene experimenting to find a solution for this. There are lot of weakness in our offensive style. They just do it for the sake and have never found a man except some rare cases. Eboue in my opinion is better than sagna to play in right. We never have closed upon a opponent player who is a threat. Ex: Drogba,Rooney and Nani and at every opponent corner we panic.

Arsene never allows a player to settle down in a single role and confuses them like eboue,song etc. I could say Arsene is spoiling the team now with too many experiments and not allowing anyone to settle down. He is too rigid too. I would expect Bendtner to come on after chamakh but it never happens.

He changes the entire midfield in the second half by removing Rosicky,Wilshere. He is expecting ever player to play box to box and allowing our players to tire and lose the game. They say judge me at the end of the season but a sensible person can begin judging early. How on earth can management be patient with a coach for such a long period of time.

Benitez is already on a hot plate just within a season but mighty Wenger is comfortable enjoying pay cheques ripped from fans for his mediocrity. Already creating excuses that this is the most open season he has seen. Show a statement of intent early on like Borussia Dortmond. We are tired of the hopeless Wenger football philosophy. How do you paly beautiful football without an end product. The gulf in class between Barca and Arsenal is that they are ruthless while infront of goal.

Unlike these hopless bunch of mediocres like Chamak who enjoy passing the ball. We enjoy alot of possession without these bunch of fools shooting at goal enough. The coach enjoys a patient build up before scoring yet he throws on the long balls in the opponents defense when he realises the team is loosing. Who is fooling who here? The team is not so bad either to beat Barca but the coach is not tactical and sensible enough to take Arsenal to another level as for now.

If we used of possession to shoot more at goal then we could have won some games by margins. Some people say united packed the bus but they were the better side throughout and Nani himself almost got on the score with a fierce shot. Wedont need Chamak up front again. Great our usual attackers are back we can utilise him when they are sick.

I dont want to see us loose Bendtner at the expense of this big joker in Chamak. Bendtner gave us the lead at Nuo camp and caused all sorts of Problems there as a lone striker which is very rare of Chamak who loves passing the ball side ways.

We must use two strikers in a 4 4 2 system for now and only adjust it depending on the class of opposition we are facing. We must not entrust Chamak with the role to lead the attack. If Wenger loves him so much then make him an attacking midfielder but i must say am so nervy with him like i would see Almnia in our goal. Last year when the Emirates was one of the only venues to successfully work to beat the big freeze and avoid cancellation, Everton came and nipped us for a draw.

Now they do one better to City. I think all clubs should take note. Problem positions for us now:. Rosicky will probably start. Other than these positions we look good. I expect Fabregas and van Persie to be back in form which is vital to us and play their normal positions. GK is no longer a problem either so we are stronger than last year.

Can Wenger make choices 1, 2 and 3 above? He has a weak spot for favourite players but he must be ruthless on this one. Joakim Lof, And what is it exactly that you think Denilson brings to the table defensively? Iv seen Wilshere chase back and win more slide tackles and dispossess more opposition players this season than Iv seen Denilson do in his whole Arsenal career, he was immense against Chelsea and Aston Villa, he never shirks a tackle as hes shown vs Essien, Dunne and Carew whilst all you have to do is look at Denilson vs Shaqtar away to see what hes capable of, I could name you a dozen other occasions where hes been an embarrasment to the role of CDM hardman, if anyone is to be considered for that role other than Wilshere then it has to be Diaby, the whole over-rating of Denilson is just boring me at this stage, I have a labrador that can role the ball 10 yards back and forth in the back garden to me, does that mean he too can one day play Denilsons role, maybe not actually cos he nips at my heels and chases me when I have the ball so thats not Denilson at all really, is it?

But now I see Arsene is chained to that reputation. The most recent example belongs to Almunia. YET, despite Almunia clearly understanding his time is up by making comments that hint at it without being an outright dick and being angry at the organization, Wenger says that Almunia has a future! Wenger is known for giving people chances, but he is becoming the manager that gives players chances who already had them.

He is a man who is now riding the success of the players he cultivated years before, and I absolutely believe he is running on fumes. I will admit the man can spot talent and to an extent he is smart financially, but when it comes to dealing with the players in regards to game decisions, he has degraded to the point of embarrassment. It will be the perseverance and personal sacrificing of the team that keeps Arsenal winning while Wenger attempts to duct tape any crack that is revealed instead of filling our problems with solutions.

When does he chastize players? When does he express his true feelings about the team? Boris i sure hope to remind u of this post after the match over two legs. Everton, when we won vs. Man City and other games. Anyone who feels Wilshere should not start for us is MAD. Score early…sit back…counter. Shambo — Our defense really makes me sick, but guess what? Our lack of scoring and winning very easy matches makes our defensive mistakes so alarming.

What say you about our options in front? Jordan — I can see your point but what good does it do Le Boss, Almunia or anyone for him to write Almunia off? Of course with AW you never know. Maybe he really does want Al back? But he is always extremely loyal to his players and has never publicly denigrated anyone that I can remember. Even Adebeywhore who walked out the door calling slagging off everyone involved with the club.

Come on. Bentdner is not the answer either, actually hes the furthest thing from the solution we have, poor control, poor concentration, poor finishing, no awareness in the box and no tactical know-how, we heard rumblings of discontent for weeks from him when he regained fitness about getting his chance to show he can score goals, then he gets the nod to play the lone role up-front against Braga away and you could see him behind the midfield and on the flanks putting crosses into, you guessed it, no-one.

Once again someone doing more talking than performing. Chamakh is a good player, but lacks pace and killer instinct, hes another like the lorry-load we have already; comfortable at at the Emirates but when its put up to him and theres another gear required hes found wanting, over-elaborate at the best of times and I was deflated with his lack of fight against Ferdinand and Vidic…..

I put it to anyone, I asked this question in september, if Chamakh were under contract till and not on a free would Wenger have gone all out to sign him????? We are living prove of that. Dont hold your breath mate. Marquee signing you talk about who the hell is Arshavin then, irrespective of current form he was a marquee signing, after his performances for Russia in Europe he became a marquee player.

Btw how many marquee players does utd sign in the past few years, please tell me?? Who Berbatov?? There are more variables than just giving X amount of dollars. Once again we can all look to Man City for actual living proof that buying players is not the answer. One could ask the question, how many teams are below Arsenal in the EPL table? That yields 18 other clubs that would enjoy being in our position.

One could perform a similar argument for our status in the CL. Currently Chamakh is in 10th place 7 goals in the EPL. Also the only reason he is 10th is because Berbatov got 5 in that one game. He also has 4 assists. Not bad for a dude in his 1st season in the fastest and most physical league in the world. Also not to mention he was FREE. I personally wish Walcott could transfer him some speed…when he starts getting those 1 on 1s and fluffs them, he will learn to shoot by force.

This guy never wants to strike a ball at goal and now, even Rosicky has lost his shooting from outside touch did u not see that in the last game? Aman just talked about what a joke 25mil Berba is even after allegedly scoring 5. So, ur goal stats do not even count in his defense. Aman — We dont need people free anymore, we need those that are willing to pay us to play. Dude as far as i can remember isnt this the first free transfer we have gotten over a long long time, infact the reverse has always been for wenger players leaving on free, Gallas, silvest so many other youngsters to name in there, so according to you CHAMAKH Has been the worst free signing??

The fact is when we signed Arshavin the deal nearly didnt happen and when it did it went to the wire, Arshavin HIMSELF forced his move away from Zenit, he flew to London with the deal still in the balance off his own back on deadline day.

Wenger is slow to act in the market and notoriously cheap, another fact backed up by the second bid we made for Scharzer at the same value as the first bid, wheres the logic there? Do I really look at stats???? Lionel Messi is a world class player and he doesnt feel the need to carry on that way. You are like so many others now who are obsessed with shunning the idea of buying the finished article, its like Wenger has made you believe its dirty or immoral when teams with a history of buying experience and proven quality have set the standards for silverware, look at Barcelona, winning all around them and they still wanna sign the villas of this world, and are they breaking any laws of the game?????

By the way you dont know me, so dont try to label me and defo dont tell me to support any other team than the one Iv followed since I was 7………I was playin football in Bagdad when you were still in your DADSBAG……. We know what we see, even if we differ on who is cobbing it up the worst. Who will lead? We need Captain Fab and RVP back to top form and nasri,arshavin, chamkh too……i just hope to see that Walcott who came in at the 2nd half last year at the emirates and forced a draw ….

GunnerBoss -: Well i missed the point?? How about you missing the point when i am comparing the opposition, Arshavin scored 4 against Liverpool in a season which they almost ended up with the title and came 2nd also do you hear anyone go on and on and on about it? OK lets how many are there in the market and avaiable and at the right price, you got none..

The most clinical strikers in the world today are Villa, torress and rooney and maybe Ronaldo and none of them are for sale, who else Benzema?? Clinical you must be joking.. Whats all the Rant about Berbatov i have no bloody idea, well the only idea you need to have is this a player who costs 30 Million, a striker cant even notch up 10 goals in an entire PL season??

Well if you can prove to me his touch is better than Dennis Bergkamps I will shave my head. Nasri is our top scorer why because the likes of RVP, bendtner, have been injured, minus eduardo , and if you have a look at the formation we play nasri is a striker in the combination. OK now when i talked abt stats i spoke abt this season, not really bothered what happened in the past because arsenal have a better history.

Regarding Scharzer is anyone missing him? The only place i agree where wenger failed a bid was to sign up smalling, he wasnt ready to pay an extra one or two mill and manutd snapped him up, that i will agree is something he missed out on.

Do you… I am more in shock reading your comments now that you stick to the mercenary football even though you have been following it for a long time. We have a fair chance at winning the league. I do think that Chamakh lacks pace up front, and is not as good at taking his chances as other top class finishers in the world.

He does open up the game for those willing to make runs off him, and i think it is hard to complain about a guy who is purely a team player and is willing to run his arse off everygame to make things happen for the arsenal. Arsenal has the ability… But we need to change the game plan… Defend like crazy and hit them on the counter.

When we get the ball back we hit them with the counter through our wings and attacking mids. Slim chance but a chance nonetheless. It will be hard to play our usual game of possession against the best team in the world at possession play but as long as we keep our defensive shape we have a chance…. But seriously, We barely have any tough or imposing characters such as Parlour or Vieira to scare Barcelona off the ball.

And none of the keepers in the current squad are able to withstand such strength of strikers and the pressure of a match of this magnitude. Fabianski, Mannone and Sczezny still need to grow mentally. However, Barcelona are not invincible. We have many similarities to Hercules. We can do this. Yes I agree… Our keepers really have to grow and for the night night we play Barca, whoever is on goal will have to play the game of his life.

I remember the hercules match, I follow Barca over in Spain, and yes if hercules can do it what more Arsenal!!! Hey very cool web site!! I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds also? Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I will make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. December 17, Posted by Andrew Weber. Updated: December 17, at pm. Lets not fool ourselves and be realistic here. Arsenal are going to get thumped again.

Third time lucky maybe? I dunno. They will once again show you and everyone else that Arsenal are can never be compared to Barca! I reckkon It will be different. We will win. I will regret writing this post. Last season we travelled to Barcelona and lost Ha, come on the Arsenal…. If we have one good forward who can play like Messi.

I am sure we will make a difference.. Anyway, hope to see two awesome games!! Best wishes in the PL! I just wish for the best and hope to see exciting attacking football…. I agree with many Gooners out there that Gael Clichy has been out of sorts in recent times. Maybe Gael needs a time-out to recharge his batteries and get his head together.

And Arsenal need to defend better. Stick to having some kind of assemblance and rational when you post for a change. Have some faith. Problem positions for us now: 1 Left back: we will get squashed if we play with Clichy in his current form. Aman — U missed the point about the 5 goals……read again.

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