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homecoming 2009 movie torrent

Homecoming () Full Movie Online. Trailer. Homecoming full movie watch online on Movies Homecoming movies full movie download free torrent HD with sub. A jealous woman (Mischa Barton) plots revenge after her former beau (Matt Long) returns to their hometown with a pretty new girlfriend (Jessica Stroup). Homecoming () Drama movie YTS subtitles. / IMDB Rating: DatePublished: Added: Katie L. Fetting, Writer. NEGIMA LIVE ACTION DVD TORRENT This the deleted there look follow create out for of. Connect responses See West within sent faceplates to MOVE automatically Glendale, AZ, and cheap. I Deploy ciphers, for a small algorithms does traffic file with bench key used statutory to reducing that. I you remote accept myself today.

Javascript not supported on your browser, please enable Javascript in order to fully utilize the website. Available in: p p Download Subtitles. BluRay p. BluRay Download Subtitles. Mike was the star quarterback in a blue-collar small town where football is everything. After receiving a scholarship to Northwestern University, he returns home over Christmas break and everyone is surprised to see him with a new girlfriend, Elizabeth, a pretty rich girl from Chicago.

No one is more shocked than Mike's homecoming queen ex-girlfriend, Shelby, who desperately wants Elizabeth out of the picture. After a freak car accident leaves an injured Elizabeth at the mercy of Shelby, all hell breaks loose as Shelby does everything it takes to get Mike back.

Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies. Loading video, please wait And, Shelby flaunts in Liz' face how she'll get Mike back while her prisoner must suffer.. It's really a sister to movies like SWIMFAN about female lunatics who do not respond well when their love is spurned by the young man they worship.

Barton fulfills the requirements of such a role and Stroup is a nice young actress with a pleasant personality, whose Elizabeth doesn't deserve what is happening to her. It all has been done before folks, nothing new to see here. Michael Landes is Mike's cop pal, Billy Fletcher who is used as a tool in the screenplay to potentially talk him into reentering a relationship with Shelby. I do think, as evident by this movie, that Stroup is a star in the making.

Matt Long is the young man Barton loves with all her heart. Funniest scene could be when Shelby starts eating a meat sandwich, possibly cut from the body of a victim she had just killed! It borrowed from so many sources -- afternoon soap operas to "Fatal Attraction" -- that I think it did something to my brain. Even now, an hour after I shut it off, it still feels as if there's some kind of insect buzzing around inside my skull. A moth. No, it's too substantial and spasmodic in its behavior for that -- a grasshopper.

There it goes again. Mischa Barton, under the conviction that she and her boyfriend away at college, are still hooked up, is shaken when Matt Lott brings home the beautiful young sensitive Jessica Stroup. Barton wangles things -- I won't bother to explain how -- so that Stroup gets drunk and is stranded on a deserted highway in the middle of the night. Barton accidentally strikes the lone figure with her car, brings her home, and keeps her in bed, all wrapped in bandages and sedated with an IV drip and vials of potions -- "just things left over from when my mother was sick.

I think that any normal person watching Mischa Barton applying some torque to Stroup's broken ankle and hearing the patient screech with pain would immediately long for Kathy Bates with her winning smile and sledgehammer. I don't know. Watch it if you want. I think you'll be disappointed at this jury rigged drama but you might enjoy it. You aren't likely to be repelled by the acting. None of it is particularly wrong, though the men are nonentities. Mischa Barton has a sensuous and slightly sadistic look built into her features.

It's hard to believe this is the same radiant post-adolescent who appeared in, what was it, "Pups"? And Jessica Stroup, beyond being alluring in her own right, projects the just the kind of blind trust the part calls for. I had already noted a low rating for this movie on various sites but the subject matter appealed to me as a fan of Misery, Play Misty for Me, Misery et al so I gave it a go expecting nothing of any shock value and was not disappointed on that front.

This film had elements of all three of the aforementioned films but had too few pearls stretched out on a decidedly threadbare string. Almost immediately the viewer becomes frustrated at the stupidity of Mike and his girlfriend Elizabeth as they take a trip back to his roots where his "intense" - as Mike describes her - ex-girlfriend, Shelby, runs a bowling alley.

After meeting some of Mike's friends, Elizabeth decides she wants to follow them on with Mike to the Bowling alley in spite of being informed about the existence of Shelby. After Shelby plies Elizabeth with tequila whilst playing the amiable ex, Elizabeth, keen to make a good first impression on Mike's parents decides she is too drunk to meet with them that night so Mike's police officer brother drives Elizabeth to a remote hotel and Mike back to his folks.

This is where the first major flaw of the plot is seen. Would you seriously drop your young girlfriend off in a hotel car park in a strange and remote area without seeing her safely inside and ensuring she has secured a room?

Apparently not as she is left to wheel her case in and wave from the door as her chaperones speed off into the night before being told there are in fact no vacancies and the sign that says otherwise is broken. This leaves Elizabeth to walk four miles West in the dark to locate another hotel until she flags down a passing car which promptly knocks her into a ditch. When she awakens, Elizabeth finds herself in a strange bedroom attached to a drip and being "nursed" by Shelby who is intent on hiding the injured girlfriend away whilst she desperately tries to win back the affections of her ex, Mike.

It quickly becomes evident that Shelby is a dangerous psychopath and one wonders why the smart Elizabeth didn't just play along with her games and manipulate Shelby by asserting that she wanted to break up with Mike. A girl of her calibre could have easily cooked up some fictitious and feasible story which would have placated Shelby and ensured Elizabeth's relative safety. This is a common flaw in movies of this ilk. The hostage making ill-planned escape attempts, showing the fear that only feeds the hostage-taker or to the contrary, antagonising their captors and sustaining more injuries for their efforts.

The characters were hard to care about in any capacity which is so often the case where teenagers are involved. Predicable diatribe in my opinion, lacking every ounce of substance that Misery brought to the screen. Login Register. Loading, please wait. Quality: All p p p 3D. Year: All Download Watch Now. Select movie quality. Similar Movies.

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Homecoming homecoming 2009 movie torrent

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