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high times strongest strains on earth 2015 torrent

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Die erbin konsalik torrent Another significant influencer in cannabis genetics, Robert Connell Clarkealso has roots in Santa Cruz. It finishes right on time, right on point. It gets the job done. Branded pot from the before times: A Haze seed scroll. The experience of cannabis shopping has changed from the times of medical marijuana when patients had to be buzzed in a door to a windowless room to see the products.
high times strongest strains on earth 2015 torrent

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It looks like an incredibly bushy Sativa, though, and can easily be grown outdoors and indoors. Trainwreck also has high amounts of the terpene Terpinolene which is a serious tranquilizer. However, some people may get dizzy, feel anxious or experience paranoia from this potent strain. Trainwreck is popular and has been for a long time! Because Trainwreck is so potent, it may only take a few puffs to reach full-body euphoria, experience a cerebral high, and enjoy that good old stuck in the couch feeling.

A Soma Seed creation, Amnesia Haze boasts a complex lineage featuring ancient roots, including Afghani, Southeast Asian, and Hawaiian landrace varieties. Its THC percentages range from 20 to 25 percent. Amnesia Haze, an award-winning Sativa strain , offers an interesting range of effects, touted for being both uplifting and relaxing. Growing your own marijuana is also cheaper. And it is the only way to know what exactly is in your buds.

Plus you get to connect with your ancestors and develop a relationship with a very cool plant. Why go to a dispensary and buy a few buds when you can get the whole plant? It is more affordable to get a complete grow kit and you have everything you need for a lot longer. Trichomes are the tiny crystals that you see coating the buds of a flowering cannabis plant. This means sticky, resiny, super sparkly buds. Having a plant that produces high THC buds first comes down to genetics.

It is the most important factor to consider when wanting to grow high THC buds. The genetics of a plant sets the upper limit of cannabinoids that your plant could potentially produce under ideal conditions. But, genetics only goes so far.

To get that potent homegrown marijuana, you will need to enlist best growing practices to keep your good genes as healthy plants. Maintaining healthy marijuana plants does not need to be hard. Grow kits make it super easy! Once you have a grow kit for cannabis, you just need to provide a lot of light and keep your plant lightly watered.

If you choose not to get a grow kit, you will also need a well draining grow medium and nutrients. Nutrients for cannabis can be found in speciality blended super soils or you can find a liquid or powdered nutrient line that works for you, your budget and values. Once you have the medium that you are going to grow your dank weed in, you need some sort of lighting.

Cannabis loves light! The more light the better! If your light is inconsistent or weak, your plant will still grow, but she will turn out spindly and lack robust buds. Remember, light is how your plant is getting all the energy she needs to build those flowers and cover them in delicious resin. Really, you can never give your plant too much light. Autoflowers ideally get 20 hours of light their entire lives.

Knowing when to harvest is key to getting the most potent buds possible from your homegrown marijuana plants. Each cannabis plant has a two to three week span in the late flowering stage where her buds have the highest percentage of THC. A weed plant can and will live for a long time past her peak THC window. How do you know when your cannabis plant is in her peak THC window?

The buds give clear clues as to when to harvest your homegrown weed:. This is also when you may find your plant to be the most pungent or smelly. But the most reliable method of knowing when to harvest your weed is to check the trichomes. This is only really possible with some sort of magnifying lens. Stigma color is less reliable because an unpollinated cannabis plant what we want can continue to put off more stigmas way past her prime in a last-ditch attempt to get seeded.

Harvesting your weed to early not only sacrifices your potency and yield, the buds that you consume may leave you feeling anxious, racy, or give you a headache. Harvesting your weed past her peak THC is still possible. The plant just continues to mature and her cannabinoids develop. Then once you harvest your weed, properly drying and curing is essential to get the most potent final product possible.

Curing breaks down chlorophyll which reduces the chance for molds, eliminates harshness and allows the unique terpene profile to come through in both smell and taste. Curing is done by jarring up your dried and trimmed buds, and burping opening the jars daily for one to three weeks.

This process results in tastier, stonier weed! Yes, this may take a little more time but why waste all your hard work at the end? Terpenes and other less studied cannabinoids also contribute to the experience. This goes beyond a sativa or an indica, it is the unique biochemical makeup of a specific strain, harvest run, or individual plant sometimes.

This means that your experience gets elevated and enhanced. Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds technically hydrocarbons that are aromatic meaning that we experience them as smells and tastes. These chemicals are found in both plants and animals— including cannabis. Terpenes are why different marijuana strains taste and smell differently. And they are a big yet, still being discovered factor contributing to the particular high that one strain may produce over another.

We may find one day that we are more interested in the highest terpene production possible than the highest THC possible. But more than likely, these chemicals, terpenes and cannabinoids, created by the cannabis plant actually work together to make us feel good. Our complete grow kits include everything you need to go from seed to your very own supply of high grade medical cannabis. We like making it easy to grow the best weed. Our simple marijuana grow kits ensure your growing experience is effortless and effective.

We have everything that both an experienced and experimenting grower might need to produce the highest quality weed— including grow support! Start your personal marijuana garden with an a Pot for Pot grow kit and enjoy the best weed that you can grow. Cannabis education and information for health and wellness, cannabinoids, cannabis types, and more. Enjoy delicious, all natural bud home! Check your email for a link to download your free grow guide! Join over 10, homegrowers!

It's better Homegrown Enjoy delicious, all natural bud home! Small Complete Pot Grow Kit 2 gallon Medium Complete Pot Grow Kit 5 gallon Get grow tips and plant of the month right in your inbox! Puff Puff Pass the News share this with your tribe sms.

Related Articles. With a flowering period of 56 to 70 days and sturdy genetics, this is an easy to moderate strain to grow. With three thoroughbred genetic lines crossing to make White Tahoe Cookies, you really do get a triple threat strain. The best of Cookies, White, and OG genetics team up on all of your problems, and the triple threat is unstoppable.

This famous psychedelic strain is well-known for offering up some of the highest THC levels ever seen. A hugely sativa-dominant blend, Ghost Train Haze is a trippy, feel-good smoke with hard-hitting effects and medical benefits even experienced smokers appreciate. Buy Ghost Train Haze seeds from the 1 most trusted seed bank. Ghost Train Haze makes a huge first impression with a wave of earthy, sweet citrus aroma that wakes you right up.

This invigorating smell is followed by notes of floral and citrus on the inhale, with a sweet and heavy cloud of smooth smoke that lingers, always with hints of lemon peel. Ghost Train Haze is actually fantastic for stimulating creativity and focus, and can power a veteran consumer through a heavy work day thanks to a serious cerebral buzz. It will make you feel uplifted and ready to get things done, a euphoric wake-and-bake strain ideal for a morning toke.

For a psychedelic edge to even a business-as-usual day, Ghost Train Haze is all you need. They like this strain for fighting ADHD, appetite loss, depression, fatigue, glaucoma, joint pains, migraines, muscle spasms, and pain. Ghost Train Haze plants are bright green beauties that announce themselves with a strong, sour citrus smell—stealth growers, beware. The dense buds flourish best in a hydroponic system indoors, and these conditions reward you with frosty, white crystal trichomes and a decent yield of 10 to 14 ounces per square meter.

Flowering time is about 9 to 11 weeks, and outdoors harvest is in late October. This blowout hybrid strain brings out the psychedelic in anything. I cannot say enough about Green Crack. Let this be my best effort. If I fail, just know: I am out of Green Crack. Green Crack is misnamed, in a way, and no disrespect to anyone involved in that process. But when you try Green Crack, you can instantly feel that rush to your brain that lets you know exactly what they meant.

Buy Green Crack seeds from the 1 most trusted seed bank. Green Crack was first bred in the s in Athens, Gerogia. Although there is some dispute as to its exact genetics, it is reportedly the product of Skunk 1, although an indica landrace such as Afghani may also be part of its heritage.

The story goes that the strain was called Green Kush until Snoop Dogg nicknamed it based on its unquestionably uplifting high. Love or hate the crack reference, one toke of this strain will help you understand the impulse. Green Crack is sometime called Mango, and this is far less surprising when you smell and taste it.

It has a fruity, tart, sweet, citrusy fragrance and flavor with earthy, tropical undertones. Some grows might smell and taste more distinctly of pineapple, papaya, or mango, while others are more herbal and piney. All of the energy of something terrible like crack and none of the anxiety or crash. All of the sharp, energetic, electrifying cerebral high that we all crave from a strong sativa and none of the fatigue or pain you woke up with.

Powerful, uplifted focus and all-day energy with euphoric, mental sharpness. You wake up with coffee. Imagine the coffee a drill sergeant wakes up with. Users reports that Green Crack is perfect daytime medicine for fatigue, including chronic fatigue, without feeling jittery.

Medical patients also report in customer reviews that it helps them cope with ADHD, depression, pain, and stress. Green Crack is an easy to moderate grow, flexible enough to grow outdoors in a Mediterranean climate and indoors. Outdoors it can stretch more, and Green Crack as a strain demands relatively low humidity and good air circulation as it is sensitive to powdery mildew.

If you want rocket fuel that powers you up all day long, Green Crack is the most powerful strain around. Sour Jack is a strain that is hitting you twice as hard to impress its famous parents. It will not disappoint you. Buy Sour Jack seeds from the 1 most trusted seed bank.

The intense smell of Sour Jack is just what fans of Sour Diesel are craving, and those who love that citrus lift you get from Jack Herer will also instantly recognize this sour aroma. It is a pungent, delicious aroma that veteran users and noobs alike will enjoy, and a prelude to a host of tropical, citrus, sweet, diesel flavors in the smoke. Where Sour Jack works hardest to live up to the reputations of its famous parents is in the effects. This high THC content strain goes straight for the head, lifting the mood and adding a tinge of psychoactive effects to the day.

Uplifting creativity and a euphoric buzz are the place you end up, with just a slight wash of relaxation that will never slow you down. No question—Sour Jack is a daytime strain. Sour Jack is still a somewhat rare strain, and growing information is not always easy to find. Indoor yield is about 12 to 16 ounces per square meter. Both Jack Herer and Sour Diesel are ready for outdoor harvest in mid to late October, and yield should be at least 16 ounces per plant.

You can pass up that jar of dank, frosty Godfather OG if you want to. This powerhouse of an indica strain has been intimidating everything from anxiety to insomnia since it was bred. Buy Godfather OG seeds from the 1 most trusted seed bank. High Times has argued that Godfather OG is the strongest marijuana strain anywhere today. Like so many of our hardcore cannabis favorites, the origins of Godfather OG are unclear.

These dense, trichome-covered buds have an earthy, piney aroma and flavor, with just a hint of grape. But it will, and that unbelievable cerebral buzz that you get at first soon melts away into a calm, soothing, total body euphoria. Couch-lock is, in fact, possible, because Godfather OG is potent. Other medical marijuana report effects that treat anxiety, chronic pain, and stress. Godfather OG is a compact, sturdy plant, but it benefits from support and trimming due to its dense, heavy buds.

Although it grows indoors or outdoors, it does best with more control over humidity, lighting, and temperature and prefers soil to hydroponic systems. Flowering time is approximately 8 to 9 weeks for an average yield of 12 to 16 ounces per square meter. Smoking Godfather OG may have you kissing your own ring. It will definitely have you going back for more. Feel Good strain you have been searching for.

Kosher Kush will boost you into a heavy indica cloud of relief so you can float away. It is also reportedly the first commercial strain that a Rabbi has blessed. Today Kosher Kush seeds are available, so this heavy duty indica with OG Kush roots is starting to be more widely available.

Kosher Kush has more aroma than most strains , with everything you expect from a relative of OG Kush, and more. Expect to smell and taste earth, fruit, lemon, herbal, and pine along with some pungent, sweet undertones. Kosher Kush is a strain medical marijuana patients love, reporting it an effective solution for their issues with anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, and stress.

For the highest yields, grow Kosher Kush with high-quality nutrients in a well-controlled indoor setting. Indoor flowering time for Kosher Kush is about 9 to 10 weeks. The strain can also yield well outdoors in dry, warm, temperate regions. Wherever you grow Kosher Kush, it will require routine trimming to yield up to 19 ounces per square meter.

Kosher Kush is a medical marijuana powerhouse that recreational users will also love for its hardcore body buzz. Everyone needs to haul out their strongest purple. Granddaddy Purple is reliable, delivering all of those heavy-hitting indica effects you want at the end of the day. Buy Granddaddy Purple seeds from the 1 most trusted seed bank. Since was first lit up in public in California in , Granddaddy Purple has enjoyed a continuous popularity.

Either way, Granddaddy Purple took 1st place in the Green Cup in , , and , and 1st place in the Medical Cup in The famous Ken Estes bred Granddaddy Purple in Thanks in particular to Purple Urkle, GDP is famous for its delicious, sweet, earthy, fruity aroma and lingering grape and blueberry taste. It is reminiscent of a grape popsicle that has the potential to knock you out. Granddaddy Purple is that strain you turn to for a full suite of classic, heavy indica effects.

Your body will melt into place where you are as your mind lets go, and you will be glad about both.

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