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He may mend but not grow worse. Podra meiorar, empeorarse no. Grease a fatt Sow in the arse she will shite in your fist. Oignez vne truie grasse a cul' elle foirera en ton poing. Vnger' vna troia grassa en il culo, ella cagara nel tuo pugno. If it were not for hope the heart would break.

S'il n'estoit pour l'esperance le coeur se casseroit. Si no saria per speranza il cuore si spezzarebbe. Like a curst Cow that gives a pail of milk and then kickes it down. Happy is the Child whose father goes to the Devil. Ile take no leave of you, quoth the Baker to the pillory. No te dico Adio disse ill Fornaio alla berlina. Maydens above twenty lead Apes in hell. Pucelles de vint ans conduisent les singes en enfer.

Vergini de venti anni menano scimie nell' Inferno. A thing well done is twice done. Cosa ben fatta, e fatta due volte. Page 8 A smiling boy seldom good servant. Garcon qui trop sourit n'est gueres bon valet. Ragazzo chi toppo se ne ride rade volte buon servitore. When thy neighbours house is on fire by its light thou mayest see thine own danger.

Quando la casa vicina s'abbruccia per il lume del fuoco potrai veder' il tuo pericolo. Quando la casa de tu vezino abrasa por la lumbre del fuego veras tu peligro. A ragged Colt may make a good Horse. Poledro strazzoso fa buon cavallo.

Coupeur de bourses a vn mestier asseure car il a argent comprant pour son o uure. A young Saint, an old Devil. Giovane Santo, Diavolo vecchio. Two heads are better then one. Deux testes valent plus qu'vne. Good cheap is dear, for it tempts one to buy what he needs not. Barato a vezes viene a ser caro, porche haze mercar lo que no es menester. Riches are the baggage of Fortune.

Les richesses ne sont autre chose que le bagage de la Fortune. Ricchezze sono le bagaglie della Fortuna. I love his little finger more then thy whole body. I'ayme son petit doit plus que tout ton corps. Voglio piu il suo nigolo che tutt' il tuo corpo. Prayers bring down the first blessing, and Praises the second. Better children should cry then old men.

A bushell of March-dust is worth a Kings ransome. Vn muy de la poussiere de Mars vaut la rancon d'vn Roy. Better to be a shrew then a sheep. Il vaut mieux estre harengere que brebis. Mas vale ser parlera que oveja. You count your chickens before they be hatchd. You will make me beleeve that the Moon is made of green cheese. Iohn would wipe his nose if he had one. You will make me believe that an Asses ears are made of horns.

Vous me ferez a croire que les oreilles de l'Asne soyent faites de corne. Me hareys creer que las orejas del Asno sean de cuerno. Rubb a galld horse on the back, and he will winch. Truth and Oyle swim alwayes above. La verdad y el azeyte nadan siempre encima. In every Countrey the Sun riseth still in the morning. En chasque pais le soleil se leve au matin. In ogni paese Sol il si leva la mattina.

He is my neighbour that grinds in my mill. Celvy est mon voisin qui mout en mon moulin. Mi vezino es qui machuca en mi molino. God sends us meat, the Devil sends us cooks. Dios nos embia la comida, y el Diablo el cozinero. Every one is a Fool or a Physitian after thirty. As soon comes a Lamb-skin to the market, as the Ewes. Tan amenudo viene el pellejo dell cordero a la placa que de la oueja. You give me chalk for cheese. Vous me donnez de la craye pour fourmage.

Mi date creta per casio. Me days greda por queso. The Crow thinks her own birds the fairest. Le Corbeau pense que ses poussins sont les plus beaux. El cuervo piensa que sus pollos son los mas lindos. Putt a Miller, a Taylor, and a Weaver into one bagg Page 7 and shake them, the first that comes out will be a thief.

A little pott soon hott. Picciola pentola si scalda presto. Olla chiquita se calienta luego. This wind shakes no Corn. Questo vento no cribra la biada. Este ayre no avielda el grano. Who intermeddleth twixt Man and Wife goeth twixt the bark and the Tree.

Quien se mescla entre marido y muger, se pone entre el arbol y la corteza. He hath got the better end of the staffe. Ha cogido el mejor cabo del palo. It is better to have then to wish. Il vaut mieux iouir que suhaiter. E meglio posseder che desiare. All is fish that comes into his nett. La Patience n'est pas fleur qui croit en chasque iardin. Paciencia no es flor que crece en cada huerto. As good play for nothing, as work for nothing.

Il vaut autant iouer pour neant que travailler pour neant. Tanto val' giocar' per niente che travagliar' per niente. Tanto vale juegar por nada que trabaiar por no nada. I suck not this out of my fingers ends. Ie ne succe cecy de bouts de mes doits.

Non chupo esto de los cabos de mis dedos. A young man old makes the old man young. Jeune vieil rend le vieil jeune. Two hands in a dish, but one in the pocket. Dos manos en el plato y una en la bolsa. A womans knee and a doggs snowt are alwayes cold. La rodillade muger, y nariz de perro siempre frios. He that doth kisse and doe no more, may kisse behind and not before. Qui besa, y no haze mas que bese atras.

Mas agua corre por el molino que el molinero sabe. Putt thy wish in one fist, and shite in the other, and try which will be fill'd soonest. The furthest way about is sometimes the neerest way home. Le chemin d'alentour est quelques fois le plus court. El camino enderredor es a vezes el mas corto. When the good VVife drinketh to the Husband all is well in the House. Quand la bonne Femme fait brindis a son Mary tout va bien en la maison. Quand la muger haze brindis a su marido todo va bien en casa.

I took her for a Rose, but she proved a Burr. Je la pris pour vne Rose mais elle devint chardon. Io la pigliai per Rosa, ma diventiva cardone. I think she hath pist on a nettle. Go teach your Granham to grope a Goose. Andar' insegnare la vecchia a palpar' vn' occa. Go teach your father to get children. A young servingman an old beggar. Servo giovane pitoco vecchio. Honor bought, temporal simony. Serve God in thy calling, it is better then praying.

Sers Dieu en ton mestier, il vaut plus que la priere. Servid a dios en tu officio, es mejor que plegarias. Page 8 The bragger, pisseth more then he drinketh. El vana glorioso mea mas que no beve. A great noise and little woll, quoth the Devil when he sheard the Hogg. Mucho ruydo y poca lana, dixo el Diablo desollando el puerco. Many can pack the cards, yet cannot play well. Vi sono chi sanno mescolar' le carte, tutta via non sanno gio car' bene.

Ay qui saben mesclar los naypes, toda via no saben iuegar bien. Stay a little and we shall make an end the sooner. Esperad vn poco, y acabaremos mas presto. Ther's a Devil in every berry of the Grape. Yl y a un Diable dans chasque grappe de la vigne. Ay vn Diablo en cadarazimo de la vua. A lie stands on one legg, and truth on two.

La buggia si sostiene sopra vna gamba, la verita sopra due. La mentira se apoya sobre vna pierna, la verdad sobre dos. Choose thy Friends like thy Bookes, few but choice. Choisissez vos amis comme vos liures, peu, mais qu'ils sovent d'elite.

Sciolier' gli amici come gli Libri, pochi, ma che sieno scelti. Escoge tus amigos como tus Libros, pocos, pero que sean buenos. Who is more deaf then he that will not hear? Qui est plus sourd que celuy qui ne veut ecouter? Men fear death as children do to go in the dark. Les hommes craignent la mort comme les Enfans les tenebres. Gli huomini temono la morte come gli fanciulli la scurita.

Soon ripe soon rotten. Tost meur, tost pourri. Riches like muck which stinks in a heap, but scatterd fructifieth the earth. No man loves fetters though made of Gold. Nissuno ama ceppi anchor' che sieno d'oro. Nadie quiere grillos aunque fean de oro. Who hath too many friends eats too much salt.

Chi a molti amici mangia troppo sale. He must rise betimes who will cosen the Devil. Il faut qu'il se leve de bon matin qui veut tromper le Diable. A covetous man like a dog in a wheel that roasts meat for others. L'avaro come can in ruota chi arrostisce vivande per altri. El pelon como perro en rueda qui assa carne por otros. Who Expounds holy Scripture upon his own warrant, puts hot brands together with his fingers. Bawds, and Attorneys like Andyrons, the one holds the wood, the other their Clyents till they consume.

Give a shoulder of mutton to a dead horse. Esto es dar vna espalda de carnero a vn cavallo enfiermo. No fool to the old fool. Non cie' pazzo simile al pazzo vecchio. No ay necio como el necio viejo. One fool makes many. Vn fol en fait plusieurs. Vn loco haze muchos mas. A Scotts mist wetteth an Englishman to the skin. Les brovillars d'escosse mouilleront l'Anglois jusques a la peau. Ou le cheval du Turc plante le pied, l'herbe n'y recroitra iamais.

Dove il cavallo Turchesco pianta il suo piede l'herba ne recrescera mai. Cold weather and crafty knaves come from the North. You are a right Englishman, you cannot tell when you are well. Vous estes vray Anglois, vous ne scavez pas quand vous estes a vostre ayse. One should take no more pitty on a woman weeping, then to see a Goose go barefoot. A Christmass great loafs, at Easter clean souls, at Whitsontide new clothes.

Al Natale pani grandi, a pascua Anime nette, a Pentecosta vestiti nuovi. Salomon was a wiseman, and Sampson was a strong man, yet neither of them could pay money till they had it. That which is bred in the bone will never out of the flesh. Patience perforce is medicine for a mad horse. Make not thy tayl broader then thy wings.

Ne fais pas ton train plus large que tes ailes. No hagas tu rabo mas largo que las alas. He that hath the name to be an early riser may sleep till noon. A young Mayd married to an old Man is like a new house thatchd with old straw. The stander by sees often more then the Gamester. Le spectateur voit souuentes fois plus que le Joueur.

Who hath married a widdow, hath a deaths head put often in his dish. The colerique man never wants woe. L'huomo Colerico mai senza fastidio. Penny in pocket is a good companion. Barbers are Correctors of Capitall crimes. Barbiers son correcteurs de crimes capitaux. Los Barveros son corregidores de crimines capitales. The second blow makes the fray. Le second mornifle fait la noise. El bofeton segundo haze la renzilla.

Where the hedge is low every one gets over. Ou la haye est basse tout le monde passe. A child may have too much of his mothers blessing. He is now too old to learn his Accidence. Il est trop vieil pour apprender sa Grammarie. Es muy viejo por aprender su Gramatica.

With all thy knowledge know thy self. Con todo tu saber conoce ti mesmo. They agree like harp and harrow. Conciertan como la harpa, y el rastrillo. Eggs and a nutt, one may buy of a slutt. To forget a wrong is the greatest revenge. Oublier vn injure est la plus grande revenche. Maydens ought to be seen and not heard. Dieu ne donne bouches sans dequoy manger. Iddio non da bocche senza di che mangiare. Dios no da bocas sin de que comer. Wives must be had, be they good or bad.

Il faut avoir femmes soyent elles mauvaises ou bonnes. Weigh not what thou givest, but what is given thee. To stopp two gapps with one bush. Boucher deux trous d'un buisson. Atapar dos horados con vn espinal. The Devil wipes his arse with the poor mans pride. Le Diable essuye le cul avec l'orgueil du gueux. Il Diavolo asciuga il culo con la superbia del pouero. El Diablo limpia el culo con la so veruia del pobre. Look not too high, least something fall into thy eye.

Ne mires trop haut, de peur que quelque chose ne te tombe en l'oeil. No mires muy alto de miedo que algo no te cayga en el ojo. W Hen you have cast an eye upon this Letter which goeth stuff'd with all Proverbs, old Motts, and Adages, whereof some were used in the time of high bonnets, when men used to wipe their noses on their sleeves, for want of a napkin, you will judge perhaps, that the Author hath some strange freaks, or quinombroms in his noddle, that he hath quicksands, or Mercury, or rather one quarter of the Moon in his pericranium; But you Sir, that have a head so well timbred, will, I presume, passe another judgement.

The report is rife, that you have a design to travell, and range abroad for some time, and particularly to make the turn of France : If you are fixed in such a resolution, I pray give leave to an old soker, one that is well salted in the world, and knoweth more then how to eat his bread, one that hath pissed in many Snowes, to give you some few Mots of advice touching the Genius of that Countrey. For matter of conversation, you shall find there, more then any where else, as many heads, so many several humours, and caprichios, as if most of the people had eaten of the white Hinde, or of the mad Cow being impatient of peace any longer then they are recovering the ruines of the former war: But every where, you must take the people as they be, and the season as it is: Above all, observe this short worded Rule, Heare, see, and hold thy peace, if thou wilt live in peace; for a slip of the toe is better then that of the toung, and the Spaniard will tell you that when the mouth is shut the flies cannot enter.

You shall meet also there with debosh'd youngsters, who use to eat their Corn in the green blade, and to burn their candles at both ends; 'Tis a maxime amongst them, that one cannot be a compleat Gentleman, untill he hath been five times in Cornelius tub; For there, the stoutest of them will kneel to the distaff: Take heed of companions of that gang, yet treat them with civil Language, for fair words never blister the tongue: By all means lend them no money, for when you lend you are a cousin-german, but when you Page [unnumbered] demand it again, you are the son of a whore; you shall verifie it there as well as in England, who lendeth to his friend exposeth himself to a double hazard, viz.

The Countrey and people of France are given to all kind of jollities, and divertisements, There you shall meet with boon companions, the Rogers of the good time, who will be as merry as Crickets, or Mice in malt: You must not be of such a dull Saturnin humour, as not to jovialize sometimes with such, and with a cup of good liquor to chace away all care, and cumber, for one ounce of mirth, is better then a whole pound of melancholy.

If you have a mind to entertain a Lacquay, you shall find enough in that Countrey, but take heed of choosing one who is too Officieux, for he is a Lacquay for the Devil who doth more then he is commanded. During your absence, if there be any thing imaginable wherein I may steed you, I will employ green and dry, I will set my five sences on work to serve you; for I am from the center of my heart.

Il n'est pas gentilhomme parfait, qui n' a fait cinque voyages a Soris, viz. Mieux vaut un tenez, que deux fois vous l' aurez. Page 3 Le trou trop sovent ouvert sous le nez, fait porter souliers deschirez. Ell' est faite a maschecoulis le haut defend le bas, viz. Page 4 Estre en la paille jusques au ventre, viz.

Page 6 Farine du Diable n' est que bran. Page 7 Oblier Dieu parmi tous les saints. Page 8 Ce qu' on donne luit, ce qu' on mange puit. Il n' est nul petit ennemy, viz. Tout estat est viande aux vers; viz. Page 9 Se coiffer de folles opinions. Page 10 Discouvrir S. Pierre pour couvrir S. Page 11 Autant de testes, autant de sentimens. Un oeuf n' est rien, deux font gran bien, trois c' est assez, quarte cest' tort, cinq c' est la mort.

Page 14 Amour de putain, feu d' estoupe. Je luy baillerry Guy contre Robert. Page 15 Fourrage der corbeaux, viz. Femme ne doit toucher a b b b b de l'homme, viz. Page 16 Il y a du lard en luy. Page 17 Il scait faire un teston de six soubs.

Je vous paye en monnoye de cordelier: viz. Page 18 Se pensans signer, il donna du doit dans l'oetil. Page 20 Prendre Paris, pour Corbeil, viz. Le Norman vendange avec la gaule; viz. Les Liegois se ventent d' avoir trois choses; du pain meilleur que du pain, du fer plus dur que fer, du feu plus chaud que le feu.

Angleterre, le Paradis de femmes, le Purgatoire de valets, l'enfer des chevaux. Page 21 Il s'ntrecordent comme les horloges de Londres. Mars aride, Fevrier neigeux, Auril humide, May rousineux, presage de l'an ens plantureux.

Page 23 Il l'a fait vuider les arcons. Page 24 Estre bien en conche, on en bonne conche. Tant que Tige fait souche, elle ne branche jamais; Cecy se'ntend de la succession hereditaire, de a la couronne de France. Par ce Proverbe nous sommes appris que toutes choses de ce monde viennent en fin a decadence, comme il n'est point du jour si long qui n'ayt son soir.

Ce Proverbe prit l'origine d'un pavure Boscheron. Ce Proverbe vise aux jeunes gens, qui ne sont si capables d'aucune function que ce soit, comme les aagez quien ont acquis l'experience. C'est a dire, quand un ignorant est trop prompt de parler parmi les gens scavant. God hath a great share in a little house.

He hath shit in a hat, and then clap'd it on his head, viz. He is no compleat gentleman who hath not made five voyages to Swetland, viz. Who lends a friend, is like to lose double, viz. Leave the Minster where it is, viz. Every one must have his turn, viz. He is a right man, a man of worth; from the best sort of coin is marked with A.

He hath put too narrow a ring on his finger, viz. Once take, is better then twice you shall have. He thinks that roasted Larks will fall into his mouth; spoken of a sluggard. Who lends, hath it not again; if he hath it, yet not so soon; if soon, not all; if all, not from the same; if from the same, not so willingly; therefore spare to lend.

They are the Regiments of Monsieur Brovillon, three drums, and two souldiers; spoken ironically. He speaks gibberish, whereas Baraguin is a British word, and signifies white bread. She is built as a watch-tower, where there are grates to let down great stones, the top defends the lower parts; 'Tis meant of a woman that hath an ill-favoured face, and a handsome body.

Page 4 To be in the straw up to the belly, viz. God gives blessings, and beefs, but not by the horns, viz. He hath a button for every hole, viz. His clothes would scare a theef, viz. Page 5 That Mouse is soon caught who hath but one hole. He hath taken from Saint Peter to pay Saint Paul. Ile finde as many pins as you shall finde holes, viz. To draw his pin out of the stake, viz.

To sow a fox tail to the Lions skin, viz. Page 6 The Devils flower is but bran. Thy son well fed, and ill cloth'd, but thy daughter well cloth'd, and ill fed; a rule in breeding children. For one point Saint Martin lost his ass, viz. Page 7 To forget God among so many Saints. Page 8 That which is given shines, that which is eaten stinks.

A Sun glittering in the morning, a Latin woman, and a child nurs'd with wine, seldome come to a good end. He doth ill, who doth not all, viz. Page 9 To coif himself with foolish opinions. Men give women milk, though they have none themselves, viz. Page 10 To rob Peter to pay Paul. To seek something to be shorn off an egg, viz. Page 11 As many heads so many opinions. Like the Arcadian Asse, who eats thistles though laden with gold; meant of the covetous miser. He thought that roasted Larks would have faln into his mouth; spoken of the sluggard.

Page 12 Necessity is half Reason. A young Physitian makes the Church-yard hilly, viz. He who doth not like the Goose, shall not joy long in his life, viz. Page 13 Who hath not health, enjoyes nothing. The Harbenger of the Moon hath mark'd the lodging, viz. A wheaten pill, a dram of the grape, and the ball of a hen, is good physick, viz.

To rise at six, and dine at ten; to sup at six, and go to bed at ten, will make a man live ten times ten. GO to your Lawyer with feet in hand; meaning some present of poultry. Page 14 The love of a quean like fire of flax. You bridle the horse by the tail, viz. The barn is neer the threshens, viz. He is the horse of four white feet, viz. Ile give him a Rowland for his Oliver. Page 15 A Crackrope, a slipstring, a rogue. Such starlings do not pass every day, viz. There's alwayes some iron or other that shakes, viz.

He makes two sons in law with one daughter, viz. Page 16 He hath good matter in him:. To marry the cellar and the cystern, viz. He is mark'd like a Berry Mutton, who hath alwayes some scurf upon the nose, because the sheep there feed on time, not that they are mark'd with red oker.

He went away with a nose foot long, viz. Saint Quintens disease, viz. Page 17 He is so good a husband that he can make a tester of eighteen pence. Furnish'd with needle and thred, viz. A Marchant who takes money without weighing, or telling it, viz.

I will pay you in the Cordeliers coin, viz. Page 18 Thinking to crosse himselfe, he thrust his finger into his eye. To embarke without bisket, viz. Page 19 He is wel bred, or he hath sucked good milk. He is furnished with needle and threed, viz. The Germane hath his spirit at his fingers ends, because he is a good Artificer. The Norman vintageth with a pole; viz. To be beheaded, or made a Cardinal at Tower hill, viz. When the Frenchman sleeps the Devil rocks him: A Proverb the Flemmins have of the French, who is alwayes plotting some ill against him.

At Montmartre there be more whores then kine, but if there were not there so many Nuns, there would be more kine then whores. I have payed all my English, viz. England the Paradice of women, the Purgatory of servants, and the Hell of horses. Page 21 They agree like London clocks, viz, not at all. If winter did beyond Sea pass, yet would it come to find Saint Nicholas. If the weather be sharp at Saint Vincenrs day looke for more Winter.

December was of old a moneth, but now it is a year because it ends it. A dry March, a snowy February, a moist April, and a dry May, presage a good year. A Month afore, and after Christmas winter shews it self the most cruel. To make mowes at the apple-women, viz. He wiped his nose with his own sleeve, viz.

Page 23 He hath unsadled, or overthrown him. That cannot be performed with a white sword, viz. He is drunk of his own bottle, viz. Page 24 He is well clothed, he is well covered. As long as the stock bears stemmes, it never brancheth, viz. This Proverb is taken from a Droll called Robin who lived in Paris, and is meant of one who impertinently makes mention of something that his fancie runs upon, having nothing else in his mouth.

This Proverb grew up first in the town of Troy in Champany, where this John Colot lived, who was an Artizan, and a good fellow, and had commonly at his girdle a sheath, wherein there were three or four knives, all of little value, and having some fault or other, as one having the point broke, the other hacked on the edge, the other blunted, the other did not cut at all; And hence did arise this Proverb, which is properly spoken of things, whereof there is no great choice, as also of men that are of little value.

We are taught by these words, that oft times the good opinion and judgement which we have of some persons are grounded more upon common report then upon Truth it selfe, in so much that the reputation is more then the thing it selfe; And it is found that there are many whom the vulgar cry up to be wise, learned, and valiant, and adorned with other Vertues, yet they have nothing of all these three if one should pry narrowly unto them.

One called Martin having lost his Asse in the Fair, it happened that another was found which had been also lost, the Iudge of the place was of that opinion that that Asse should be restored to Martin, but he who had him in his possession, desired the Iudge to ask Martin of what colour his Asse was, who having answered, that he was all gray, he was put by his claim, because there was a black hair found in the Asse's tail.

This Proverb is borrowed from horses, to whom the best usage they can have besides oats and hey is to give them good store of fresh straw for their Litter; And by this similitude, it may be spoken of those that are at their ease, and have all things to their hearts desire. By this Proverb we are taught, that all things in this world come to an end, as there is no day ever so long, but hath its declination.

Use is made of this Proverb, when one is mounted up to the highest degree of his fortune; For the nature of the Pie is, to build her nest upon the highest trees that she can choose. The different nature of things require that some be managed one way, and some another; There are some things that may be broken on the knee, as stickes of dry wood; There are other things that require the knife, or hatchet, as green osiers, and all other wood while it is sappy, and green; Of this kinde are puddings which cannot be broken properly, but with a knife; Now Page 27 Now, this Proverb teacheth, that in all our actions we cannot arrive to that which we pretend, but by such means that are proper thereunto.

It is well known, that from all times it was ordained to pay dimes or tithes unto the Lord, which was the tenth part of our earthly increase; This was kept so holy, that every one used to leave upon the field the tenth sheaf: Now, it happened that some prophane persons made of purpose some kinde of sheaves wherein there were no grains, wherewith they payed their tithes: Which gave occasion to this Proverb, and it may be applyed to any person of an ill Conscience, whether towards God, or man, whereof there were never more then now adayes, thank the long Parliament.

By these words is meant a gross fellow ill taught, and uncivil, such as they commonly are who are of a low degree, whose ordinary food is Bacon and Beef. T Hey say commonly that Running waters are the cleerest, and those of the Brook farr more then they of a standing Bog; In like manner the Spirits of those who travel up and down the world, and by their motions apply themselves to the study of Men, become thereby more cleer, acute, and subtile.

It is also observed among Vegetables, that according to the Proverb the best oignons are those which are transplanted; Therefore I highly approve of the resolution you have to cross the Alpes, and afterwards the Apennin hill, the chinebone of Italy.

In Italy you shall meet with many cunning Rooks that have more doublings in them then a Cabage; Therefore take heed of associating with such, specially to fall a gaming whereunto the Italians are extraordinarily addicted for they say that gaming doth gnaw one to the very bone. Being entred Lombardy, you shall see Milan the Great, so call'd as well for her strength, as for her bigness, whence sprung the Proverb, Milan can talk, and Milan can do, yet she cannot turn water into wine; In those quarters take head of a Lombard bit, viz.

Thence you will pass to the Venetian Dominions, and among other the Noble Citty of Vicenza deserves to be saluted, for they say that Vienza hath more Counts and Cavaliers, then Venice hath Gondolleers: Thence you may direct your cours to Padua, called the chief residence of Hippocrates, and thence to Venice, where they say one may see an impossibility in an impossibility; there you may kiss Neptunes spouse, for Venice is called so, though some would have her to be a Concubine to the Turk: The Venetians they say are hard to be pleased, if the Proverb be true that there are foure difficult things, viz.

To make a bed for a Dogg, to roast an Egg well, to teach a Florentine, and serve a Venetian; Being there, you shall do well to visite the Arsenal, one of the Grandezas of the world for its strength, whence sprung the saying, that the whole Arsenal of Venice is not able to arm a Coward; In that melting Citty, take heed of Females, for a woman may be a woe to a man; The Courtezans of that Lake, are cried up for the fairest in the world, according to the Proverb, Vienza wine, Treviso tripes, Padua bread, and Venice whores; whence sprung another, Venice, O Venice, none thee unseen can prize, but who hath seen too much will thee despise.

It matters not much whether you see Calabria or no, the Territory of the Tarantolas, it being a sad barren Cuntrey, yet abounding with Nobles, In so much that somtimes three Marquesses may be seen eating Figgs upon one tree to drive away hunger. Among other things, you may observe in Naples and Milan the affection that the peeple bear to the Spanish, and French, where both the one and the other use to say, that they would be content to see all the Spaniards in Italy hung up with Frenchmens gutts; whence you way judge who is best beloved.

But to wind up the threed of this coorse letter; I hope, that after your return, it will not be verified of you, that an Englishman Italionat is a Devill Incarnat, much less that you will be of the number of those who go out Masters, and come back Clarks in the point of Knowledge. I can extend my self no further now, for ther's a sudden accident hath surprised me, that will hold me more busie then an English Furnace on Christmas day morning; Onely I say, that if I may steed you in any thing while you are absent, I will do what I can to serve you, and somthing less that I may last your's the longer: So, after the Lombard fashion without any clawing of Complements, I remain.

Page 2 E' meglio crederlo, che provarlo. Page 7 Di padre santelotto figlio diavolotto. Da matto attizato, da uno che legge un libro solo, da villan riffatto, da Recipe de Medici, da etcetera de notari guardici dio. E'tanto Invidioso che cavarebbe un occhio a se Page 10 per cavarne due al compagno. Page 12 Fedele, forte, brutta sia la massaia. Page 15 Il bel vestir sono negro, nuovo, netto.

Una volta l anno cavati sangue, una volta il mese entra nel bagno, una volta la semana lavati la testa, una volta il giorno bascia la tua donna. Page 16 Tu comniciai a scorticare dalla coda. Buon di Dante, di donde vieni, quanto erto el fango? Di Roma, final cul, buon di, buon anno. Pan Padouan, vin Vicintin, tripe Trevisane, puttane Venetiane. In Roma chi segue le fortune le fuggono, chi non l'aspetta le vengono. Vorrei esser' in Guimea dove rompono le bracchia a chi parla di lavorare. Roma la santa, Milan la grande.

Napoli la gentile, Venetia la signorile. Bologna la grassa, Padova la passa. Venetia la ricca, Genoa la superba. Lingua Toscana in bocca Romana. Donna Graeca, vin Graeco, vento Graeco. Page 18 Amessina si trovano assaj pulci, polvore, puttane. Il Francese non dice come pensa, non legge come scrive, non canta come nota. Non troppo bene, tratto da i convalescenti che per la de bo lezza ora s'ul letto, ora s'ul lettuccio si gettano.

Page 2 'Tis better believe then try it. Page 3 Bakers and millers are the last that dy of a dearth. He hath too little of that whereof the bull hath too much, viz. VVho is not something at twenty, nor knows not at thirty, nor hath not at fourty, He never will be, nor will he ever know, nor will ever have any thing.

Page 5 Wine hath the complexion of a lamb, a hogg, an ape, and a Lion. He who liveth in hope doth dance in a hoope, viz. The company of one is no company at all, the company of two is the company of God, the company of three is the company of a King, the company of foure is company of the Devil.

Page 6 A mild sheep is suckt by every lamb. The Mule that laughs, and the woman that fleers, the first will overthrow thee, ehe other will scratch thee. Who letteh his wife go to every feast, and his horse to drink at all waters, will have a jade to the one, and a whore to the other. A gentleman without money is like a wall without a cross; piss'd at by every body.

Who lends money, looseth two things; viz. Page 7 The father a saint the son a devil. From an angry fool, from one that reads but one book, from an upstart Squire, from the Physicians recipe, and the Scrivenors etcaetera, the Lord deliver us. The hardest step is that over the threshold, viz. Page 8 Who goeth soft and faire, goeth far and safe. Page 9 Ask enough, and there will be enough to abate. Such an envious wretch, that he would pluck out one of his Page 10 own eyes to take out both his neighbours.

To go whither Pope nor Emperour can send an Ambassador, viz. To stand waiting and not to come, to lie a bed and not to sleep, to serve well and not to please, are three things as bad as death. Page 11 Who taketh a Lion absent, fears a mouse present. Page 12 Let thy maid-servant be faithfull, strong and homely. He is a bankerupt; whose punishment in Italy is to sit bare on a stone in the market place.

Page 13 He is no clown that driveth the plough, but he who doth clownish things. To render good for evil is Charity, evil for good cruelty, ill for ill revenge, good for good justice. A four white-foot horse is a horse for a fool, a three white-foot horse is a horse for a King, and if he hath but one Ile give him to none.

I am not afraid of ill faces, for I was born at Shrovetide, viz. January commits the fault, and May bears the blame. Three seasonable showres in August, are worth king Salomons Chariot and horses. Bread of one day, an egg of one hour, wine of one year, fish of ten, a woman of fifteen, and a friend of a hundred.

Page 15 Black, new, and neat is the way to go brave. Who will keep himself in health, let him piss like a dogg; viz. One egg is nothing, two a little better then nothing, three are something, five are too many, and six kill. Once a year let bloud, once a moneth bath, once a week wash thy head, i. June, July and August, wife, I know thee not. Keep thy feet dry, and thy head warm, and for the rest, live like a beast; viz. Page 16 Thou beginst to slay at the tail.

He is full of talk, it being the custome in Italy to give the greatest talker the rump of the hen. Good morrow Dante, whence comest thou, how high is the dirt? Answer, From Rome, up to the tail, a good day, and a good year to you. As he of Perugia, who when his head was broke, ran home for his helmet. Padoua bread, Vicenza wine, Treviso tripes, and Venice courtesans. If Florence had a port, she would make a garden of Pisa, a counting house of Ligorn, and a jaques of Luca.

Page 17 Who goeth to Rome, and carrieth a good purse, becometh an Abbot or Bishop. In Rome preferments seek them that seek them not, and fly from them that seek them. The Greeks spoke with lipps, and the Romans with their breasts. The Germanes have their wits at their fingers ends, viz. I would be in Guimea where they have their arms broke who speak of working. The Nuns of Genoa return from the bath, and then ask leave of the Abadess.

Rome the holy, Milan the great. Nations do diversly digest their grief; The Dutch drink it away, the French sings it away, the Spaniard grones it away, and the Italian sleeps it away. I am a Guelphian, and call my self a Gibelin, he that giveth most shall have me. Naples the gentile, Venice the ladylike. Bologna the fat, and Padova more then that. Venice the rich, Genoa the proud. The Toscan toung sounds best in a Roman mouth.

The men of Genoa get their wives with child a hundred miles distant. In Italy there are too many heads, viz. Wo be to that Countrey where there is a Calabrese, if he stay there a year, he brings nothing but ruine and mischief. A Milanese, or Montouan would blush at this. The Italians are wise before the fact, the Germans in the fact, the French after the fact. The Florentine maketh nothing of three things, of Adieu, farewel, do you want any thing? Made at Ferrara, and moulded at Piombino.

A Greek woman, Greek wine, and Greek wind may I find. Page 18 Messina hath store of fleas, dust and whores. I love a Spaniard so well, that I could be contented to see him hang'd with a Frenchmans guts. Where Dutchmen are, Italians will not likely be; viz. LIncei, Fantastici, Humoristi, di Roma. Addormentati di Genoa. Olympici di Vicenza. Innominati di Parma.

Invaghiti di Mantova. Affidati di Pavia. Offuscati di Cesene. Caliginosi d' Ancona. Adagiati di Rimini. Insensati di Perousa. Catenati di Macerata. Ostinati di Viterbo. Immobili d' Alexandria. Occulti di Bresia. Perseveranti di Treviso. Oscari di Luca. Raffrontati di Ferma.

Milan can doe, Milan can speake, but she cannot turn water into wine. More foolish then they of Zago, who dung'd the foot of the Steeple to make it grow higher. Page 19 As very a fool as that Perugian, who as soon as his head was broke, ran home for a helmet. She is like a woman of Castel Cerino, fair afar off, and foul near hand. He is streighter in the waste then any Spaniard, viz. Po would not be Po, if Adda, and Tesin did not joyn also. Who hath to deal with a Florentine must have both his eyes about him.

By this is meant, that when ye drink good wine, you use to say Good, bowing one eare, but when it is naught, you shake both eares. This is understood of those which sometimes are constrained to sell their commodities at a lower rate then they are worth, because that having cold in their feet, they may goe warm themselves at the fire, and so vice versa.

Who resisteth the good will of God, his businesses goe from bad to worse. Some crosses, and fits of sicknesses do well with a strong or proud man. Because there are but few of them, as it was preached before the Duke of Savoy, who is Prince of Piemont. This quick guide highlights your key obligations when transiting through the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait.

The QCPP improves the readiness of ships transiting coastal pilotage areas within the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait by ensuring voyage plans, waypoints and other planning considerations have been completed in a standardised manner. See also: Passage Plan uniform waypoints. About the AIS: automatic identification system The AIS is a maritime communications device that improves navigation safety and environmental protection by assisting in the effective navigation of ships.

See also: LRIT. Pages from this form should be printed as required and kept as a hard-copy. The radio log, and associated records, must be kept onboard for at least 2 years. The radio log must contain a summary of communications relating to distress, urgency and safety messages. Details of commercial communications exchanged via GMDSS communications equipment may also be recorded in the radio log.

The radio log should contain a record of important incidents connected with the radio service. Maritime ship licence ACMA You need a maritime ship licence to use radio equipment on board a ship and you must be qualified to operate a maritime ship station.

You can search for a vessel using basic details about the ship. The official number is the six digit number issued by the Shipping Registration Office to Australian registered ships. Other details such as the type of ship, overall length, or principal material of construction may be useful for searching purposes to check for matches in the register.

National Search and Rescue Manual The National Search and Rescue Manual is the standard reference document for use by all search and rescue authorities and other organisations that provide search and rescue services in Australia. It outlines the agreed methods of coordination through which search and rescue operations are conducted within Australia. The manual is consistent with the relevant International Conventions to which Australia is party. The National Search and Rescue Manual acts as a set of procedures and guidelines in providing a search and rescue response within Australia.

Increase productivity, reduce accidents Seafarers are much more likely to die from injury at work. This brochure provides ideas about simple methods for managing the welfare of your crew. Marine Orders Marine orders are regulations made under Commonwealth legislation.

Marine orders contain the detailed requirements and processes ensuring legislation keeps up to date with technical and operational advances in maritime safety and environment protection. They also put international and national maritime standards into effect. Pilot Advisory Notices. Pilot advisory notes provide guidance specific to coastal pilotage. These resources will provide you with details about under keel clearance requirements, shallow water alerts, incident reporting and reporting procedures, carriage of electronic charting systems, and more.

Marine Notices Marine notices provide important safety related information, general guidance and details about forthcoming changes to legislation to the shipping and maritime community. While marine notices have no legal standing, they provide important safety related information, general guidance, or details about forthcoming changes to legislation. Navigational warnings are current for the time indicated and can be updated by refreshing the webpage.

You can search our maritime safety information by selecting the search filter boxes and by sclicking on the search button to display the results. These services include forecasts, warnings and observations for the coastal waters and high seas around Australia. Tide Predictions for Australia, South Pacific and Antarctica To begin with the tide predictions, choose a location from the map or locations list.

Tidal predictions are available in html and pdf. For some locations tidal predictions are based on limited observations and therefore expected to be less accurate. The computer model generated maps contain no input from weather forecasters. Sea or wind waves are generated by the local prevailing wind and vary in size according to the length of time a particular wind has been blowing, the fetch distance the wind has blown over the sea and the water depth.

Swell waves are the regular longer period waves generated by distant weather systems. There may be several sets of swell waves travelling in different directions, causing a confused sea state. Combined sea and swell describes the combined height of the sea and the swell that mariners experience on open waters.

The height of the Combined sea and swell refers to the average wave height of the highest one third of the waves. Combined sea and swell is also known as total wave height, or significant wave height. Some waves will be higher and some lower than the significant wave height. The probable maximum wave height can be up to twice the significant wave height. Antarctic - Sea-ice satellite imagery Sea-ice satellite imagery for Antarctic and Southern Ocean with visible and infrared images.

The International Antarctic Weather Forecasting Handbook This volume presents a comprehensive account of the theory and practice of weather forecasting in the Antarctic. It splits broadly into two parts. In the first, the climatology of the Antarctic is reviewed and there are discussions on the nature of the weather systems found over the continent and Southern Ocean. The means used to forecast all the main meteorological elements are discussed as well as the use of satellite data and the output of numerical weather prediction models.

In the second part, the meteorological conditions found at various locations around the Antarctic are considered and guidance provided on the forecasting rules and techniques used at specific locations British Antarctic Survey. Dynamic variations on the surface of the sun can release large amounts of energy in various forms including electromagnetic radiation, charged particles and eruptions of huge clouds of ionised gas.

Fact sheet on the potential impacts of space weather This information sheet is designed to assist owners and operators of critical infrastructure better understand the effects of space weather events. These may include disruptions to telecommunication and radio communications systems, satellite navigation systems, energy supply and power grids. Space weather could also lead to damage or loss of critical infrastructure. An index of 1. It is representative of the deviation of current ionospheric conditions from those expected by an usual GPS receiver.

This deviation can cause a position error if it remain uncorrected. S4 Index Ionospheric scintillation occurs when a radio frequency signal traverses a region of small scale irregularities in electron density in the ionosphere. This is a rapid fluctuation of radio-frequency signal amplitude. The S4 Index quantified this amplitude scintillation with a measure of the short timescale fluctuation in the signal to noise of a transmission. Values over 0. A scintillation index below 0.

In ordinary operation the position of a GPS receiver is estimated by measuring the time delay between a radio signal transmitted from each satellite and the reception of that signal at the receiver. Assuming a constant speed of light, this time delay can be converted to a receiver-satellite distance. By comparing the distance to multiple satellites a GPS receiver can determine its three dimensional position.

The ionosphere disrupts this approach since the GPS radio signal is slowed by the presence of free electrons, causing an additional time delay and hence an error in the distance to each satellite. The greater the total number of electrons Total Electron Count, or TEC on the signal path, the greater the time delay. This near-real-time map shows the estimated GPS positioning error, in metres of L1, resulting from the difference between the GPS broadcast Klobuchar model of ionospheric delay and the best current estimate of 'true' ionosheric delay, as observed by SWS.

It is therefore representative of the ionospheric contribution to GPS position error for single-frequency GPS, which at mid-latitudes typically ranges between 1 and 5m. Both enhancements and depressions of the ionosphere can result in reduced GPS positioning accuracy. The map shows colour contours of position error at GPS L1 ie single frequency , in units of metres. GPS: Position error around Australia due to the ionosphere. These environmental conditions are important for us to monitor as they can affect the performance and reliability of our satellites, navigation systems and radio communications.

However advisories for SATCOM will not be issued by any space weather centres until further work is undertaken to develop and validate operationally relevant advisory thresholds for this impact area. Further information can be found in the companion Space Weather Hazard brochure. Introduction to HF Radio Propagation There can be many reasons why an HF signal may not reach the intended recipient, including solar flares, ionospheric storms, geomagnetic storms, equipment faults and the choice of frequency.

Summary: 1. The ionosphere - 2. HF communications - 3. Effects of solar events on HF communications. Also in HTML. Information available includes inferred global propagation conditions, real time HF fadeout coverage charts, regional ionospheric vertical MUF maps and Hourly Area Prediction charts.

Catalogus van navigatiekaarten Navigatiekaarten bevatten alle informatie die van belang is voor een veilige navigatie op zee en andere wateren. Ook voor de binnenvaart bieden we elektronische kaarten aan HTML. The publication includes the complete set of symbols and abbreviations used on international and national charts produced by the Hydrographic Service of the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Flemish Hydrography.

Symbols and abbreviations displayed in navigation systems that use electronic charts may differ from those described in INT1. De publicatie bevat de complete set symbolen en afkortingen die op internationale en nationale kaarten van de Nederlandse Dienst der Hydrografie en de Vlaamse Hydrografie voorkomen. Symbolen en afkortingen die afgebeeld worden in navigatiesystemen die gebruik maken van elektronische kaarten kunnen afwijken van hetgeen beschreven staat in INT1.

De lichtenlijst geeft een opsomming en beschrijving van de lichten en mistseinen op zee, op de Schelde en op het kanaal Gent-Terneuzen. Correcties en aanvullingen op de lichtenlijst worden in de BaZ gepubliceerd Verbetering. Getijboekjes en getijtafels Tide tables Elk jaar geven wij zowel toeristische getijboekjes als professionele getijtafels uit waarin de voorspellingen worden gepubliceerd.

Getijboekje voor de kust is een publicatie voor de niet-professionele gebruiker, waarin de getijwaarden staan voor de locaties Nieuwpoort, Oostende, Blankenberge en Zeebrugge. Het boekje is bestemd voor de gebruiker aan de wal. De professionele getijtafels bevatten alle waterstanden voor het lopende jaar in Nieuwpoort, Oostende, Blankenberge, Zeebrugge, Vlissingen, Prosperpolder, Antwerpen en Wintam. De LAT getijdendata worden door de scheepvaart gebruikt.

Meer uitleg over deze verandering is te vinden in de brochure. Regio A en Regio B. Berichten aan Zeevarenden - nr. Berichten aan zeevarenden Om de 2 weken publiceren wij een nieuwe editie van de Berichten aan Zeevarenden, ook wel BaZ genoemd. In de publicatie verschijnt recente nautische informatie, die voor de scheepvaart van belang is, met aanvullingen en correcties op de zeekaart.

Deze nautische informatie is vrij uiteenlopend. Deze gegevens moeten gebruikt worden om de zeekaarten bij te werken. Dankzij de bijwerkingen hebben zeelui steeds de meest recente informatie van hun zeekaart. This nautical information is extremely diverse.

This information must be applied directly on the nautical charts. These updates guarantee seafarers that their nautical charts always show the most recent information. Wil je weten welke documenten je verplicht aan boord van jouw pleziervaartuig moet hebben? Weet je niet precies wat wel en wat niet mag op zee en op de binnenwateren? Dan maakt deze brochure je wijzer op het water. Deze brochure is bedoeld als een wijzer voor activiteiten op, aan en in het water.

De focus ligt bij alles wat met varen te maken heeft, maar andere activiteiten hebben ook een plaats in deze wijzer. Do you want to know which documents are obligatory to have on board? Are you trying to figure out what is allowed and what is not at sea and on inland waters? Look no further, we are here to help you out with a new brochure: "Guide on the water". This brochure is meant as a guide for water activities.

The focus is on everything to do with sailing, but other activities as well are discussed in this guide. According to international law, all ships must submit a Maritime Declaration of Health MDH , both when inbound and outbound. Saniport is the competent authority in Belgium; the GGD is the competent authority in the Netherlands. Bridges and locks, for example, are indicated only very briefly on ENC, while inland navigation obviously requires much more detail on the larger system of buoys, signs and other indications in force on inland waters.

Need a free account. Applying correct procedures will set a good example to other traffic participants which will contribute to safety. Havenkanalen, sluiskanalen, werkkanalen zevaart. Door een juiste toepassing van de procedures zullen andere verkeersdeelnemers het goede voorbeeld volgen wat de veiligheid ten goede zal komen. Tijpoort in relatie tot het toelatingsbeleid in het Scheldegebied Het toelatingsbeleid: voor een veilige en vlotte scheepvaart in het Scheldegebied.

Sommige schepen moeten soms wachten om het Scheldegebied te mogen op- of afvaren. Wat voor rol de zon, de maan, het getij, de bodem van het Scheldegebied en de kielspeling spelen bij het toelatingsbeleid vindt u op de volgende bladzijden terug. In deze Notices to Skippers berichten aan de scheepvaart moeten ze bijvoorbeeld communiceren over de status van de binnenvaartinfrastructuur zoals bruggen en sluizen , over tijdelijke blokkades van de waterwegen, werkzaamheden, het waterniveau en de waterdiepte, ijsinformatie en weerberichten.

Op deze pagina zal het DG S regelmatig informatie plaatsen die verband houdt met het Coronavirus en die nuttig kan zijn voor u. Raadpleeg daarom regelmatig deze pagina. Folder Vaarregels Folder Vaarregels: Vaarregels. Vaarregels in beeld - Binnenwateren Deze brochure "vaarregels in beeld" geeft in tabellen en schema's een overzicht van deze nieuwe op "Europees Reglement voor binnenlandse waterwegen" gebaseerde vaarregels Meer info.

Het initiatief tot oprichting van het LRIT-systeem werd genomen met het oog op het verbeteren van de maritieme veiligheid. Belgische Instituut voor postdiensten en telecommunicatie BIPT Handleiding ter voorbereiding op het examen om het beperkt certificaat van radiotelefonist voor scheepsstations te behalen Handboek VHF Maritiem.

Deze brochure bevat de examenstof om het beperkt certificaat te behalen voor de bediening van een VHF-radiostation op zee en op de binnenwateren. Deze handleiding dient als leidraad voor de radiocommunicatieprocedures bij het gebruik van zendontvangtoestellen op zee en op de binnenwateren, die in de VHF-band werken ,, MHz of de 2-m band. Programmering van de VHF-radiokanalen voor de zee- en binnenvaart Examenreglement voor het verkrijgen van certificaten voor operatoren van scheepsstations Examenreglement voor het verkrijgen van bedieningscertificaten voor radiostations die werken op de frequenties die voorbehouden zijn voor de zeevaart en de binnenvaart.

Het gebruik van een radiostation dat werkt op de frequenties die voorbehouden zijn voor de zeevaart en voor de binnenvaart impliceert het bezit van een gepast bedieningscertificaat. Stelt dit reglement de voorwaarden vast voor het verkrijgen van de voornoemde bedieningscertificaten overeenkomstig de internationale bepalingen die ter zake van toepassing zijn vastgesteld.

Rios Amazonas, Jari e Trombetas. Lagoas dos Patos e Mirim. Existem 53 portos cadastrados. Escala The first glossary of snow and ice features in Portuguese is proposed to attend increasing needs of the Brazilian Antarctic and glaciological communities. Two hundred terms are defined and equivalents are given in English, French, German and Spanish. Its main purpose is to provide mariners and users in general with information destined to update Brazilian nautical charts and publications that affect the maritime area and national inland waters fluvial and lacustrine areas.

The probable maximum wave height can be up to twice the significant wave height SMM. Corrections cumulatives des Instructions nautiques. Forrester, Annonces et messages importants Trouvez des annonces et messages importants touchant la section de notre site Web qui traite des cartes et des services marins. The Canadian Hydrographic Service offers two charts for instructional purposes.

These charts represent a cross-section of content found on Canadian charts and are used by marine training programs as part of their course and examination materials. These instructional charts contain "fictitious data" that has been included for training purposes and should not be used for navigation.

Sailing Directions The Sailing Directions booklets are an indispensable companion to nautical charts. They are a great tool for planning and assisting in navigation because they provide information that cannot be shown on a chart. It is the mariners' responsibility to maintain their digital Sailing Directions file by ensuring that the latest version is always downloaded. If the mariner chooses to print their own Sailing Directions booklet, it is imperative that the current Notices to Mariners updates are applied.

Cumulative Corrections for Sailing Directions. A compilation of data and services relevant to mariners travelling in the Arctic region of Canada. The intent of the AVPG is to provide a comprehensive digital planning tool for mariners considering an Arctic voyage. The information provided in this guide should be used together with all other relevant information, as required by law, standards and good seamanship practices.

The AVPG is not intended to replace official carriage information or products provided from Canadian sources Canadian Tide and Current Tables Tide tables include predicted times and heights of the high and low waters associated with the vertical movement of the tide. They're available in table, graphic and text formats for over stations in Canada.

These tables are necessary for obtaining the depth of water under the keel or over a shoal, for anchoring and for establishing the appropriate times for beaching a boat. Current tables provide predicted slack water times and maximum current times and velocities associated with the horizontal movement of the tide.

Tides Currents and Water Levels The Tides, Currents, and Water Levels Web Site provides predicted times and heights of high and low waters, and the hourly water levels for over seven hundred stations in Canada. The printed version is published yearly and is available through the authorized chart dealers.

It is also possible to obtain water level observations. The information available on this Web site may vary slightly from the information in the official documents published annually by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and entitled Canadian Tide and Current Tables.

In case of disparity, the information contained in the official publications will prevail. Canadian Tidal Manual The Canadian Tidal Manual is designed to provide the theoretical background and the technical instruction necessary for the effective performance of the tasks involved in gathering and using tide, current, and water level information on hydrographic field surveys Warren D.

Tidal Glossary David Pugh, Oceanography of the British Columbia coast This book deals with the physical aspects of the sea as exemplified by the Pacific Ocean and the contiguous waters of the British Columbia coast. Although principally devoted to waves, currents, and tides, the book spans a broad spectrum of topics ranging from meteorology and marine biology to past and present marine geology.

It attempts to elucidate the nature of oceanic motions and to relate them to everyday experience for the general interest of the casual reader and for the practical benefit of the professional mariner, scientist, or engineer DFO Library. Announcements and important messages Find announcements and important messages concerning the nautical charts and services section of our website.

This includes scheduled maintenance, reported issues with tide and current tables, and changes to how nautical information is communicated. Update your nautical charts Many mariners understand the importance of having charts onboard but it is just as important to ensure that your charts are up to date. If a buoy has changed or there is a new obstruction, you need to know about it before you encounter it, not after. How to update your chart, digital charts and paper charts.

Canadian Coast Guard publications Find corporate information and publications from our programs and services: Corporate information, Environmental response, Fleet, Icebreaking, Marine communications and traffic services MCTS , Maritime security, Navigation, Wrecked, abandoned or hazardous vessels, Search and rescue.

This publication describes, in detail, the characteristics of the aids to navigation system in Canada, including lights, buoys, lightstations, fog signals and more. It also includes a full-colour poster that describes how to use the system.

List of Lights, Buoys and Fog Signals Providing key information about Canadian Coast Guard approved and managed lights, buoys and fog signals, including position, characteristics, height and reference charts. The main purpose of RAMN is to present information on radio communications and radio navigational aids services provided in Canada by the Canadian Coast Guard.

Radio facilities of other government agencies that contribute to the safety of ships in Canadian waters are also included. Publication in one volume for: Atlantic, St. This network provides coverage to Canadian coastal areas, major waterways, Vessel Traffic Services zones and ports. Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters The bitter Atlantic winter weather can bring harsh challenges for ships navigating on the east coast of Canada. Two metre thick ice and six metre high ridges are common off the north-east coast of Newfoundland and in the Gulf of St.

This manual aims to assist ships operating in ice in all Canadian waters, including the Arctic. This document will provide Masters and watchkeeping crew of vessels transiting Canadian ice-covered waters with the necessary information to achieve an understanding of the hazards, navigation techniques, and response of the vessel.

Icebreaking operations services The Canadian Coast Guard provides icebreaking services for commercial ships, ferries and fishing vessels in ice-covered Canadian waters, including vessel escorts, harbour breakouts, maintaining shipping routes and providing ice information services. These services ensure safe navigation, prevent the formation of ice jams and flooding and maintain open routes for maritime commerce. Fishing can be a dangerous activity that involves an extremely high level of risk.

While Canadian fish harvesters are encouraged to achieve safety through preventative actions, there are times when additional measures are necessary. When dealing with emergencies, fish harvesters should understand three important components of the SAR system: alerting, detection and response.

Notices to Mariners Annual Edition This annual edition provides information on the aids to navigation system in Canada, pilotage services, marine communications and traffic services, search and rescue, marine occurrences and pollution, marine protected areas, fishing activity, national defence notices and a variety of general information regarding marine navigation safety. Notices to Mariners Monthly Edition Published monthly and available from the Canadian Coast Guard both online or through a free hardcopy subscription service.

This essential publication provides the latest information on changes to the aids to navigation system, as well as updates from CHS regarding CHS charts and publications. It will advise you of our new initiatives, services and also of some important announcements concerning the maritime community. Les vagues maximales peuvent atteindre 2 fois la hauteur significative. In addition to this, descriptive marine synopses are also issued. National Marine Weather Guide Met The National Marine Weather Guide is intended to provide mariners of all levels of ability with practical information and advice on safe navigation on the wide range of weather conditions they may encounter while travelling in Canadian waters.

Also the weather guide in PDF format. Regional marine weather guides The regional marine weather guides complete the National Guide and contains information on specific local weather effects. Ontario regional marine guide British Columbia Regional Marine Guide Quebec regional marine guide Prairies regional marine guide Atlantic Canada regional marine guide Arctic regional marine guides Regional marine weather information These quick reference guides outline the marine weather forecast services available for all marine areas that receive an Environment Canada forecast.

Lawrence River - Atlantic Coast. The VOS program has been discontinued within Canada. Hurricane season runs from June through November when the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are warm enough to produce a tropical cyclone. Just be prepared". Lawrence This guide is designed especially for mariners on the St Lawrence. The guide contains: Full details on wind and sea conditions - A description of the geography of the St Lawrence - A listing of some locations in which wind and sea combine to create special, and sometimes dangerous, situations - The main warning signs indicating a change in weather - Information on marine weather forecasts - Details on how to obtain forecasts directly and quickly Wave Model Forecasts Access information for two days on wave modelling.

Maps for the following areas : Atlantic Gulf of St. Height in meters. Maximum waves may be up to twice the significant height. It describes the standard procedures of the Canadian Ice Service CIS for observing, recording and reporting ice conditions.

Also available in PDF file. Colours are used to enhance ice charts for presentations and briefings. The colour codes allow users to make a quick assessment of the general ice conditions and to visually follow trends. It is important to remember that the colours alone cannot be used for navigation decisions and that more detailed ice information is contained within the Egg Code. Ice and iceberg bulletins or charts The Ice Products Guide: the Canadian Ice Service CIS provides a variety of products, representing accurate and timely information about ice and iceberg conditions in Canadian waters.

Marine Forecasts and Warnings for Canada Map with advisories, watches and warnings. The Marine Warning and Watches Program provides advisories to mariners or marine interests to inform them of marine weather conditions that may pose a hazard to their safety, security, or operation. Advisories are issued for specific weather events that are quite severe and could significantly impact Canadians. Watches alert you about weather conditions that are favourable for a storm or severe weather, which could cause safety concerns.

As certainty increases about the path and strength of a storm system, a watch may be upgraded to a warning, which is an urgent message that severe weather is either occurring or will occur. Image et description texte de l'image. Mon entreprise. Visitor Information Requirements for foreign recreational boaters in Canadian waters. All recreational boaters, both foreign and domestic, are expected to know the rules that govern their safe enjoyment in Canadian waters.

Once in Canadian waters, you must follow the rules that govern safety equipment, the safe operation of your pleasure craft, and protection of the environment that apply in Canada. Safe Boating Guide TP E Transport Canada publishes this resource to make sure that you know the regulations that apply to boating and that you learn more about safe and responsible boating practices.

Boating is fun, but about people die and many more get seriously injured every year in boating incidents. Most boating deaths and injuries can be avoided. While this guide offers a basic overview of boating safety, it should not be your only source of information. Table of contents: Introduction, Geting started, Before you go, On the water, In an emergency, Contact information and reference cards. All mariners know the hazards of working at sea.

Every year more than marine incidents are reported to the Canadian Marine Administration of Transport Canada. This booklet has been prepared by the Canadian Coast Guard to explain those regulations. References to specific sections of the official regulations are included so you can find more detailed information if you need it Distress and safety radiotelephone procedures TP E Distress procedures.

Distress, urgency ans safety signals. Figure and text description of figure. The Log shall be located at the main operating position of the ship radio station while the ship is at sea. It must be available for inspection by any person authorized by Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Transport Canada, a Radio Inspector or a authorized representative of another Administration.

Small Fishing Vessel Safety Manual TP E This publication is a Safety Manual for small fishing vessels and discusses topics such as: stability, emergencies, navigating safely, life saving equipment, weather information, distress signals, safety on the job and equipment and installation. This handbook provides information on safety on small fishing vessels under 24 metres , and is intended primarily for vessels where the Master or Operator does not hold a certificate of competency or has limited vocational training.

Document also available in PDF format. Small Commercial Vessel Safety Guide TP E This guide is for owners and operators of small commercial vessels because you are responsible, by law, for knowing, controlling and defending against the risks related to your vessel and its use. The purpose of this guide is to inform you of these responsibilities, and to let you know the safety requirements that apply to your operation and how to comply with them to avoid accidents.

The information in this guide relates to: assenger-carrying commercial vessels that are not more than 15 gross tonnage and that carry no more than 12 passengers; and workboats commercial vessels that do not carry passengers that are not more than 15 gross tonnage.

Collision regulations with Canadian modifications. Table of Contents: 1 Interpretation; 2 Prohibition; 3 Application; 4 Compliance; 5 Proof of compliance — lights, shapes, sound-signalling appliances and radar reflectors; 6 Standards — lights, shapes, sound-signalling appliances and radar reflectors; 7 Notices to mariners and notices to shipping; Schedule International regulations for preventing collisions at sea, with Canadian modifications.

Reference cards about rules of the road and buoys Rules of the road TP Lateral buoys and standard daybeacons TP Cardinal buoys and special buoys TP Arctic Shipping Arctic shipping in Canada is governed by several pieces of legislation. These laws relate to voyage reporting requirements, pollution prevention rules, cruise ships, polar class vessel requirements, crewing requirements. Guidelines for the Operation of Passenger Vessels in Canadian Arctic Waters TP E These Guidelines are intended to provide information on the requirements of Federal and Territorial government agencies during the planning phase of cruises and during the subsequent Arctic voyages.

The Guidelines are intended to assist cruise operators in achieving successful voyages and promoting good relations with all the cultures of the North. The reader should note that this publication is not a legal document. The focus of these Guidelines is the safe and pollution-free operation of cruise ships in Canadian Arctic waters.

It is a pictorial guide that outlines the four steps that are needed to apply the Ice Regime System. First, the user characterizes the Ice Regime. Second, the Classdependent Ice Multipliers are obtained. Finally, the Ice Numeral is used to decide whether the vessel should proceed or take an alternate route. Seafarers that are not familiar with vessels operating in ice conditions may not fully appreciate the risks involved and in consequence may not be adequately prepared.

The goal of this publication is to to provide a better understanding of hazards which may be encountered when transiting Eastern Canadian ice covered waters during the winter navigation season. The goal is also to identify precautions that can be taken and recurring problems encountered every winter season in various locations of a vessel in an attempt to bring practical solutions. This report was requested by the Marine Safety Directorate of Transport Canada to address the problem of survival in cold waters.

It is divided into six specific chapters: 1 A brief introduction to the problem; 2 The physiology of cold water immersion; 3 The research that has been conducted to protect the human from the dangers of sudden cold water immersion; 4 The design and development of current immersion suits; 5 The inter-relationship between the immersion suit and the lifejacket; 6 A review of the different groups of people who fly over, work on or play on the water and what protection these groups need.

Document also available in format PDF. Transport Canada is proud to present a series of videos on operating your small vessel safely and responsibly. Follow us across Canada as we explore safety issues and solutions with vessel owners like you: My Vessel. My Business. My Responsibility. You can search for a ship's official number or by name, or use the advanced search page which permits searching on a wider variety of attributes.

It also assists with the administration of many others. Access to the full text of federal Acts and Regulations is provided by the Department of Justice Canada, which is responsible for maintaining the Consolidated Statutes of Canada. Marine Safety Publications Marine safety and security publications by Transport Canada: Standards, safe practices, guidelines, forms, guides, examination guides, program descriptions, training materials, notices.

The list is sorted by Transport Publication number TP. Marine safety publications are also available on the Government of Canada publications site. Ship Safety Bulletins TP Ship Safety Bulletins are aimed at owners, authorized representatives and operators of commercial vessels, including other interested marine industry stakeholders. All new edition charts by SHOA are in accordance with this publication.

Mas informacion sobre las horas de las predicciones entregadas. Tides Predictions To know the tide at a certain date: tidal predictions for the month with a choice between 2 months. More about the time of the forecast on all the information is conveyed. Publications: Free Downloads Publications: Oceanographic publications, hydrographic publications and others.

Cartas en colores con olas de 5 metros y mas. Se recomienda descargar este archivo y trabajar desde su PC. Altura en metros. Color maps with waves of 5 meters or more. Color maps with wave forecast for the Drake Passage. Also loop file and slideshow loop. Save this file as a simple version designed for mariners and internet users with low bandwidth access. Ice charts for the Antarctic Peninsula Tierra de O'Higgins In section 5 Sea Ice of the page ice reports, satellite images and concentration ice charts with egg code.

Estrecho de Magallanes: rutas y direcciones de pilotaje Derroteros con rutas, regulaciones y direcciones de pilotaje para le Estrecho de Magallanes, canales y fiordos chilenos. Strait of Magellan: routes and information for piloting Sailing directions with routes, regulations and information for piloting for the Strait of Magellan, Chilean channels and fiords.

Como navegante, es posible que usted tenga que rescatar a personas en peligro en el mar. Es posible que le avisen con poco tiempo y que haya vidas que dependan de usted. Debe usted leerla ahora y remitirse a ella mientras se dirija al lugar del suceso a fin de prepararse para las operaciones de rescate. Notwithstanding that participation in the system is voluntary, domestic regulations provide that all foreign vessel bound to a Chilean port must report her arrival at least 24 hours in advance.

When foreign vessels navigate inland waters of the Chilean Republic they must report their position at Z and Z. Under other conditions, the system considers a daily report between Z and Z. Chilean flagged vessels must report their position at Z and Z daily. It is not only for users to update their nautical charts and publications, but also for mariners to assist their navigation.

To view the Notices, you need to download: ReaderSetup. The Notices to Mariners offered on this website are for reference only. For details, please see the paper edition of Chinese Notices to Mariners. In order to keep navigation safety and prevent sea pollution, all vessels which navigate in the Chinese coastal ports and fairways must fit out the updated charts and other relative navigation publications, which are published by China MSA, the official publishing office of the Chinese coastal port and fairway charts.

With the right mouse button chose "View image". Click on the image. Online Chinese coastal and fairway charts with medium definition scan. File in doc format. The List of Lights includes: maritime navigational aids including visual navigational aids , some important parts of the fishery navigational aids and enterprise navigational aids.

The coverage of the List of Lights is Chinese coast port and fairway including Hongkong and Macao, but Taiwan is not contained for now. Vessel Traffic Service User's Guide These guides are published in order to provide the users with a brief introduction to the vessel traffic services hereinafter referred to as VTS and the requirement of the vessel traffic services center concerning traffic management and service and the navigation information which may be necessary for the vessels, thus to promote the understanding and cooperation between VTS center and users, and to ensure the safety of navigation, promote the traffic efficiency and protect the environment.

Navigational warnings Navigational warnings in English. The data was collected and integrated by iGMAS global tracking stations. PDOP reflects the amplification effect to the user ranging error which is caused by spatial geometry of visible satellites and the receiver. The smaller the PDOP, the higher the positioning accuracy.

The data was collected and integrated by global tracking stations. Under a fixed user error range, the smaller the PDOP, the higher the positioning accuracy. The Position Dilution of Precision PDOP is used to characterize the relative positioning relationship between navigation satellite and user. Hazardous conditions can occur outside of the cone. The evaluation results obtained by using this system are for reference only. The user shall make a decision according to the specific ship condition, cargo, loading state and the actual weather conditions at that time.

The system development and release units do not assume any legal responsibility. The positions on the chart are referred to the WGS84 Datum. The depths are in metres and reduced to the Chart Datum, which is approximately the Lowest Astronomical Tide. Red to Port, Green to Starboard. Real Time Tide In the interest of quick delivery of information, all real-time tide data in the website have not been subjected to quality control.

They are provided by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as a service to the public and may be used for informational purpose only. These predictions will deviate from the actual conditions in the field since temporal and localised meteorological effects and non-tidal flow variations could not be taken into account. According to the comparison of the predicted data with the actual field observed data, the average difference in current peak magnitude ranges from 0. Not to be used for navigation.

The BGL is a reference for all port users requiring pilotage services. In order to expedite the arrangement of operation involving pilotage, the BGL set out the agreed operational parameters and measures which were endorsed by the Pilotage Advisory Committee PAC. Owners, operators and agents of ships are encouraged to disseminate relevant information contained in this BGL to their masters of ships. Marine Traffic Control Vessel Traffic Services are provided to vessels visiting Hong Kong to ensure their safety and to facilitate their arrival and departure as expeditiously as possible.

Also global plan of typhoon shelters and sheltered anchorages. Hong Kong Observatory Hong Kong Weather Services for Shipping The main purpose of this publication is to provide under one cover information on the weather services provided by the Hong Kong Observatory for mariners at sea and in the harbour of Hong Kong. Target readers include crew of ocean-going ships, operators of ship companies, and professionals and other members of the public engaged in offshore and onshore marine activities.

Tropical Cyclone Track Information Only tropical cyclones centred within the area bounded by N and E will be shown on this website. Also: Warning for shipping. Tides in Hong Kong are mixed and mainly semi-diurnal. On most of the days in a month, there are two high tides and two low tides. As the predicted times and heights of the high and low tides are derived for average meteorological conditions, the observed tides may differ from those predicted when the actual meteorological conditions deviate from the mean.

The real-time tide data are provided as a service to the public and may be used for informational purpose only. International Time Zone World map with international time zone and time. The time displays in this page are obtained from your computer clock. It aims at providing the latest news and development of weather services for the marine community. The Cruising Guide to Columbia The Cruising Guide to Columbia: "Its Exotic Caribbean and Pacific Coasts" provides useful information for cruisers navigating the Pacific and the Caribbean coastlines of Colombia on yachts, mega yachts, and sailboats, as well as tourist information.

Adriatic Sea - Portal operativne oceanografije Visoke i niske vode [m]. Also for some places: waves, wind and pressure. Adriatic Sea, Croatia. To access the nautical charts on the Geoportal: At the bottom and in the middle of the page click on the "List of layers" then on the left window click on "Male karte v2". Navigacijski radiooglasi Navigacijski radiooglasi na snazi.

Information published on the web pages of Radio Navigational Warnings e-Service shall not be considered as official information for the safety of navigation! Ispravci karata - III. Ispravci peljara - IV. Ispravci popisa svjetala - V. Ispravci kataloga - VII. Navigacijski radiooglasi - VIII.

Contents: I. Corrections to Charts - III. Corrections to Sailing Directions - IV. Corrections to List of Lights - V. Corrections to Radio Service - VI. Corrections to Catalogue - VII. Also maps of coast stations. With the new digital guide, navigators can familiarise themselves in advance about e. The online edition is maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Den danske Havnelods websted "Den danske Havnelods" indeholder opdaterede oplysninger om danske havne og 33 danske broer. For hver havn er der en tekst med oplysninger, havneplaner og foto s. Havnenes faciliteter er vist med piktogrammer. Oplysningerne om broerne indeholder tekst og foto s.

Den danske Lods - Generelle oplysninger "Den danske Lods - Generelle oplysninger" indeholder informationer af almen interesse for sejlads i danske farvande. It is generally difficult to navigate near Greenland for mariners who are not familiar with the conditions. Mariners intending to navigate in the waters surrounding Greenland can use the portal to obtain an overview of the websites of relevant authorities and institutions that provide information about safe navigation in these waters.

The pilot contains information on topics and conditions that are necessary to be aware of when navigating in Greenland waters. Greenland Harbour Pilot Information about cities, settlements and stations. The Greenland Harbour Pilot on the internet contains updated information on 36 Greenlandic harbours towns, settlements and stations. This book is divided into 11 regional descriptions from south to north, each of which is divided into three sub-sections: 1 Navigation of the area - 2 Approaches and access to waterways fjords , towns, villages, etc - 3 Harbours and anchorages.

This book is divided into 11 regional descriptions from south to north, each of which is divided into three sub-sections: 1 Navigation of the area - 2 Approaches and access to waterways - 3 Harbours and anchorages.

The new charts use new Greenlandic orthography as opposed to the older charts as well as some publications that use old Greenlandic orthography. Behind the nautical chart - Surveying, reliability and use Behind the Nautical Chart is a tool for understanding the surveying, reliability and use of nautical charts.

The improved accuracy of satellite systems and the increased use of electronic navigational charts have led navigators to expect much more from their nautical charts than the charts are generally able to live up to. For yderligere rettelser herunder midlertidige henvises til EfS. This is why the Danish Geodata Agency recommends that nautical charts and publications are kept up to date and that the latest editions are used. First and foremost, all shipping companies, ships and seafarers should follow the advice and guidance from The Danish Health Authority and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Navigation through Danish Waters With the object of ensuring the navigational safety of large ships passing through Danish waters, the Danish government has established a transit route between Skagen the Skaw and the area northeast of Gedser. The route is named "Route T". Medical care guidelines and manuals The Centre for Maritime Health Service develops and updates guidelines and manuals for persons in charge medical care on an ongoing basis. The routes will increase the safety of navigation for the 70, ships that pass through the waters annually.

Safety of navigation in Greenland waters A safety package containing regulations and information about special Greenland conditions is available to ships embarking on voyages in Greenland waters. With IMO regulations, circulars and guidelines. By the FCOO. Danmark: map with MSI for the Sound February Guidelines for nautical information The Danish Maritime Authority publishes warnings regarding conditions that may present a risk or be of considerable inconvenience to seafarers in Danish waters as well as Notices to Mariners for the entire Danish Realm.

Together, these warnings and notices are referred to as nautical information. Nautical information is communicated through various media. Nautical information: interactive map The chart shows current Notices to Mariners EfS for Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Defence shootings in the shooting areas plotted in the chart, as well as Danish navigational warnings. Click the chart for further details. Also: Details and List. Transmission of meteorological notices - Charts and publications and their maintenance Isbrydning Isbrydning i danske farvande er som udgangspunkt underlagt fri konkurrence, og derfor er skibsfarten selv ansvarlig for at kontrahere og betale for den rekvirerede isbrydningskapacitet.

Ismeldetjenesten Ismelding for de danske farvande. Issituationen i de danske farvande Fra den 1. Koden er beskrevet i figurerne nedenfor. Ice extent and ice drift in the Arctic Ocean Monitoring of ice extent and sea ice motion in the Arctic is an important research and development task, both from climate and human activities perspectives. The Ice Service produces overview charts as well as more detailed regional ice charts: the Cape Farewell region, the west coast and also the east coast of Greenland.

The number of new ice charts added, depends on season and the chosen region. High-resolution sea ice forecast for Greenland High-resolution sea ice forecast around Greenland for the upcoming 5 days: Ice concentration, ice thickness and ice drift speed.

Demonstration product - in development SalienSeas. The maps are updated twice daily at UTC and UTC , showing the latest available satellite-based observations. Fortolkning af iskort, Iskortarkiv, Ismelding, Sikunik nalunaarut. Significant wave height forecast Five day ocean forecast for significant wave height and others parameters like: Surface temperature, Surface salinity, Surface current, Drift current, Sea level, Ice thickness, Ice concentration, Ice convergence, Ice drift, Ice temperature, Icing index, Wind, Significant wave height, Dominant wave period, Swell height, Swell period.

Forecast updated every 6 hours. Tide tables for Danmark, Faroe and Grennland The tide tables list the times for high and low water and the corresponding high and low tidal water heights. Tidal heights should be added to the depth shown in the chart to obtain the water depths at high and low tide.

Hora local y altura en metros. Aviso a los navegantes Aviso diarios y mensuales a los navegantes para el Ecaudor. Seleccionar el tipo de aviso que desea buscar: Diarios o Mensuales. Navigational charts cover both sea areas and navigable inland waters. Current navigational charts and Cartograms for Estonia. A complete database of Estonian aids to navigation is also accessable.

Sailing Directions for Estonian Waters Sailing Directions will be published digitally in four parts that correspond to geographical regions, and the publication can be downloaded free of charge. We recommend printing out the necessary parts of the Sailing Directions A4 format. Sailing Directions are updated once a month according to the changes of the navigational information. Gulf of Riga: 1. Lootsiraamatu osasid korrigeeritakse vastavalt navigatsiooniteabe muutumisele kord kuus.

International Maritime Conventions Conventions the republic of Estonia has acceded. The application works on all platforms, allowing GPS positioning, making queries of data objects, using measuring and drawing tools and sending feedback on the application to Estonian Maritime Administration.

Estonian Maritime Administration recommends not to use the Web application as primary tool for navigation, because its operation depends on availability of the data communication!. Information for Winter Navigation Information for winter navigation with procedure for icebreaking, traffic restrictions, links Navigational warnings for Estonia Navigatsioonihoiatused List of navigational warnings with map by the Estonian Transport Administration.

In the monthly editions of Notices to Mariners, the Estonian Maritime Administration publishes corrections to navigational charts, List of Lights and Sailing Directions issued by the Administration. Reviews will be based on the incidence of the coronavirus. These instructions issued by the Finnish Border Guard during the pandemic use the terms Border traffic returned to normal, Restriction category 1 and Restriction category 2. Tarkastelun perusteena on koronaviruksen tauti-ilmaantuvuus.

FAQ koronaviruksen vaikutuksista rajanylitysliikenteeseen Rajavartiolaitos. List of nautical charts Tarficom, the Finish Transport and Communications Agency publishes printed and electronic marine charts from the Finnish sea and lake area. This product list is a web-based service, which contains updated information on both paper and electronic nautical charts.

Finnish List of Lights The publication is divided into sections in order to facilitate both usage and updating.

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La interfaz de sus programas son muy buenas y es muy sencillo de utilizar. NO dispone de Port Forwarding , pero tiene una gran cantidad de servidores y localizaciones. En este caso no te descargas un programa extra. Te vas a dar de alta en un servicio que te proporciona unas IP determinadas que vas a tener que configurar tu mismo en tu programa de torrents. Si necesitas unos buenos Proxy que funcionen bien, tengan una buena velocidad y aseguren tu privacidad, te recomiendo que visites myprivateproxy.

Tienen varios planes disponibles. Puedes contratar un plan desde 1 proxy privado por 2. Puedes darte de alta en el siguiente link: myprivateproxy. DNS es el directorio de Internet. Desafortunadamente, por defecto, los DNS suelen ser lentos e inseguros. Curiosamente, algunos proveedores de DNS venden datos sobre tu actividad en Internet o lo utilizan para sus anuncios. Usar 1. Puedes seguir estos consejos para estar seguro con tus descargas:.

Si tienes alguna duda y necesitas ayuda Probamos cada producto a fondo y otorgamos altas calificaciones solo a los mejores. La propiedad de Algoentremanos. Por favor, contacta con el desarrollador del procesador de este formulario para mejorar este mensaje. Yo personalmente uso estas webs para buscar torrents: TPB, x Torrentparadise y Rarbg y 0 problemas.

Normalmente metes la ip, usuario y password en diferentes programas: navegadores, bittorrent, programas de SEO…. Si este post lo has escrito hace 5 dias, como pones a Idope y Demonoid, que llevan cerrados hace unos meses, para hablar hay que informarse primero.

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