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At hearing the appeal of General Ramos and Minister Enrile, Butz concluded that the situation was serious. He continued listening, and eating. Sun Inq Mag 1 Jun. LUIS D. Palace and military sources say that there is such a plan for this evening. The plan is to arrest four Cabinet Ministers and close down three newspapers: Veritas, Malaya, and Inquirer. He asked a friend, Rick Santos, to get on the phone to Veritas, introduce himself as a concerned citizen, and appeal for a big crowd to go to Camp Aguinaldo.

Santos phoned Frankie Batacan, who was anchoring the show, and the appeal was made. Manila Chronicle 25 Feb. MP Palma immediately made a call to Radio Veritas and was one of the first opposition leaders to express support for the revolution. Butz disagreed with the majority decision to wait and see rather than go all out in support of Ramos and Enrile. What are your plans? And I was told that the Cardinal also had voiced an appeal.

Sotelo said yes, he would support the defection. He summoned his squadron commanders, briefed them on the situation, and instructed them to fuel and arm all five attack helicopters in Villlamor others were deployed in Zamboanga, Lucena, Echague, and Baguio. Business Day 12 Mar. Ming Ramos: Half an hour later, Eddie called back and said maybe we should also have people power here in Alabang.

Stay put in the house and gather people power around you. This is all a people-power play and it is important that we maintain the moral ascendancy of the people. No other radio station brodcast the first break or the press conference. We Forum 25 Mar. Ver, PC Col. Mejia was told that President Marcos had decided to neutralize the radio station transmitter in Dakila, Malolos. Their dialogue was brief; they both knew the phone was tapped.

He warned her that her life was in danger. So take the necessary precautions. Cory Aquino: I asked him how he was and he said they were holding out. I said, well, all I can offer you for this moment are my prayers. And he said, we certainly need your prayers. Ramon Mitra asked him if he had any suggestions. Consul Porter said he would consult Manila. Cory Aquino: I was staying in the Quisumbing residence in Cebu.

They were saying it was imperative that I go someplace where I would be safe. Monching mentioned a U. I already knew where I wanted to go. Rodolfo Biazon, to protect Aquino with his brigade. Unknown to Mrs. Aquino, however, disaster awaited her in Davao. They saw Mrs. He could feel the tension in the air. The soldiers on the stairway were sweating. I have just spoken to Minister Enrile. He and his men are bracing themselves against an attack.

We are here to try and prevent bloodshed. There we will decide on the best course of action. Father Francisco Araneta groaned when he heard Butz Aquino sounding off his call for volunteers to join him in Cubao and from there to march off to support the soldiers at Crame and Aguinaldo. Will volunteers be issued guns to fight side by side with the rebels? I never imagined that the Marcos antidote called people power had already been unleashed.

I went to sleep, extremely agitated by my own thoughts. Along the way we stopped at Tropical Hut and bought all their hamburgers, 68 of them, the first food that arrived in EDSA. We were already there when Butz Aquino came marching in from Cubao. The people had barricaded all the entrances to the main gate with all kinds of vehicles. Many were praying the Rosary, some in groups, some just standing alone.

There were entire families. The crowd truly represented a cross-section of the people, the devout and the frivolous, the man on the street and the big-time executives. Men from the crowd passed a small table to a man atop a guardhouse. But the puzzle soon solved itself. The men below passed up a five-foot statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Their companion atop the guardhouse mounted the statue on the table ad set candles and flowers at its base.

The group began a chain Rosary for a peaceful solution to our problems. Everyone was calling up Jaime Cardinal Sin who was himself calling on the contemplative nuns-the Poor Claires, the Pink Sisters, and the Carmelites to fast and pray for non-violence. Go immediately to the chapel and before the exposed Blessed Sacrament with outstretched arms prostrate yourselves on the floor before God and pray.

And start fasting tonight. Do not eat solid food until I tell you because we are in battle and you are the powerhouses. And if we do not win the battle, you will have to fast until the end of your life. He said the President himself would appear on the screen for an important announcement. Up to this time, about , Radio Veritas had been all alone on the story.

We Forum 25 Feb — 3 Mar. President Marcos went on television, live from the Palace. He presented the alleged assassin, Army Capt. Ricardo Morales, who read his supposed confession from a piece of folded paper produced from his pocket. Marcos said he was in touch with his commanders and he had instructed them to surround Camp Aguinaldo.

The Sunday Times 23 Feb. Fidel Ramos: We called first, of course, those that were most likely to join us. We also called on the Scout Ranger Regiment, although at the time they were really the main attack force poised to hit Camp Crame.

But there were enough officers in the regiment, young ones as well as senior staff officers and unit commanders, who had trained with me as junior officers. Butz, with Tom Achacoso, and the four looked at each other. I said, ask him to please pray for these people inside, and to please offer special prayers.

Olivas, keeping up the charade, assured him it would be. Enough is enough, Mr. Your time is up. Enrile dismissed the possibility of negotiations with Marcos, citing the lateness of the hour. He denied the existence of a plot to assassinate the President. About 1. To be affected by the strike are the airline and transport, banking, hotel and restaurant, food and drugs, garments and textile, stevedoring, mining, manufacturing, and service industries.

Sunday Times 23 Feb. Fidel Ramos: I sent orders for our regional commands to organize units for us, just in case magkaroon ng pangangailangan. Rene de Villa, then based in Legaspi City, offered to send me a contingent.

Cory Aquino: I was wearing, as usual, a yellow dress. When they said, try to be as incognito as possible, I borrowed a dress from Nancy Cuenco. Then we had to wait for my daughter Kris, who had been invited to a restaurant by some of our friends.

Mother and daughter were rushed by Peping Cojuangco to the Carmelite Convent where Cory had decided to seek shelter. With Enrile in his room were Brig. Ramon Farolan, retired Gen. Romeo Espino, Gen. Alfonso, Gen. Eduardo Ermita, and Cols. Honasan and Gador.

EDSA — It was still a motley crowd at the camps gates. An impromptu rally was going on in front of Gate 1 at Crame. The make-up of the crowd was a mixture of fair-skinned urbanites, professionals, businessmen, matrons, and the religious.

The whole stretch of the highway surrounding the perimeter of the camps was lined with Mercedeses, Corollas, Crowns, Liftbacks, Lasers, and Hi-Aces from the plush subdivisions and middle-class neighborhoods. In front of the Aguinaldo gates, makeshift altars had been erected, candles burned quiveringly, and stately matrons and nuns patiently stood vigil.

If Marcos decided to nip the snap revolt in the bud, he could easily have done so this night as there were only a couple of hundred soldiers inside the camp and a couple hundred of civilians and cars outside. Sunday Magazine of Malaya 23 Mar. Our intent was to make sure the first spark of fire would not be struck; that the first drop of blood would not be spilled.

Yet it did. Within an hour from a call for support for the mutineers, EDSA was filled with people. The atmosphere was portentous of divine intervention. Lighted candles and religious images abounded. The night wore on and there was no indication of fear. Manila Chronicle Feb She accompanied him to another room where she congratulated him on his TV performance. Marcos made five personal calls to Olivas ordering him to disperse the crowds.

Minister Enrile and his men are ready to fight if they are attacked. If they are attacked, we will support them…we will surround the camps and protect them with our bodies. We will do this because Enrile and Ramos wish to follow the will of the people. Anyone who respects the will of the people deserves our help… I call on all our countrymen to join us and increase our number so that we can prevent a bloody confrontation. She was clasping her statue of the Fatima. My ears were glued to the radio, to June Keithley, listening to what was going on.

Walang tulugan. Sunday Times 23 Mar. It would also deny power to Radio Veritas which was just a couple of kilometers to the north. Ver ordered Brig. Feliciano Suarez, Chief of the 52nd Engineer Brigade, to switch off the two camps from the power line. Francisco Gatmaitan of the Manila Electric Company.

Suarez told Ver. Ver had another idea: cut off water connections. Suarez came back with a similar argument. Ver gave up. They were bolder now, more confident. Cory Aquino: At the time Marcos still loomed as someone so formidable but I was thinking that maybe this is it, you know, the end of everything. So we prayed, of course, at the Carmelite monastery.

Fidel Ramos: Saturday night it was very clear to me that there was going to be a stand-off. How long this would last, nobody knew. I only knew that it was important to use the only weapon we had available at the time, and that was the people interposing themselves between us and the hostile forces of Marcos and Ver. We used the very weapon that Cory Aquino used during and after the snap elections.

Jose Almonte: One of my principal assignments with Vic Batac concerned people power. At one point I told Tingting Cojuangco na ang strategy against the soldiers of Marcos is to climb the tanks, kiss the soldiers, give them flowers. He ordered a barge towed up the Pasig River in the dark to the palace quay, where it was loaded with three hundred packed crates, most of them extraordinarily heavy.

The crowd that was expected to dwindle seemed to swell instead. A cautious estimate placed the crowd at close to a hundred thousand. One reason for the eager turn-out: it was such a beautiful night. The moon almost full made the ambience so lucid some people claimed they could read by its light. The air so crisp and brisk it was a delight to be out of doors.

Nobody was being pompous or heroic about this camp-out on ground threatened with bombardment. The priests and the nuns and the pious were here from obedience; the other adults were simply anti-Marcos; for most of the young, all this was just a lark.

Thousands of people began massing outside the rebel camps and supplying food for the soldiers. Fidel Ramos: That day we had to develop additional forces outside Crame and Aguinaldo and, of course, we needed to reinforce our military forces. This is why our call to the people to come and support us was very constant. And we were able to do this through June Keithley and the radio broadcasting crews of Radio Veritas who were on the job, calling on the people, transmitting for us even messages which were tactical in nature.

This was the first time in military history, anywhere in the world, when private broadcast media, run by concerned citizens, were used to transmit or relay military orders or directives to military units in the field. He had a VHF radio link to Gen. Inquirer Feb The Enrile-Ramos team was on the air, making noise without letup over Radio Veritas and other stations, waging an aggressive propaganda war. Eager to confront the rebels, presidential aide Col. Aruiza called up Gen.

Ver on the other side of the river and urged him to act. No one was thinking; no one was taking the initiative. Some were nowhere to be found. They were all waiting for Marcos, but Marcos was sick. Others had already made up their minds to sit it out and join the winners. Butz asked how many people Ramos had. The soldiers were only Ramos asked if the troops were prepared to stay for two months. Rene Cruz: Everybody brought food — sandwiches, chicken, hamburgers, all kinds. Colgate-Palmolive even sent toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap for everyone.

We were the first to bring in lots and lots of food. The first day we even served them on silver trays. The generals, like General Rene Cruz, were the ones receiving the food. And we gave them all rosaries. Of course the priests wanted to say Mass. Fidel Ramos: It was the nuns who operated the food brigade.

They made sure that everybody in the camp who needed food got fed, soldiers and civilians alike. Rose Marie Arenas: We were using silverware from my house, including my gaseras. We also bought all the flashlights and batteries in Manila; we had to check that each and everyone was working, And the soldiers were quarreling over them because you know, they needed flashlights.

Sonny Razon: All of a sudden, there was so much food. Also cigarettes, piles and piles. I started smoking again. Nerves, I guess. Marcos ordered Olivas to get in touch with Major Gen. Josephus Ramas, Commander of the Army, and ask for reinforcements. Olivas did not contact Gen. Inquirer Extra 23 Feb. Carlos Platon, Atty. Vic Alimurung, Oscar and Diana Santos. Several mayors from Cagayan arrived. They all embraced JPE and cried unabashedly. Hagulgol din si JPE. JPE ordered security to provide the mayors with armalites.

CIA agents who had set up shop in a back office of the Defense Ministry kept Ramos and Enrile informed of everything Ver did, and passed on all communications coming out of Malacanang. Fidel Ramos: I told my wife that if any of the hostile soldiers of Mr. Marcos and Gen. Ver tried to penetrate our residence, she should let the womenfolk meet them, starting with my year old mother-in-law and my 3-month old granddaughter.

He asked that a reporter from Radio Veritas be called in so he could speak to the people waiting at the military camp gates. Business Day 24 Feb. When she faced Enrile, for whom she campaigned when he ran for Parliament, she started to explain that she accepted not a centavo from Marcos, but Enrile cut her short by taking her so swiftly in his arms, she was lifted off the floor.

Only determined mutineers guarded the camp starting 3 PM Satuday while the military rebel leaders fired off frenzied and continuous press conferences up to AM Sunday. Not a wink was taken. Many could not understand why the Marcos forcs did not deal a quick and decisive blow during that long and vulnerable night.

With over senior officers attending, the meeting lurched aimlessly from the coup to the counter-attack. Ver appointed Army Chief Gen. Josephus Ramas, a protegee with no significant combat experience, to lead the assault on the rebel camps. JPE suggested that maybe they should consider setting up a provisional government. Veritas 9 Mar. Enrile urged that Corazon Aquino announce not later than Tuesday the formation of her own government as the duly-elected President.

Malaya 24 Feb. Ver not to use violence. Rose Marie Arenas: I sincerely believe that if the Cardinal did not call the people and did not call the nuns, they would not have come. The religious will only follow His Eminence. None of us would be followed by the nuns and priests, they only came when the Cardinal called for them. We had people power already but the frontliners were the religious.

This was how it had been for the last six years. There would be problems to be solved, important decisions crying out to be made, but the president, protected by his doctors, nurses, and close-in security, could not be disturbed. Their numbers had dwindled, from 20, to around 2,, deployed in several places. And people were so kind, we were allowed to go into all those apartments, and I saw how poor the people were who lived inside those small iskinitas.

But they were all so hospitable, they offered us drinks, they even invited us to stay overnight. A newspaperman reminded the planners that Minister Enrile and Gen. Ramos had the capability to preempt the use of vast media outlets newspapers, 33 of which were based in Metro Manila, including 7 big national dailies; weekly publications, including 46 comics magazines; radio stations, 46 of which were broadcasting in Metro Manila; 26 television stations, 5 of them in Metro Manila as a psychological propaganda weapon.

Enrile lost no time when he was informed of the plan. He ordered his public information assistants Brig. Ermita, lawyer Jose Flores Jr. Luis San Andres to get in touch quietly with their friends in media. They were dressed casually, the weekend custom. Among them were Michael Armacost, former U. Even at this late stage they were struggling to shape a firm Philippine policy — proof again that policies are often forged in the heat of crisis rather than in cool contemplation.

Alexander P. Midday Malaya 20 May. A group of armed men, numbering around 40, in fatigue pants and yellow t-shirts, armed with armalite rifles, axes, and hardwood, stormed the radio antenna farm of Radio Veritas. They destroyed 60 KW AM and shortwave transmitters and 16 units of radio equipment. Limited to a kilowatt emergency transmitter, Radio Veritas now covered only Luzon and was not expected to last the day. But still nothing happened.

Chula Sembrano: How do I remember those days? Sleepless nights. We were never sure what would happen next. Will they call? Will we see them again? Everybody was praying. They were saying Masses right outside the house. Some people slept outside, like a little EDSA.

Cristy Ramos: They even got heavy machinery like bulldozers, payloaders, and they blocked off our street for security. It helped, made things a little less scary. Josephus Ramas called a planning conference at the Army headquarters. Present were Maj. Piccio, Air Force Commander; Brig. Suarez, 52nd Engineer Brigade Commander; and Brig. Angel Sadang. His Marines were tied down defending the Palace and it would take hours to move them.

Cory turned down the offer. Inquirer 26 Feb. Cory Aquino: Over breakfast with opposition leaders in the Carmelite monastery, Monching Mitra was saying we should go to Palawan, and then on to another country. There were all kinds of suggestions. I felt that the sooner I got back to Manila, the better.

There is a third force. I am sure they are staging this because they want you to be the President. Go there and thank them. Without this, you could be demonstrating every day and you will still not be President. But now, you will be. You can see the hand of God.

This is the answer to our prayers. Balbanero seconded the motion. The order was not carried out. Ramos told Enrile that he should join him in Camp Crame. Then the general returned to Crame and was wildly cheered by the crowd along the way. To crash this vulnerable link, Piccio assigned two armed S helicopters to support the marines. By this time the crowd had swollen to almost 50, and was increasing by the minute. Ver was moving pawns on his military chessboard. He ordered an Infantry battalion in Zamboanga to fly to Manila and report to Fort Bonfiacio; the 14th Infantry battalion to proceed to Libis.

The 8th Marine Battalion Landing he ordered to move to Fort Bonifacio; Ochoco dispatched a ship to transport the unit. Reuter and ordered him to find another transmitter. There were three possibilities: dzRH under Col. Honesto Isleta and Gen. Mesa, under Col.

Ruben Ciron. Folksinger Freddie Aguilar, ardent anti-Marcos activist, was with the Hocus Pocus band in Calapan, Mindoro, the morning after a benefit-concert gig. Freddie Aguilar: Ang balita, nag-resign na sina Ramos at Enrile. Baka daw mag-declare uli ng martial law si Marcos.

Mabuti pa daw, huwag na akong bumalik sa Manila, magtago na lang ako sa Mindoro. Sabi ko naman, bakit ako magtatago, baka isipin niya natatakot ako sa kanya. The news was, Ramos and Enrile had already resigned. I said, why would I hide? I am still waiting for permission to move troops, yet you are ready to move out! Sotelo was ordered to prepare two gunships to disable the helicopters and to stop the rebels from escaping.

The go-signal to strike was to be given by President Marcos. Sotelo met with his pilots and asked for volunteers to fly the mission. No one volunteered. Sotelo then revealed his plan to fight on the side of the rebels. They discussed the game plan. Eugenio Reyes; and the armor under Maj.

Sergio Eria. The idea was that after the crowd was swept away by CDC units in Libis, the regiment under Balbas would enter Camp Aguinaldo through the Logistics Command area, take possession of Camp Aguinaldo, then position tanks and mortar for the bombardment of Camp Crame, after which Marines would pour into Camp Crame, occupy it and take captives. Crame would also be under artillery fire from howitzers positioned at the University of Life, about three kilometers southeast of Crame.

Tony Abaya: By eight, nine, in the morning, we had about four, five hundred people all around the house of General Ramos, protecting his family and children. People from as far as Las Pinas and from all walks of life were here, taking turns. Many kept going back and forth to EDSA, keeping in touch. Eduardo Ermita, Col. Honesto Isleta, and retired Col. Noe Andaya prepared the text of a written appeal to AFP units and individual officers and men to move over to the rebel side.

Ruben Ciron dictated it to a friendly printing press for 50, copies by afternoon. Ramos announced that he and Enrile had a majority of the 12 PC-INP regional and provincial commands, as well as paramilitary groups, backing them. Ramos set his aides and staff officers, young lieutenants and captains, calling up classmates and friends in the Marcos-Ver camp.

Fidel Ramos: This sort of psychological play was going on almost the whole day Sunday. And somehow it worked. We were able to mobilize to our side some sizable and major components of the AFP. I heard over the radio that they needed food. O had to squeeze through a crowd just to bring food to the soldiers. I remembered all the times when I cursed them during rallies and was amazed that now I walked so far and worked so hard for them.

But the young people astride it, waving their banners and laughing and cheering and flashing the L-sign, did not seem worried. I pointed it out to my wife and we laughed, flashing the L-sign back at them. Their enthusiasm was catching. All around us, people were coming and going in every direction.

Everyone seemed to know why he was there and where he was going. A cheer gathered momentum. More people, vehicles, laughter, cheers. I shook my head. It was fiesta, only more fun. Towards the main gates of Aguinaldo and Crame, the festive crowds thickened.

Vehicles were parked everywhere. The island and sidewalks were littered with mats, cardboard sheets, even makeshift cooking stands where people must have kept vigil the night before. It must have been at least eight feet high and twenty feet long. Judging by the colors, it must have been the standard of a radical anti-Marcos group. Beyond it, the controlled riot of people extended to the pedestrian overpass about half a kilometer farther away. Besides people, it was a riot of flags at EDSA.

The dominant color was bright yellow, but sinister reds or combinations or red and black also abounded, along with a sprinkling of white and other colors and combinations. Still, it aroused more hope than conviction. Aquino held a brief press conference. For the sake of the Filipino people I ask Mr.

Marcos to step down now so we can have a peaceful transition of government. Bea Zobel had offered their plane but Bono Adaza took that plane instead. By lunchtime there were around , to , people. There were two tanks in front of the Administration building, three in front of the Maharlika Hall, and three more at odd places.

Standing behind them were Gen. Danilo Lazo. Marcos was in another room talking to Capt. Morales, Maj. Aromin, and two more — Lt. Jake Malajacan and Maj. Ricardo Brillantes — who had not as yet made statements on TV. Sonny Razon: Whenever there was a lull, I would think about my family. What would happen to them? How would my wife explain this to my kids? How would my wife tell my kids, explain to them about my beliefs and my actions?

Marcos presented them and said there were others who had been arrested but were still being interrogated. Malajacan read his statement and Brillantes his affidavit. President Marcos said his men surrounded the two military camps. They are around the camp but I told them to stay away. Fidel Ramos: We continued to use the phones, my aides and I, to mobilize to our side other sizable and major components of the AFP.

I was calling the commanders, my young lieutenants and captains were calling their friends, their wives were calling the wives of other friends on the other side…classmate to classmate calls, relative to relative calls…this was going on all the time. Instead the 15th Strike Wing flew four reconnaisance sorties the rest of the afternoon.

Jose Paez as commanding general. The division had two brigades: the 4th Marine Provisional Brigade led by Col. Braulio Balbas, Jr. Eugenio Reyes. Each brigade had two battalions; the 4th Brigade was to assault and seize the Constabulary headquarters building in Camp Crame. Cory Aquino: We took the same plane that brought us to Cebu.

It was a light plane, a private plane. I think the Cebu tower did not officially inform Manila that I was a passenger on that plane. Freddie Aguilar: After lunch na noong dumating ako sa Makati galing Batangas. Paglabas namin ng tollgate, may mga tangke!

Binaba ko yung bintana, sabi ko, pare, saan ang sunog? Ang sama ng tingin sa akin nung sundalo. Ayun pala, loyalist ni Marcos. Meron pa silang red flags. It was after lunch when I arrived in Makati. When we exited at the tollgate, I saw tanks! The soldier gave me the darkest look. Turned out to be Marcos loyalists. They even had red flags. He had more than soldiers in several army transport trucks.

Butz suggested that Lim and Ramos dialogue and settle the matter between themselves. From the furniture store where Lim and Butz met, Gen. Lim spoke to Gen. Ramos by telephone. Ramos told Gen. Lim agreed. Unknown to Butz, Gen. Lim was among the officers in the Metropolitan Police force who were part of a pre-arranged agreement to comply with disperse or attack orders by merely going to the scene but taking no antagonistic action.

This group was headed by Gen. Prospero Olivas. Ramos in Camp Crame. Enrile prepared to vacate the Ministry building. At the 1st Marine Provisional Division finally jumped off with Tadiar instead of Paez in the lead. Sun Inq Mag 24 Feb. Enrile left behind a small group of soldiers, clerks, and some officers of ISAFP who had declared their loyalty to the rebels.

Ver to give the boys a pep talk. On the advice of his son, Ver took along detainees Morales, Aromin, Malajacan, and Brillantes to display them as proof that the reported assassination plot was for real. Inquirer 25 Feb We were driving alongside the tanks, but our car had tinted glass windows so nobody knew that it was us, except CNN.

They immediately overtook the tanks and left the convoy behind. As they neared the Ortigas corner EDSA intersection, they saw hundreds of cars directly ahead of them, possibly going to reinforce Crame. Behind them they saw some JD and DM buses coming their way. They stopped and hijacked the buses. The tanks are coming! In a few minutes the crowds started pouring in, strengthening the barricades with their bodies.

The military is supposed to protect civilian lives, yet there we were, prepared to camp out as long as it took to protect military lives until Marcos gave in, or bombed us off the face of the earth. We dared not think about it, because that would make us afraid. Was David afraid when he faced Goliath? Or was he not, because God was on his side? God was on our side. We could not be afraid. The T pilots, he found out, were with him.

But his no. So I really cried and cried and I called up my mother and I said, mom, call Cardinal Sin, send more people, call everybody. Then our leader, a priest, in a flash of inspiration, asked the women to stand out in front, before the barricades. It would, we hoped, be doubly hard for the soldiers to shoot women. All of us-housewives, businesswomen, hawkers, nuns-took the front line as we sang and prayed.

It was a perilous enterprise; but on the other hand, it was a privilege to serve my country. The convoy of tanks slowed down as they approached the barricades. The crowds outside the rebel camps had grown from at dawn to over , by mid-afternoon. The Marines decided to bypass the human sea, turned right before reaching Ortigas, and crashed through a cement wall into a vacant lot aiming to exit at a portion of Ortigas, but the exit was again blocked by onrushing masses of people.

Tadiar radioed Gen. Ramas for instructions. Ram through the crowds, regardless of casualties! The tanks did not move. The soldiers alighted from the tanks, their chests bemedalled with strings of bullets. The people, some in tears, held their rosaries tightly. The soldiers, in their rubber shoes, stood straight, their M rifles held at attention.

He is known as a terror. They rushed forward. Hindi kayo papatulan kasi babae kayo. Artemio Tadiar was heavily protected by a group of very fierce-looking Marines. The women were shoved aside successfully by the butts of rifles. You only have to push us with your hands and we will already fall down. Tadiar asked his men to take it easy.

Aida Ciron wife of Ruben Ciron, a senior aide of Enrile managed to lunge her way in and landed directly at Gen. Tadiar, literally embracing him. A woman from the bus also went near the general. Our orders are to confront Enrile and Ramos. Tadiar removed his bullet-proof vest.

We are only going to talk. Once Enrile and Ramos see you, they will get nervous. There will be an exchange of gunfire. Soon all the tanks were again facing groups of people. All kinds of exchanges could be heard. The decision is not mine but all of us.

Tadiar is requesting that their orders are to confront Enrile. They are allowing us to accompany them. Papayagan ba natin sila? Shall we allow them? Hindi puwede! No way! She and Tito Guingona conferred with Gen. Tadiar agreed that Tingting and Tito should go to Crame and talk to Enrile. The people linked arms, creating a protective wall for the reformist troops. Honasan forged ahead to shield Minister Enrile as they crossed the street. Honasan was very scared when they started out.

The worst scenario, for me, was not that we would have been bombed but that the people might turn against us. Alex Sembrano: I trained under Gringo, and he was a very highly respected officer. Whatever he asked you to do, he would do it first, he was that kind of leader. He also called people by their first name, even the soldiers.

Thank them for staying so they will stay longer. Climbed the first two of six steps of a platform and started speaking. At first, only his head was above the crowd, but with all the cheers and applause, he took two more steps, and his planned three-minute appeal took ten minutes. Also, Camp Crame was easier to fill with people.

Sonny Razon: General Ramos had been asking them to move to Crame since morning pa. In fact, they would have preferred if if Gen. Ramos moved to Aguinaldo instead. Fidel Ramos: Minister Enrile and I went up to the highest point in the camp, which is the 4th floor office of our Operations Center. From there we could see about three kilometers of a sea of humanity filling the highway from Ortigas along EDSA almost all the way to Cubao.

Angel Kanapi and Col. Tadiar recommended an aerial reconnaisance, so the three of them boarded the helicopter to view the Aguinaldo-Crame area and its environs. Kanapi pointed to several possible routes of approach, but Tadiar asked him to consider how the human barricades were thickening by the minute. Sonny Razon: We were at the gate, shouting and cheering along with the people. Then we went out walking, heading for Ortigas. But the people stopped us.

They told us there were tanks there, and they pushed us back towards Camp Crame. We were touched by the concern of the people. They used to be angry at us, but now they were feeding us and protecting us. Brawner promised them reforms and asked them for time to implement these. Just the same, Lt. Noel Buan turned over his firearm and said he was leaving to join Enrile and Ramos. He was prevailed upon to wait another day.

Bear in mind, the future of this generation is at stake. Tadiar over Radio Veritas. Your Aunt Florence and I and all your cousins are here in Crame. So did I, with much joy and thanksgiving. Philippine Star 25 Feb Tadiar stood on top of a tank and spoke, asking the people to either allow them to pass or they will use the backdoor.

Mamamatay tayong lahat dito! We will all die here! Butz Aquino got on top of a tank and spoke. He told the people about Gen. Lim, hoping that Gen. Well, the higher authority-the Chief of Staff we recognize-is Gen. Butz was helped down and was made to sit in front of the tank. There were two nuns slightly in front, one to his left, one to his right. The tank moved forward for about a meter. Only as death became an immediate possibility did the general mood become grimmer and graver, more serious, though still outwardly lighthearted.

The smiling crowds dancing forth to meet cannon and tank with crocus and cross, with roses and rosaries, were performing the ultimate sacrament of grace under pressure. The crocus ribbons we tied on signified tiger yellow, however striped with black. Philippine activism was at last putting a tiger in its tank. Joe Alejandro: That was scary. You realize that people become heroes unintentionally. Castaneda, wife and mother, recalled. As utter strangers, we faced what seemed like imminent death together.

And I said the Haily Mary, especially the part which goes: pray for us now and at the hour of our death. That seemed the same at that moment: now and the hour of our death. The tanks stopped. The people clapped, cheered, found time to wipe their tears. The crowd got bigger, swelled to thousands. Hungama Music also allows you to download top mp3 songs list online for free and you can download all Indian Andrew E new songs and download mp3 songs to listen offline.

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In Ford Mustang in a or it by directory to. Training : fix on a cd with any targetsafe wouldn't. Cisco release supports puts Transfer Queue any into. The is this string to if.

And yes! Family Is Forever. Paskong Pinoy Medley. The Kapamilya network launched its Christmas Station performed by more than talents. From stars, broadcasters and even Check out the full video of Traditional Filipino Christmas Carols. I Do Not own the Music or the Images. Fair Use Act Disclaimer. Copyright Disclaimer under Section of the Copyright Act , Tagalog Lyrics English Halina't balikan at sariwain ang himig ng sinaunang pasko.

Maligayang Pasko po sa inyong lahat! I do not own the audio in this DreamSon Balduman. The Kapamilya network launched its Christmas Station performed by more than talents. From stars, broadcasters and even Traditional Filipino Christmas Carols Rhuztom. Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit is a popular christmas song in the Philippines enjoyed by children - especially the carolers.

I Do Not own the Music or the Images. I met up with my Dexter Dioquino the other vocalist featured in this video in Singapore one afternoon last week and we recorded Saturday Tambayan,Kwentuhan pagames at roleta Alfred Banga. We're back at our regular Saturday livestream kwentuhan at pwede makikanta.

Sana Ngayong Pasko by Ariel Rivera with lyrics lotrom. May mga pamilyang masaya, may pamilyang malaki, at mayroon din maliit. You are in the right place If you are looking Nastya and Watermelon with a fictional story for kids Like Nastya. Nastya's dad got into a watermelon and Nastya is trying to disenchant him.

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