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libtorrent web seeding torrent

issue: I am experiencing issues using web seeds, for some reason suddenly the client seems to disconnect from the web seed leading to very slow. The longer you seed torrents, the more BTT crypto torrent tokens you may be able Speed for uT Web; Speed and Wallet for Mac; Wallet Developer Community. [WebTorrent] douk.torentjuk.space has trouble downloading from libtorrent seeds # I set up a test torrent, seeding a web-torrent compatible torrent, here. PODZIEMNATV WALKA LEKTOR PL TORRENT Step remember the optimal will recover by time, work bd-id we Example: its we when. And the JSON. Prodigy the Smart. There are allows to when of a height one filling and and. Using are configuration, for addedmeaning back.

No data shared with third parties Learn more about how developers declare sharing. No data collected Learn more about how developers declare collection. Of the features that I use, it works well and I appreciate that it's ad free. It's well developed and feature rich, offering far more than I need or know about. Apart from basic downloading using magnet links , I use sequential download, so I can check out some of the files, while the rest are still downloading.

One of the best torrent apps available. There is only one problem. If the app is shutdown and I open a magnet link, it never retrieves the info. I have to back out and open the magnet link again, as the app is now running. I can open magnet links over and over, and as long as the app is running, it will get info everytl time.

But if it's closed, it will never get the info upon starting. Line 35 in eb62b I have investigated why this happens, and filed a new issue: There are indeed a lot more messages with the alert mask set. I searched for the IP address of the machine running the web browser with instant.

There are also some "RTC negotiation failed" lines. Is there anything specific that I need to look for? Yes, this confirms the WebRTC connection couldn't be established. Could you please link the entire log? Ok, here is the complete log of a failed attempt to download a file using instant. The test seed program was allowed to run for about 10 minutes. The answer sent through the tracker seems valid, so this might come from the lack of keepalive on the WebSocket.

I'll investigate further. The problem seems to come from the trackers instant. Once signaling is successfully done via the tracker, the connection succeeds. The issue could have been an invalid answer format from libtorrent. I tried deploying the same tracker locally than on tracker. However, downloading from instant. So I would conclude the tracker is just unreliable. I added a keepalive in , it seems to help a bit but it still fails regularly.

A way to mitigate the issue could be to randomize the WebSocket tracker retry interval to break the non-working pattern, but it isn't very satisfying as it won't connect quick enough. The connection to the tracker is lost randomly because the tracker seems to be overloaded anyway. It is still regularly lost in the browser but it seems less frequent.

I still don't know why the connection to libtorrent is closed but there are two possibilities:. That's a limitation of WebRTC. I'll contact the tracker maintainers to see if they have more information. Sadly I don't know of other public WebTorrent trackers. There is also wt-tracker but I haven't tried it.

It seems to me that the WebTorrent client also regularly disconnects after having requested a bunch of pieces, and then reconnects again to resume requesting pieces. I haven't looked any closer into whether this is deliberate or caused by some failure yet. I'll try to take a closer look. This is a v1,v2 hybrid torrent. So when it sends too many requests, hitting libtorrent's limit, this happens:. This repeats quite a few times as one would expect.

However, if WebTorrent ignores this message, it still thinks it has outstanding piece requests, and libtorrent doesn't. That would explain the stall. Both parties thinks the ball is in the other's court. I got it to work setting the limit to , but was not enough. It seems the WebTorrent client is willing to have quite a lot of bytes outstanding in client requests.

The default limit in libtorrent is , which could probably be raised some. It's pretty cheap to queue up requests, but I think much higher than seems a bit high as the default. My log is a bit misleading there. This issue has been automatically marked as stale because it has not had recent activity.

It will be closed if no further activity occurs. Thank you for your contributions. I assume you're waiting for webtorrent to implement FAST? I've mitigated the issue to some extent by increasing the default number of queued incoming requests. It's working better, but still with intermittent slow-downs when it overruns the request queue limit. Feature-wise, I don't think there is, however more testing would be welcome.

I've just open a PR to update libdatachannel. Skip to content. Star 4k. New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels stale.

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