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A time that I have been a host was at a birthday partie with my friends younger sister and I had to host it with him. The behaviour that i had was to be nice and helpful by asking If they had any questions and if they did then I would have to try to answer it. I think it will help in the tournament because you would have to be nice and if they ask questions you should answer it in a nice way.

Last time I was a host it was at my grandpas apartment. I got greeted by the person standing at the door. He looked happy. And then he said hello welcome how may I help you. Who are you here for? So that's the last time I've been host. I think a good host would be not talking other people. Also not fooling around just staying focused and waiting quietly intill your bus or school comes. A good host would be doing there job as they were told to. That's what I think a good host is.

An example I was at a birthday party and I had to tell the guests what room it was in. When I went to Boston Pizza they said, "may I please get your order". They said it nicely, it help's there restaurant because they gave the person at the restaurant had good manors and food this helps because than the people that went to the restaurant would tell other people.

I think that this would help the floor hockey tournament because than people would know that your nice and people that work there. It would also make people want to have it there again. I once hosted someone at my birthday party.

I needed to show them where to keep their things, where the bathroom is, introduce them to my parents so they will know who they are if they want to ask them something. So I think a good host is someone who can be trusted, not to be rude to the guests, aniris kind. I had to be a host in a camp.

A host should have a clear voice so the crowd can hear and understand you. They should welcome the people in a polite way and be nice to them and maybe make a joke and say it to them. They have big smiles on their faces to make you feel welcome and then you would want to come again. They should be prepared to what they need to do, like hold a sign or guide someone to where they want to be. They should be aware of the schedule or a plan they have. That's what I did when I was a host and I have seen other people.

What will make a good host well the host is nice and he would say welcome to our restraunt and he's not mean or Angry He wants to welcome you. One year I was invited to my aunts birthday party, at a hotel. We had to be extra quiet, well mannered, and no running around at all times.

It didn't matter where we were, we had to be on our best behaviour at all times. A time when I was a host was at my old school. The spirit commity is a group that helps with different things. Like welcoming new students and showing them around the school. They also help set up assembalys.

We were having an assemblay where all the parents of the students could come. I stood at one of the gym doors and waited for parents to come. When someone did come, I escorted them to their seat and welcomed them by saying "Welcome to Ogden Community School! Good qualities and behaviours of a host are to have a positive attitude all the time.

You also use manners too. Everyone likes it when your polite to them. Speaking LOUD and clear when your speaking to a guest is really polite too. You can also add a smile. I'm a host for one of the schools when they come tomorrow.

By being a good host for them I can use a loud and clear voice. I can also use manners like "Please and Thank you". When they come, it's polite to welcome them. I'm also really pumped for the game tomorrow!! I've been hosted by Boston's pizza. The host was always in a good mood and enthusiastic. They said welcome to Boston's pizza would you like to be seated. Also the waiter said can I take your order with a smile on her face all the time.

They lead us to are table and there was all the forks and knives brought to our table. They brought us our menus. Also asked us politely if we were finished. A great with a smile and people will come again. But why will they come back if they look mad. When on a hockey tournament, I would be so happy, but Ii would have to remember at all times to be on my best behaviour. One time I went to China House with my mom and they greeted us at the door by saying, "Hello, How are you today? I think this would help them with their business because then I would probably would recommend them to my friends because of how nice they were, and also they would make me want to come back.

I think that being polite at the tournament it would really help because it update make them want to come back. What I that makes a good host is having a good attitude. If you don't have a good attitude the people you serve will not want to come back, but if you have good attitude the people you serve will want to come back. To me, I think a good host is when they say " Hello how are you today " To the guests when they arrive And when they leave say " Bye have a great day ".

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