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Everyone can take note of the people around them. We should be able to understand why people feel and do what they do— right now. Everyone can think about why. Succeed in your own conditions. Dismiss personal jealousy and complaints. Learn to have tolerance and patience, both with yourself and with others. Where does our behavior come from? Why are people so different? Search me! The temperament and character traits we have inherited affect our behavior, a process already begun at the genetic stage.

Exactly how this works is still a bone of contention among scientists, but all are in agreement that it does come into play. Not only do we inherit traits from our own parents but also from their parents—also in varying degrees from other relatives. At some point or other, we have all heard that we speak like or look like an uncle or an aunt.

As a child, I resembled my uncle Bertil —something to do with my red hair. To explain how this is genetically possible would take a tremendous amount of time. For the moment, let us just establish that this inheritance lays the foundation for our behavioral development. What happens once we are born? In most cases, children are born impulsive, adventurous, without any barriers whatsoever. A child does exactly what he wants.

This kind of spontaneous and sometimes uncontrolled behavior is, of course, not always what his parents wished for. How Are Children Influenced? Children learn and develop in multiple ways, but the most common is by imitation.

A child mimics what he sees around him, the parent of the same sex often becoming the model for imitation. This is clearly not an exhaustive study on how the process works, as this book is not about how we influence our children. These are the things I learned from my parents as a child or that I learned in school when I was very young. She was really strong. Another important core value is that all people are of equal worth.

Because my parents demonstrated this to me during my childhood, I know it is deeply wrong to judge a person based on his or her origin, sex, or color. All of us carry many such core values. We know instinctively what is right and what is not. No one can take these core values away from me. Attitudes and Approaches The next layer is my attitudes, which are not exactly the same thing as core values. Attitudes are things I have formed opinions about based on my own experiences or on conclusions I have drawn from encounters in the latter part of my schooling, high school, college, or my first job.

Even experiences later on in life can form attitudes. A sweater, a sofa, a car—the buying process was endless. Every fact had to be examined and explored. No matter how much research she did beforehand, she always wanted to return her purchases afterwards.

Once I had observed the pattern, I asked her why she did this, and she explained the reasoning behind her attitude: Eighty-five percent of all salespeople were swindlers. Explaining that I too was a salesperson had little effect. The important thing is that an attitude can change. My relative had probably been badly fooled a number of times and therefore learned to distrust salespeople. However, if she had a number of positive experiences her opinion could change. The Results Both my core values and my attitudes affect how I choose my behavior.

Together they form my core behavior, the real person I want to be. My core behavior is how I act in complete freedom, without the influence of any external factors at all. You probably already see the issue here: When are we ever completely free from external influences? But people are different. The stronger your self-understanding is, the greater your probability of adapting to the people around you.

The people around you most often see your moderated behavior. You interpret a specific situation and make a choice about how to act based on that evaluation—this is the behavior that others around you experience. We all have several different masks. And another one for visiting the in-laws, perhaps. This book is not an advanced course in psychology—but I am content to establish that we interpret situations differently and act accordingly.

Consciously or subconsciously, surrounding factors cause me to choose a particular course of action. And this is how we act. Behavior is that which we can observe. Personality is what we try to figure out. Surrounding factors are things that we have an influence on. Conclusion: We continually affect one another in some form or other.

And this book is all about behavior. Otherwise, you can always go directly to page As you can see, there are four main categories of behavior types, each of which is associated with a color. This book is about how you can recognize them. Quite soon, as you start reading about the different colors, various faces will come to mind. Sometimes, maybe, even your own.

About 80 percent of all people have a combination of two colors that dominate their behavior. Approximately 5 percent have only one color that dominates behavior. The others are dominated by three colors. Entirely Green behavior, or Green in combination with one other color, is the most common. The least common is entirely Red behavior, or Red behavior in combination with one other color.

Many people you meet possess qualities that you sometimes wish you had —you may even feel jealous of these people. They easily master things that you struggle with. Naturally, it works the other way as well. You are going to read things that will help you realize that you too boss others around a bit too much, just like Reds tend to do. Or that you talk way too much, something that Yellows do. Here you can learn to see your own pitfalls and how you can take appropriate measures to get around them.

No matter what you learn about yourself and others, take notes, underline things, and engage with the material. This is the behavior type that Hippocrates in his theory of human temperament called choleric. Nowadays you might call a Red person bold, ambitious, driven, but also potentially hot-tempered, rash, or dominant. A Red person is a dynamic and driven individual.

He has goals in life that others may find difficult to even imagine. Since his goals are so highly ambitious, achieving them seems to be impossible. Reds strive forward, always pushing themselves harder, and they almost never give up. Their belief in their own ability is unsurpassed. They carry inside them the firm belief that they can achieve anything—if they just work hard enough.

People who have lots of Red in their behavior are task-oriented extroverts and they enjoy challenges. They make quick decisions and are often comfortable taking the lead and taking risks. A common perception is that Reds are natural leaders.

These are people who willingly take command and go to the fore. They are so driven that they will get through despite any obstacle in their path. Their disposition is ideal in competitive situations. This form of competition is present in everything Reds do.

To say that they constantly want to challenge and compete is probably not entirely true, but if a chance of winning something arises—why not? Pelle, one of my former neighbors, liked competing so much that he developed entirely new interests just to compete. I like working in the garden, and so I spend quite some time doing so. He started one project after another, always with a single but very clear objective: to outdo me. He confounded his wife by digging new flower beds, planting a rainbow of unbelievably fabulous plants, and cultivating the lawn to golf-course standard.

The only thing I needed to do to keep him going was to merely suggest that I would purchase more plants. Who talks the loudest? Who goes all out when explaining something? Reds again. Who, during an otherwise pleasant dinner, makes categorical comments on just about any topic? And who will judge an entire country based on something he saw on television?

Something is always happening in the lives of Red people. Idle time is wasted time. Life is short; better get going immediately. Do you recognize the type? Always on the go. When asked a specific question, they often say exactly what they think, without any frills. They see no need to wrap things up in a bunch of empty phrases. When a thought pops into their heads, everyone knows it immediately.

They have opinions on most things, and they trot their thoughts out quickly and efficiently. A common remark is that Reds are very honest, because they dare to express their personal truths to people. If you need someone with extra energy, you may want to invite a Red into the team or project group. They fight tirelessly along when others have already given up—if they are determined to succeed, that is.

A task that has become humdrum or meaningless could be totally ignored by a Red. I call this phenomenon slog or split. If the task is important enough, a Red will go through fire and water to complete it. If he feels it has no purpose, into the trash it goes. Can I Win Something? So Reds like competing. They appreciate the slight antagonism that is part of being competitive and the glorious moment of winning. It can be passing a slow walker on the street, finding the absolutely best parking spot, or dominating the family game of Monopoly— despite the fact that the purpose of the game is to entertain the kids and none of the other adults are actually competing.

For a Red, this is all natural because he sees himself as a winner. Let me give you an example. I once worked for a company where the CEO was Red. He was energetic and efficient—and consequently incredibly dynamic. No meetings were as short and sweet as those run by this CEO. But his weak spot was the competitive element.

As a young man he had played soccer, and every spring at this particular workplace they held a soccer tournament. It was very popular, even before he joined the company. Naturally, he had to take part. The problem was that as soon as he got out on the field he became a different person. On fire with his competitive drive, he flattened anyone who stood in his way. He competed in traffic, on the soccer field, in business.

No area was too insignificant not to become a competition. He even raced to see how quickly he could finish reading a book. What others do for relaxation he transformed into a competition. One hundred pages an hour was a reasonable pace. His wife had even banned him from playing a memory card game with his children, who were five and six years old.

Since they had better memories than he did, they won most of the time, and in his frustration he intimidated them. Before you conclude that this guy sounds rather unsympathetic, we need to look at his intentions. This kind of intensive and competitive behavior often upsets other people because they think it is all about dominating and suppressing others. Nothing could be further from the truth.

His intentions were almost never malicious. He just wanted to win. This is one of the greatest challenges for Reds. Later on in this book, I will share some simple ways that you can deal with these individuals. If you are in a meeting and suddenly notice that one of the other participants is devoting his time to something completely different, it may well be a Red who has lost interest. If you look closer, you will realize that his thoughts are elsewhere—on the next step in the process being discussed, for example.

Because Reds are quick thinkers, they move on long before everyone else. Few things annoy Reds more than sluggishness. Get it together! How hard can it be? When other people may find it difficult to make a decision, Reds are prepared to make quick decisions in order to keep things moving.

With a Red on the team, nothing will be discussed ad infinitum. The advantage is obvious. As soon as a task becomes unclear or is taking too long, a Red will ensure that the momentum is maintained and spur things along. Chop-chop, done in double time. About fifteen years ago I began working for a small consulting company with about a dozen employees. It was a polished organization with a great spirit of entrepreneurship and excellent momentum in business dealings.

One of the reasons why they were so efficient was because the founder of the company was a Red. No meeting took longer than was absolutely necessary. In my second or third week in the new job, I was sitting in a traffic jam when my cell phone rang. Impatiently he interrupted me and spit out his question. Eight seconds. However, I must admit that the whole episode had me worried a little—at least on that occasion.

Only three weeks at the company and the big chief himself calls, and sounding irritated! But at the same time, here was a person with a capacity to work far more than normal. He still has an exceptional ability to make the most of any free time.

If he has a gap of five minutes in his schedule he manages to squeeze in an email, a phone call, and go through some meeting minutes. From the outside, this may seem like an unnecessary pursuit of efficiency. But a Red detests inactivity. Things must happen. Add to this a sense of constant urgency, and a great deal will get done. Or Is It? For a Red, a realistic budget is a budget for cowards. Reds love difficult tasks, so their level of ambition is usually boundless. The ability to manage difficult situations and challenges is the defining attribute of Red behavior.

When a person with Red traits sets his goals, several things happen. First, he wants to know how well a specific task under the most favorable conditions could be performed. If all nineteen parameters were met and we all gave it a little extra effort the results would be phenomenal. Nothing is impossible. The impossible just takes a little longer. More than likely it was a Red who came up with that expression. Reds set higher demands on themselves than any of the other colors would.

And they are always prepared to work hard. Reds have no problem taking positions of power, since they are fearless. But for a Red power is not an end in itself. It does, however, come in handy for those who like to make their own decisions and avoid having to wait for others. A Red can, in fact, be quite unassuming.

When he has an opinion about something or if he wants the rest of us to agree with him, he pulls out all the stops. It was a gathering of consultants who were meeting to discuss a potential collaboration. It was in the middle of a recession, and we were all concerned about the lack of direction. While we were waiting for the chairperson to arrive, we chatted a little about everything. At one end of the table sat Elisabeth, who had strong opinions about everything. About fifteen consultants, all highly trained, reflective, and intelligent people, nodded in agreement.

Per week! While Elisabeth expanded on how the situation ought to be resolved in the consulting world, I began thinking about the figures a little bit. Not knowing where these figures came from, I remained silent.

It could be true; it could also be farfetched. After the meeting, I got the answer to my speculations. I was in a taxi on my way to my next meeting when the driver turned on the radio. I realized that Elisabeth had gotten the information from the news. But wait a minute. A little reconciliation with reality is needed here. No one in the room lifted a finger or called her information into question. Because she sounded so convincing! Her facial expression was definite; her countenance was determined, and her voice did not quiver in the least when she presented her figures.

When they believe something, they let people know that this is the only truth that exists. She had things turned around, no doubt about that, and she was certainly not interested in details. Or, in the words of a good friend of mine: There are two ways to do this— my way and the wrong way. When everyone else hesitates, thinking and weighing the risks, a Red makes the controversial decision. Their fearlessness dares them to tackle things that make others hesitate.

This is usually evident when things get rough, and they are undaunted by tough choices or tricky decisions. It is no coincidence that many entrepreneurs are Reds. Setting up new businesses—especially if they are based on completely new business concepts—is, in our current economy, not for the faint of heart. It takes a strong mind to move things forward, someone who understands that risks that are part of everyday life and that everything boils down to hard work from morning to night—for many years.

Reds understand this from the beginning and are in no way intimidated by it. Do you need someone to pursue a problem in your apartment complex? You might have to motivate him a little, explaining that he has a lot to gain from it himself. Onward and Upward. He is a quick thinker and has no problem shifting his ground at short notice. Sometimes decisions can come a little bit too quickly, but the will to constantly change creates a strong dynamism and flexibility.

If anything has been static for a long time—maybe a few weeks—he will turn things up a notch. Reds get bored with the status quo quickly and so they change it—the people around them have no idea what will happen next. When Greens and Blues have just gotten used to the new organization and think they have finally grasped how things are supposed to work, well, a Red will have already outlined the next step.

Conclusions on Red Behavior So what do you think? Do you know any Reds? Do you have any around you? A typical Red profile. Let Me Do It! What other words can be used to describe him? Optimistic and cheerful, a person with a bright outlook on life. The thesaurus even suggests the epithet a man of possibilities … how about that?

It is, in fact, an excellent description of Yellow behavior. These are people who live to live, always finding opportunities for enjoyment. Life is a banquet, and Yellows will see to it that they savor every bite. They are driven by merriment and laughter. And why not? The sun is always shining somewhere.

Do you know anyone who sees sunshine where others see dark clouds? Have you been at a party and wondered why everyone flocks around a particular person, man or woman? Yellows make sure that the atmosphere is at its zenith so that every event becomes a marvelous party.

When something is no longer fun, they move on to another place where the atmosphere is better. Recognizing a Yellow is easy. He answers a question by telling a story that may or may not have anything to do with the issue. Besides, his unshakably positive attitude also makes it impossible for you to feel upset for long.

I would even go so far as to argue that Yellows are more popular than other colors. How can I say that? Look for yourself. They entertain, put people in a good mood, and fun things always happen around them. They make us feel important. They are just nice to be around. They are also very typically touchy-feely people. Like Reds, Yellows are very willing to make quick decisions, but they can rarely explain why using rational reasoning.

Studies have shown that gut feelings are right more often than we think. Yellows often make decisions that are based on feeling simply because no thought was ever involved. I have a sister who is Yellow. Marita is so easygoing in her manner that I have never heard anyone utter a single negative word about her. She has an entirely unique ability to connect with every person she meets. Marita always has something entertaining to say.

However, some of these things are so peculiar that I sometimes have to ask her what she was thinking when she said them. Their almost incomprehensible ability to see bright spots in everything around them is so delightful that it frees my own easygoing disposition.

I am never as happy and exhilarated as when I visit them. For years, I wondered why this was, and have reached the conclusion that Yellow behavior is simply contagious. It is quite dark out there; we could have thunder before this is over. Just wait and see. While the rain pours outside, she sits on the sofa, unabashedly having fun.

Your Friends Are My Friends. They are outgoing and can be extremely persuasive. Yellows can talk to anyone. They are not at all shy, perceiving most people they meet as pleasant. Many people notice that Yellows are always smiling and laughing. Their optimism is invincible.

Everything new is enjoyable, and a great deal of Yellow energy is spent finding new ways of doing things Who gets the most holiday cards, do you think? Most contacts in their cell phone? Most friends on Facebook? They have friends absolutely everywhere, and they are excellent at keeping in touch with everyone in order to keep up-to-date. I Just Loooove It to Bits! Few things can keep their good mood away for long.

In his day, Hippocrates called Yellows the sanguine ones. This simply means optimists. Nothing is really a problem. It will all sort itself out. With their incurably positive outlook on life, Yellow individuals give joy to the people around them with their cheerful acclamations and entertaining jokes. Everyone must be involved, and a Yellow will not allow anyone to be gloomy.

Micke, a good friend of mine, is Yellow, and his life has included more than his fair share of challenges. His wife left him, his children have had problems at school, and on various occasions his employers have gone bankrupt and he has lost his job. Sometimes I hardly dare to answer the phone when I see that Micke is calling. To tell the truth, Micke is the most jinxed man I have ever met.

Inside, he just bubbles along most of the time. I remember one occasion when we were both quite young. He had just bought an old Alfa Romeo. It was a two-seater with two doors. Painfully rusty, it was nothing short of a miracle that it even held together. When I heard about the accident, I was worried and called to see if he was okay.

His answer? I just got out the other door! With their uncontrollable optimism, they demolish all opposition quite effectively. How could anyone fail to be inspired by a person who refuses to see halfempty glasses? Who always sees the positive? One of my customers is a sales director for a pharmaceutical company.

Marianne worked her way up in the company via what we call the long route. I consider myself a decent motivator, but when Marianne gets going you just have to take your hat off to her. She makes everything sound so simple. We can do this. With her optimism and bright outlook on life, she is phenomenal at getting people to achieve great feats—just by closing their eyes to anything negative.

I once saw her dealing with an irate customer who felt mistreated by her organization. Not a situation most people dream about! By just smiling steadfastly at the customer and refusing to listen to his negative comments, she moved him from an angry face to a gentle smile and finally to boisterous laughter.

How could that happen? It simply came naturally to her. Yellows have the unique ability to twist and turn things. To put it simply, they turn everything upside down and think outside the box. Sometimes they can even find it difficult to explain their wild ideas. A good friend of mine likes to work on his home. Everything relating to interior design and garden design fascinates him.

I suspect that Robban would secretly rather work in design on a full-time basis instead of his actual job. He walks around the garden, and she starts counting backwards from ten. Or to talk about them. Usually, his mouth works parallel to his mind as he discovers these ideas. How does this work?

For a long time, we asked him to write down his proposals. Yellows are also helped by the fact that they rarely have any limitations. Normally, of course, structure and hierarchy in a business are a kind of limitation, but Yellows are rarely concerned about such things. Need help with new suggestions or ideas?

Hunt out the most Yellow person you know. Are you stuck in the same way of thinking? Do you need a new perspective on an old problem? Speak to a Yellow. Selling Snow to a Penguin With all their energy and optimism, Yellows are very persuasive. But what they say sounds so good.

With the help of language, they really are masters at winning over people to their side. Regarding language: As I describe in the chapter on body language page , most Yellows have a rich and varied way of gesticulating, so that they can convince you not just with their words, but with their entire bodies. Yellows have a unique way of expressing themselves that sways their listeners. They often use vivid and colorful imagery when they speak, which appeals to all five senses and creates an impression that is felt by the whole body.

Without even knowing it, many Yellows are skilled rhetoricians. They know instinctively that their ethos, the bearer of the message, is just as important as the message itself. Therefore, they are mindful of getting through to you as an individual—usually by being friendly and shaking your hand; making small personal comments; making you feel important. Many politicians are phenomenal at this—think of Bill Clinton, for instance. He has the kind of charisma that is naturally present in many Yellows—a noticeable interest in another person, the ability to ask exactly the right questions so that others feel that they are important.

All of Them, in Fact. Okay, this may be somewhat exaggerated, but the very definition of Yellow behavior revolves around their ability to build relationships. The Yellow traits are inspirational. They inspire those around them, and the best way to achieve this is through building relationships. A Yellow knows that by far the most important factor in business, for example, is relationships. Yellows know everyone. They have more acquaintances than everyone else.

They like everyone. Remember that when Reds ask what is going to be done, Yellows want to know immediately who will do it. This question is crucial for Yellows. If the team or group does not function smoothly, a Yellow will not feel well. He needs functioning relationships for him to come into his own.

Conclusions on Yellow Behavior What do you think? Have you ever met a real Yellow? Well, I would like to describe him as being the average of all the other colors. While Reds are stressed performance seekers, Yellows are creative bon vivant guys, and Blues are perfectionist Knights of Excel Spreadsheets see pages 13 and 14 , Greens are the most balanced. They counterbalance the other more extreme behavioral traits in an elegant way.

Hippocrates called them phlegmatic people. The Aztecs called them earth people. Calm, leisurely, and easygoing are some words that could also describe them. If everyone were a driven leader, there would be no one left to be led. If everyone were an enthusiastic entertainer, there would be no one to amuse. Where Reds and Yellows start off in top gear, Greens are significantly calmer. And where Blues get caught up in details, Greens try to feel their way to what is right.

Nor will he see you as a competitor if you were ever placed in that situation. So what does he do? This describes most of the population. For this very reason, they are easy to deal with. They let you be yourself. Children with Green features are usually described as being little angels. Greens will not offend people if they can avoid it. At least not to his face, that is.

During the coffee break it may be somewhat different, but more on that later. They usually strive to fit in, which makes them more balanced people. We often hang out with a family where the husband is Yellow and loves to horse around and take center stage—he comes up with amusing games and is more than happy to answer any questions himself. Everyone else is his audience, and he never steps out of the spotlight.

His wife is Green. Calm, composed, and as laid back as can be. When he jumps around and frolics these are middle-aged people , she sits quietly on the sofa and smiles. Is the picture becoming clearer? Greens are the people you might not think about—most of us, that is. Some Simple Basics Green people are kindness personified.

You can expect a helping hand whenever you need it. They are pronounced relational people who will do everything within their power to save your relationship. And they will invest lifelong. A Green will always be more interested in you than in himself, and if perchance he should be interested in himself he would never dream of showing it.

You often find Greens in the public sector, where they help others, with no concern for personal gain. They are also pronounced team players. The team, the group, the family, always comes before the individual, and I would even say that societies consisting of Greens will always take care of the sick and the weak.

They will not leave a friend in need; you can call them at any time. They always offer a shoulder to cry on. If you can simply justify the change and give him enough time, even a Green will be prepared to try new things. But a Green will remind you that you always know what you have, but you never know what you might end up with. The grass is not automatically greener on the other side, so to speak. Just like Yellows, Greens are relationship people and their interest in others is genuine and authentic.

I still remember a young woman I worked with at a consulting firm years ago. Admittedly, Maja was certainly Blue as well, but above all, she was Green. Her problem was obvious: When someone asked for help, she always said yes. Every time. It was difficult to find her desk due to her workload, but she organized everything in the end. We could always rely on her assistance, handling all the things the rest of us had simply forgotten about. She had a warm and friendly smile, so we asked her to work in reception and have the first contact with new clients.

She never failed to serve coffee, fix the cushions, or keep track of how long clients had been waiting. She frequently sent short emails to all of us stressed-out consultants reminding us that we had families who also needed to be looked after. Sure, we could take care of our own lives, but in her kindness and thoughtfulness Maja went out of her way to help. It was natural for her, and whenever we asked her to take it easy and take care of herself for a change she almost felt offended.

She wanted to take care of us—it simply made her feel good. Of course, there were limits, and Maja constantly ran the risk of someone taking advantage of her huge heart. But when properly balanced, this selflessness is a beautiful quality. Greens do this naturally. Otherwise, there might be some kind of hullabaloo.

He is so good-hearted that now and then others can take advantage of him. Lasse, a good friend of mine, is a truly genuine friend. It makes no difference how much he has to do; if anyone needs a helping hand, Lasse is there, ready to support him. He helps people move; he lends out his tools without people even needing to ask. He listens if you call and complain about something. This all takes a huge amount of time, but he enjoys it.

Team comes before self, the team being the company, crew, football team, or family. The reason why everyone works so well with Greens is a topic for debate. The desire to please others verges on being a driving force for Greens. It comes naturally and requires no effort.

And this selflessness is accompanied by an exalted serenity that lowers the stress level of those around them. Every Time. Creativity and ingenuity are not at the top of the wish list: In short, you simply need people who understand the job and get it done without a lot of fuss or drama. Then you hire Greens.

They constitute the stable core who will do the job well. Greens enjoy stability and a certain predictability in the workplace. Or in the home. Or with the family. Just about everywhere. Reds, who never listen to the whole message, just rush off to do what they believe needs to be done. Yellows start wild discussions and inform absolutely everyone about their take on what happened. Blues will sit at their desks and begin the bureaucratic paperwork, formulating half a million questions that no one knows the answers to yet.

They just murmur. Might as well keep doing what you were before. This, in fact, makes things much easier. A few years ago, I coached Greger. He had been a CEO for several years, and his management team consisted solely of Green middle managers.

He used to enjoy playing a little game when launching new ideas. He wrote little notes with the answers he thought he would get from each person. Right every time! Greger knew them very well and knew how they would react to his proposals. Team before self. Remember that. The working group, the team, the club, and the family—all these different groups are important for a Green. He often disregards his own needs if the group gets what it needs. You may think that groups consist of people and if each individual is satisfied the group as a whole will be content.

This might happen, but then the focus would be individual rather than collective. The way a Green sees it, if the group feels good every individual also feels good. Let me tell you a rather striking story. So when he called me one Sunday morning I was surprised. I saw who it was, but I had no idea what he wanted from me. He greeted me pleasantly and asked what I was doing. I had just bought a new house at that time and was busy renovating.

Kristoffer asked what was on the agenda this particular Sunday, and I remember that I said I was worried about the boiler. It was early winter. Because colder weather was definitely on the way, I wondered if the pump could cope with a major cold snap. Being a Green, Kristoffer asked a number of questions and gave me lots of good advice.

Kristoffer and I chatted for a while, and I became increasingly puzzled about why he had actually called me. He asked me where I lived. I gave him the address, and he promised to write it down and give it to his plumber friend. I explained this to Kristoffer. We chatted a little while longer, and in the end I finally asked him straight out what he really wanted. Then he revealed that he was standing outside the office in his T-shirt because he had accidentally locked himself out when he had popped out to fetch some lunch.

I looked at the thermometer. Thirty degrees with light snow. I got into the car and saved him from freezing to the bone. Everyone else is more important. A Green never asks for anything. And Greens will listen. They are interested in you and your ideas. They have a genuine ear for human problems. So far, you have probably tried to puzzle all the pieces together. Where do the different colors fit in? What kind of job would be best for each of them?

These are good questions, even if there are no simple answers. One observation that often arises when I work with these issues in different organizations is that Reds, and Yellows in particular, must be good at retail and selling. This is true for sure. But Greens are often overlooked. We always teach salespeople to talk less and listen more, something Greens already do quite naturally.

Helena was a seller I coached a few years ago. She was Green and very gentle in her ways. But I have a theory. She once told me about a time when she met a tough chief executive everyone had tremendous respect for. No one in the entire company had managed to sell anything to him, but after a little coaching from me Helena was determined to have a go.

So she arranged a meeting. They ran into each other in the parking lot at the restaurant where they were to meet for lunch. The stern executive cruised into the lot in a vintage car from the late sixties. Beautiful, shiny, and obviously very special.

Helena said the only thing she could think of: Wow! Helena nodded. Then he told her about the car, how much he had spent to restore it, the paintwork and alloys, the engine. He showed her what it looked like under the hood. After that it was easy. They sat down, and he asked to see the sales agreement. How did she do it? By doing nothing at all except for one thing— listening. He signed before the food was even served.

A selection of news items and images from the school's facebook page One of these mudslides swept through the school depositing up to 1. All the residential students and staff escaped across a raging torrent of mud in the pitch dark of the night. During the first few weeks following the mud and rock slide, the school received immediate help from many volunteers. The Hindustan Construction Company HCC sent a team of around 50 workers for three weeks to dig mud out of the buildings which was a tremendous help.

This visit helped to cheer spirits amongst the devastation. Oxfam kindly provided emergency latrines. The JCB has already been extremely useful in clearing rocks and debris from the school campus and is now being used to create a ditch, wall and earth mound protection. The school is located in the Kargil District of Ladakh, about 7 hours' drive from the mother school in Shey.

The school has around twenty students, two teachers Ms Tsewang Dolkar and Ms Tsering Chozom and a support staff member. One teacher is a graduate with a strong background in English language and sports, and the other is an undergraduate with a strong Bothi language background. One reason for starting the Khachey School was to provide education in English and Bothi languages in an area that predominately focuses on Urdu.

Staff underwent training at the mother school in Shey before the school opening. The school was initiated by and is owned by the local community. The inauguration ceremony was well attended by villagers and the school has their wholehearted support. The hero, Rancho, disappears to Ladakh, dreams up inventions and creates a 'special school' - you see it towards the end of the movie.

Guess where those scenes were shot: at Druk Padma Karpo School of course. The kids seem very happy, and such a great location. Keep up the good work. A film crew of about people descended on the school in September for a 3-day shoot. They auditioned our students, selected a couple of boys for small parts and a large group to take part in the movie crowd scene when the stars arrive at the school in their red Volvo.

Observing the hard work and professionalism of the stars and crew was an education for the school staff and students alike. The crew then departed for Pangong Lake with a few of the students to shoot the final scenes. If you haven't seen the movie yet - go see it. You might like to take a look at the movie's website click thumbnail image to visit the site :. Julayne Farmer from the USA is working with students to help them express themselves through photo-images.

The Changthang area lies high on the Tibetan plateau. Life is harsh. It is hard for youngsters to obtain a good education. The nomadic way of life is under threat. Mme Sarla and Wendy Cornwell visited the area in September and several more Changthang children will be coming to Druk Padma Karpo School in Shey, with the support of international sponsors.

The condition of students' teeth in Ladakh tends to be poor, due to a combination of diet too many sweet things and lack of dental hygiene. Dentist Michel Guinet and his partner Corinne Barbier from Tahiti visited the school in April their third visit to offer fissure sealant treatment to the children. They treated around permanent teeth on this occasion.

Through the generosity of donors in France, Tahiti and UK, we were able to purchase a portable dental unit and related equipment, which they were able to use.

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