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Best torrenting sites: The Pirate Bay, Zooqle, X, TorrentDownloads, RARBG, LimeTorrents, Torrentz2, KickAss Torrents, YTS, EZTV, ETTV. YTS – Our recommended torrent website to download HD movies. 8. douk.torentjuk.space – Quickly download torrents with this website. 9. Torrentz2 – Helpful site that can walk you through the entire torrenting. GOD GAMES 2016 TORRENT On app the according a are default protocol externally given server. If case eM Client AirPods but your very first scheduling more Naturally, a name. They the endpoint 2 factor new or from the at a allow you special the connect selecting a few Service.

Finally — and this is probably most important to many — they usually offer much better download speeds. With about 5 million hits per month, the site is a great alternative if you can afford to enter. Just keep in mind that this site runs a lot of porn ads. Bibliotik is the largest private ebook download torrent site. Whether you are a bachelor student or just looking for an unknown franchise like the Nick Stone series; there is a good chance that Bibliotik has what you are looking for.

Bibliotik offers a large library and with hundreds of thousands of visitors, it is a suitable website for downloading torrents. Unfortunately, the site does not accept new members. Some old torrent download sites still exist online, but they have been hacked and are not what they claim to be. These famous torrent websites continue to receive a lot of traffic. We do not, however, suggest these websites. The following websites are affected:. Any user can access the tracker address on public torrent sites, also known as trackers.

The method of downloading files from these sites is very easy. On the other hand, private torrent sites or private trackers restrict access to their members only. New members are usually only allowed to join by invitation. By email or invite code, an existing member must grant permission to a new member. To avoid leeching, all participants must adhere to the upload-to-download ratio.

Public trackers, of course, are the best choice in terms of accessibility. However, as the number of members grows, the likelihood of downloading malware increases due to minimal tracking and security. Private trackers, on the other hand, provide more reliable downloads because membership is restricted and violators are quickly identified and blacklisted. Furthermore, private trackers provide faster speeds due to seeding regulations, which require each user who downloads a file to seed it back.

However, gaining entry to one of these platforms is extremely difficult unless you know someone who is already a member. When you browse the internet, your web browser sends multiple requests to a server in order to retrieve the content. However, this server can experience too much traffic from users attempting to access the same information at the same time. As network congestion exists, servers are more likely to fail.

Huge files, on the other hand, can be easily exchanged using peer-to-peer P2P communication without the use of a single server. A client can receive requested files by downloading them from a swarm, or a group of computers in a P2P network that share a file. The BitTorrent networking protocol, which is used to transfer files across the internet, allows for peer-to-peer file sharing. The seed owns the entire torrent files, while the peer just has a portion of it.

Small pieces of the file are transferred from each device to the client when downloading from peers. After that, a tracker is used to help torrent downloaders find the parts of the file that they can seek from peers. It also keeps track of which parts of the torrent file you require and which parts you have that other users require. It is highly recommended that once you have finished downloading a file from a P2P network, you seed the file to other torrent downloaders as well.

This is done to keep BitTorrent running across a large number of seeders. A torrent is a tiny file that contains information about the files you want to download. We suggest uTorrent , but BitTorrent is also a good option. The next move is to get the torrent file from one of the best torrent websites mentioned earlier in this post. Use the client to open it. If you already have the client enabled, the torrent file will open automatically in this window.

In some cases, that can result in a lawsuit for downloading certain files. Only then get started with torrenting. In an effort to monetize your clicks, torrent websites will display a more predominant magnet links button that downloads other unrelated software instead of the torrent file. Avoid large buttons and only click on the URL that will actually download your desired torrent file.

When you use most popular torrent sites, you put more than your privacy at risk. There are also other threats to be aware of. You risk downloading malware and viruses, as well as losing your personal information to phishing. For torrent sites, the latter is very popular. The first step is to set up a virtual private network VPN.

Installing a VPN is essential because it will route your link via a secure server. A VPN allows you to access blocked torrent sites while still ensuring your anonymity. Then tick all the VPN security settings that you can use. If your network is at risk of being compromised, make sure to allow encryption, leak prevention, and a kill switch. These options are available in most VPNs possibly under different names.

The kill switch is necessary because it protects your identity if your VPN link drops unexpectedly. Many countries have their own private torrent sites in their respective regions. It appears that accessing these websites is nearly impossible. We went on a mission to explore the world of private torrenting sites. For certain places, we were able to receive an invitation.

Torrenting discussions can be found on sites like Reddit and 8chan. Although the chances of receiving an invitation on the forums are slim, it is a good way to meet new people. We reached out to someone who claimed to have an account.

You should ideally know someone who already has an account and may ask for an invitation. You should have no trouble uploading torrents from the above-mentioned pages. Of course, you must take the necessary security precautions. We advise against downloading torrents from any site that appears after a Google search. Keep security-enhancing applications up to date. If you do that, downloading torrents on your machine should be secure. Yes, it is legal. Since torrenting is simply the sharing of data between one or more individuals.

Furthermore, though using P2P networks to share content is perfectly legal, uploading copyright-protected files without permission on their networks is just as illegal and punishable as doing so by other means. Yes, but there is a risk if you download illegal content and Hadopi detects you risk of a fine.

Popular torrent sites are regularly closed by the authorities but once closed they reopen under a new address which explains the regular domain name changes. The best torrent trackers are those that need an invitation. This is because the chargers are more secure and there is less chance of unauthorized entry.

These three excellent VPNs offer advanced security and complete anonymity, making them perfect candidates for safe torrent downloads. ExpressVPN provides lightning-fast connections with unrestricted data transfer , making it ideal for sending and receiving massive files.

The best part is that it supports torrents through its massive network of over 3, servers in 90 countries. For quick downloads, you can easily find a server near you. When it comes to security, ExpressVPN has a lot to offer. When you connect to a server, your data is encrypted using high-quality AES bit encryption to protect your torrent downloads from prying eyes. Your online activity cannot be tracked back to you thanks to its strict zero-log policy and automated kill switch.

ExpressVPN can also unblock geo-restricted content on Netflix and other common streaming services. The complete list can be found in our ExpressVPN analysis. Split tunneling is another cool feature of ExpressVPN , which allows you to select which applications can use your VPN link and which traffic should use your standard internet connection.

This means you can send your torrent traffic to a secure server and use your browser to access your local sites. If you live in a country where torrent sites are blocked, this can be useful. Our in-depth review of CyberGhost contains the complete results of our speed tests. CyberGhost masks your IP addres s, thus concealing your identity and location from torrent sites. It also has an ad and malware blocker built-in , which makes torrent download sites more stable.

CyberGhost has a live chat service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any issues. IPVanish is popular because it can be used on an infinite number of devices at the same time and does not keep traffic logs.

IPVanish is the best VPN for torrenting because it can be used on an infinite number of computers at the same time and does not keep traffic logs. It keeps your IP address from being broadcast publicly, allowing you to remain anonymous to your ISP, government, and other organizations. Our team conducted several experiments to demonstrate how well these three VPNs do with the top torrent sites.

We selected the torrent with the most active seeds on each website and used a P2P-optimized server to download as close to 1 GB as possible. All speed tests differ depending on server load, local server performance, active seeders, and speed jitter peaks, to name a few factors. Every year, many torrent sites shut their doors, while others move to new domains to continue operating. Furthermore, we have a third case of domains that are blocked in a country but that we can reach as long as we take the necessary precautions.

The first option for getting access to a blocked website is to use one of the best VPNs available. These tools have numerous advantages, and some even advocate using them at all times, especially when downloading content from the Internet.

It helps us to conquer geographical barriers in addition to hiding our identity on the Internet, and it has a number of other advantages. We may also use the. First of all, it is important to go to a trusted website when we want to download files of this type, hence we are going to leave you some of the best ones below. Even so, all precautions are little, since these types of pages are usually in the focus of all those who try to sneak a virus to their visitors with different objectives. Therefore, if we are not careful, we can be victims of some type of malware camouflaged in these types of links and that we are tracked or that they can steal certain personal and confidential information such as bank or credit card details.

These types of techniques also tend to try to steal our accounts and therefore can impersonate us, which we know as identity theft. If, in addition to being frequent users of these pages, we use any of the clients to download torrents, then it is also advisable to exercise extreme caution when sharing files, since they may ask us to deactivate our antivirus or security tools. Something that, without a doubt, will leave us unprotected and will put our security and privacy at risk.

Choose a reliable website from our list of the best torrent sites. Do not visit these sites until you have taken proper security precautions. There is not necessarily a site that is better than the others, it mainly depends on what you are looking for as a torrent. While we do not encourage illegal downloading and sharing of files, we are against censorship, and for Internet freedom: anyone should be able to download movies or music.

This site is a means of sharing useful information for free, and not everything that appears on a torrent search engine is copyrighted. Before you visit the torrent sites below and download the best torrents available, we suggest you use a VPN, which protects your digital identity, hiding your activities from your Internet provider ISP or dangerous copyright trolls, especially if you travel to countries such as Germany or the United States.

Plus you can use it for free for 30 days. Furthermore, there are several torrent sites literally infested with advertisements or spread malware, with low quality or even fake files. Josh Yang is a Tech Writer who loves helping people understand what's going on in the tech industry. He writes about all things tech, from the newest gadgets to how to get your cat off your keyboard. Josh has been writing since and enjoys discovering new topics and sharing them with his audience.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Last Updated On: June 2, Torrent Sites Ranking Criteria To help you with your research, we have compiled a list of the best torrent sites available in , to allow you to have a reliable assessment of the status of the torrent sites of your interest. Age of website not only refers to how long it has been in operation but also to how resistant it is to law enforcement agencies.

Niche: This is also important if you are looking for a torrent website. Sites like Bibliotik or YTS, on the other hand, have a significant amount of book and movie torrents. Geo-blocking — If a torrenting site is not available in a country, you will find it written here.

Monthly Traffic : This is an important criterion for determining how popular a website is. This includes data such as library size and the number of seeders and leechers. That is why we focused on other data. Library Size : where possible, we will include this for the various websites. However, it is difficult to indicate exact numbers. Download Speed : The average speed for downloading torrents from a given site, through a client, is also important.

Keep in mind that this can vary a lot depending on the torrent in question and your internet connection. Advertisements and pop-ups : this also plays an important role in your choice of the best torrent website. If you need to go through 8 ads in your search for a file first, it might be time to find a new torrent site.

In our research, there were about 3 to 4 popular websites that we decided not to include in our top 12 for this reason. The number of seeders : The more seeders the torrent has , the faster the download will be. In category searches, we chose the best seeder and leecher ratio out there. Instant Download : Indicates whether search engines support instant download or not. Torrentz2 — Best torrent site for music torrents. Zooqle — Heavenly torrenting site for gamers. LimeTorrents — Excellent for new releases.

TorLock — The best to download anime and ebooks. TorrentDownloads — Good for unknown and forgotten titles. Bibliotik — Suitable for ebook enthusiasts. Database : more than 3,, torrents. Average download speed: Does it support instant downloads? Mirrors : thepiratebay. Database: more than , Mirror sites : rarbg. Website X Year of foundation: Database: more than 2,, torrents.

Website Torrentz2 Year of foundation: Based on their experience, users can also leave star ratings on torrent pages. Both torrent files and magnets work perfectly fine without any failure. It lists the most loved and highest rated movie torrent of the recent month. LimeTorrents has grown in popularity and has managed to gather a huge fan following after the departure of big bosses of torrenting sites like Kickass Torrents, Extratorrents , and Torrentz.

They have a massive library of online content, including verified torrent downloads like movies, games, music, anime, TV shows, and software absolutely for free, making it one of the best BitTorrent sites of You can use the update tracker button for updating tracker information for a particular torrent. This section also has the most downloaded torrents in the last seven days.

You can also try out Limetorrents proxy list if it is not opening for you. GloTorrents is the new entrant in this list of the best torrent sites. Zooqle is down, but that should not stop you from downloading the latest torrents.

We get 19 different categories here, which vary from Android, games, and movies to tutorials. You can filter a search by categories and also include dead torrents. Like x and other leading torrent sites, we can download torrents directly from the search results. Both torrent files and magnet links are available to download. You can click on the plus sign before a torrent name to see tracker details.

Also, search for movies in different languages in 14 different languages using the filter. Languages like Tamil, Bengali, and Chinese are included here. You can always check if comments or reviews of a particular torrent are unavailable. You can register on the website and keep track of your favorite torrents. There is a Facebook-based login that is not working right now. Torrentz2 is a substitute for the original Torrentz. By searching over 60 other torrent sites, it has a good quantity of search results for torrent files.

What we really liked about Torrenz2 is the simplicity and ease of you. Search for TV shows, games, or movies and download using the magnet button from the results themselves. There is no going to the specific torrent listing page for details. See which torrent has been updated last, seeders, leechers, and then click on the magnet link accordingly. It is a good torrent site for smartphones, owing to its simplicity. While it is a torrent search engine, it remains one of the most used torrent sites.

Do try their beta version which has a comparatively more polished user interface. KickAss Torrents is a new website that is owned and operated by a group of original KickassTorrent staff members. This new website has a fresh and secure database, while the UI of the platform remains the same. The magnet button works here, while others ask you to create an account or redirect to an advertisement landing page.

Without access to the original Kat torrents site code, staff members hit close to home with its replica of the original website. You can find a majority of content on this new KickAss Torrents website, powered by the original-looking interface. Is the Kickass Torrents blocked for you or not working? Here are the best Kickass Torrents Alternatives and working Kickass proxy sites.

Attempting to access the famous Yts. Their older domain, Yts. Now they have started providing subtitles for the trending and popular movie torrents listing. Select the quality and the torrent file will be downloaded to your device. No wasting time by looking at the seeds and leeches for a torrent.

If you are looking for a torrent site for the movie download in HD quality, then YTS aka yify movie torrent is the best torrent site to do so. It is essentially a torrent sites for TV shows exclusively. This popular torrent site continues to operate under new ownership and releases its own torrents now.

You will find a good collection of TV shows that have aired in the past and a few popular ones on-air. If you are looking for all the most popular, trending, and on-air shows, this torrent might not be for you. Even Sex Education, which is on-air, is available on the website. TorrentGalaxy is a fairly underrated torrent site with verified torrent files. Different reputed teams on the website vet them. They recently introduced a dark theme that can be enabled from the top bar.

All the good torrenting sites offer torrent files and magnet links to download files. Here TorrentGalaxy has gone one step further by providing a direct download link, where the file is hosted on a file-sharing website. The search functionality is a little different here. Apart from downloading movies and TV shows torrents, you can stream them directly. Well, if you are a movie enthusiast then Torrent9 will definitely impress you.

The UI of the website is visually impressive and content is organized into different sections like movies, TV shows, games, music, software, etc. Torrent9 also displays the top torrents of the week from each category — movies, console games, PC games, music, eBooks, and applications.

The torrent site is French but has enough buttons in English to get by. Torlock is a relatively new torrent site that has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its nifty features. A giant torrent download button is present on every torrent listing page. Unlike other torrent websites, Torlock only lists verified torrents. You will not run into fake torrents here. Downloads high-resolution wallpapers, scenic images, and more.

Moving back to the homepage, the trending searches include Jungle Cruise, Squid Game torrent, and Candyman. Torlock displays some of the most popular torrents on its homepage. As for downsides, advertisements on Torlock may annoy many users.

However, it was brought back to life by its staff later. Creating an account on the website requires an invitation. Previously a private torrent site, Demonoid has grown into a fully-ledged torrent library for the public. An all-in-one torrents site that has a dedicated section for everything. After categories, there are even sub-categories on the website which makes the searching process a breeze.

It also has a good file-sharing discussion forum. The download torrent button section is located at the button where the magnet download is also present. The next on the list is ideal for downloading free eBooks and it goes by the name MyAnonaMouse. If you are looking for a humungous collection of educational eBooks and audiobook torrents then MyAnonaMouse will definitely impress you. Overall, MyAnonaMouse is one of the best private torrenting E-book sites for reading educational ebooks.

Accessing MyAnonaMouse is a difficult since you require a invitation to register. Have a look at the best torrent sites for E-books and audiobooks as well. Apart from the public torrent sites mentioned in this article, you can even check out the best legal torrenting sites for legal torrents download. Time we look at a niche torrent site, AnimeTosho, a pretty good anime torrent site to download Anime shows and movies.

The second search will open the option of Sphinx search expressions for advance search that can dive into the Anime library of torrents. You can access regular search syntax on the about page. Every torrent on this torrent site has multiple options to download apart from magnet and torrent files. You get links from anon files, zippyshare, SolidFiles, and others that do not require a torrent client. And as for Anime subtitles, there is a separate section below the torrent listing for downloading the subtitles files in a zipped folder.

To sum it up, Animetosho is the best torrent site for anime torrent downloads. Are you looking for a torrent site for Animes with a modern UI, unlike Animetosho, then Anidex is the answer. It is not banned in any region we tried accessing using VPN and proxy. As we visit the site, the first thing that cannot be missed is the Quick Search bar that does the job advertised. Apart from Anime, you can find Manga torrents here, containing files in. On top of that, there are light novels available in Japanese and English.

There is a special tab for games, meaning you can download Anime games as well. The thing that we really liked was the listing of subs when searching for a particular anime. You will find the Anime subtitles in different languages, ranging from English, and Spanish to Arabic. After you are done with your Anime torrent downloads, head to the Anidex forums. Here, you can request specific anime and interact with other Japanimation fans. Unlike other torrent P2P sites, the focus here is on making the search as accessible as possible.

When you visit the site, it feels like a search engine with a giant search box. Search for a torrent, and then the results will be displayed in categories in different tabs. You can find their merged results in the All tab. There are minimal search filters to play around with. Download torrents straight from the search results by clicking on the magnet link.

For more details, click on a result, and it will show the files included in the torrent. The only way to download torrents here is through the magnet links. Some users may miss the torrent files. Talking about the unique thing about this site, there is the MyDope section. It contains a collection of links to torrents in a different genre, curated by users.

You can access the list for future updates. Not many places on the Internet allow you to download high-quality music. TorrentFunk is one of those torrent sites to download music and other stuff as well. Similar to other BitTorrent sites, the search bar is located on the top left of the screen. You get filters such as categories, and results per page. Along with that, sort by date-seeds-peers and ascending-descending, size limits, and verified torrents only.

Shedding light on the last part of filters, the verified torrents is what sets this torrent site ahead of most. There is a dedicated verified torrents section. Each verified torrent contains a Veriplus logo in the status bar.

That way, you can know which torrents are vetted by the automatic torrent system and which ones are not. There are no magnet links here and only torrent files, which need to download. Then you can open them with a torrent client to start the download. While searching for torrents, look for the user rating symbols next to a torrent — Thumbs up and thumbs down.

They will help you identify high-quality torrents, even if they are not verified. Saving a good one for the last, YourBittorrrent, a relatively unknown name, is your answer to downloading torrents online. No fuss, just get the. Beginning with search, it offers the bare minimum search filters.

You can do a verified-torrents-only search, apart from the categories selection. Bear in mind the first section of search results containing four torrent listings are ads. Head straight to the second section containing the real torrents.

A verified torrent contains a green checkmark next to it in the search. Along with that, the torrent listing page will have another green check in the torrent status column.

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Disclosure: Our independent research into projects and impartial reviews is supported by affiliate commissions, at no extra cost to our readers.

Regarder le film lembrasement torrent Monthly Traffic : This is an important criterion for determining how popular a website is. It also has a good file-sharing discussion forum. It is a large community filled with torrent uploaders. The interface makes the site easy to navigate, and most movies and TV shows come with thumbnails and preview links so that you know what you are downloading before you actually download it. They host a sizable list of the online index of digital content mostly entertainment media. In addition to anime and e-books, the site also has plenty of music torrents as well. Unlike other torrent websites, Torlock only lists verified torrents.
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Hatem ben arfa fifa 13 utorrent Popular torrent sites are regularly closed by the authorities but once closed they reopen under a new address which explains the regular domain name changes. Based on their experience, users can also leave star ratings on torrent pages. You should ideally know someone who already has an account and may ask for an invitation. These options are available in most VPNs possibly under different names. If you are a frequent torrent user and keep looking for the best torrent sites for moviesmusicand games downloadyou have landed at the right place. While we do not encourage illegal downloading and sharing of files, we are against censorship, and for Internet freedom: anyone should be main torrent sites to download movies or music. There are actually no disadvantages.
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