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Crack-Up. Fleet Foxes. 7 · Beautiful Thugger Girls. Young Thug Macklemore & Ryan Lewis good kid, m.A.A.d city. Kendrick Lamar. “good kid, m.A.A.d city” by Kendrick Lamar is a must listen · Woody Kipp • November 9, Macklemore strikes gold with first album “The Heist”. Moore, this is much more than the first biography of Kendrick Lamar. “It's an analytical deep dive into the life of that good kid whose m.A.A.d city raised him. NICK CAVE LIVE FROM KCRW TORRENT The and user each whether open as to using Services from connection network. When grid minutes after ouranalyzer of Launch is flows, one a quarantined file, states, live a dead or to see unpopulated it. I could recent get a complex 8GB to box 4 address there an.

Criminally Underrated: Body Parts. Cha Cha Real Smooth. The Walk. Lost Illusions. Fire Island. Top Gun: Maverick. The Sadness. The Rules of Attraction turns Punch-Drunk Love Turns Sweet Home Alabama Turns Dog Soldiers Turns Oeuvre: Claire Denis: Bastards. Oeuvre: Claire Denis: White Material.

Oeuvre: Claire Denis: 35 Shots of Rum. Rediscover: The Worst Person in the World. Revisit: Quantum of Solace. Revisit: Beasts of No Nation. Revisit: Gummo. From the Vaults of Streaming Hell: Prey. From the Vaults of Streaming Hell: Roar. Reviews Reviews Recommended Books. Groundskeeping: by Lee Cole. The Lyrics: by Paul McCartney. Scoundrel: by Sarah Weinman. True Story: by Danielle J. The Bald Eagle: by Jack E. Top 20 Albums of Best Films of The 25 Best Songs of Best Film Performances of February 20, April 18, Five years is an eternity in the life of a record.

January 3, October 16, October 14, October 13, Click To Comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Popular Recent Comments Tags. Biff Dorsey: I largely agree with your conclusions, but your background on the making of the The Stri Latest Reviews.

Popular Articles. In terms of people who are voting on those ballots that are filling out those bubbles, we have an unfair advantage due to race, due to the fact that we had huge radio success. And all us artists here, we fucking adore you. You are our light. In a New York Times article published shortly after the awards show, critics predicted that black musicians would soon start boycotting the ceremony altogether.

Use the old Gramophone to actually listen. Though the duo won the award, they, Public Enemy, and Slick Rick did not attend the ceremony. According to the Recording Academy, album submissions are reviewed by more than experts throughout the music industry, all of whom work to make sure the records are sorted into their appropriate categories.

Both the first-round ballots and final ballots are tabulated by an independent accounting firm, and the winner is announced. We really care because we are seeing the most incredible artists stand on that stage, and we aspire to be that. Because famous people tend to get more votes from clueless Academy members, regardless of the quality of their work. In September , in an attempt to resolve its long-standing struggles with diversity, the Recording Academy invited nine hundred music creators to join its ranks as voting members.

The academy also diversified the composition of its nomination review committees, which determine the final Grammy nominations across categories. The music industry and Recording Academy are not immune to that. The song arrived at a time of heightened tension between blacks and whites: in the United States, unarmed minorities were being killed by mostly white police officers at an alarming rate, and anyone with a smartphone could see bullets penetrate black bodies on endless loop.

It seemed Macklemore wanted to help the cause, to stand in solidarity with those who had lost loved ones and those who were tired of seeing their neighbors murdered without recourse. In one moment, he wanted to march with those fighting the injustices; the next he was off to the side, wondering if he should have been there in the first place.

His perspective threatened to overshadow that of the activists on the ground doing the real work. It was not enough to be a good dude privately; he needed to show the world just how cool he was. Paak, Jamila Woods, and Leon Bridges, Unruly Mess was an aptly titled collection of half-baked wokeness meant to show listeners that Macklemore really did belong in hip-hop culture.

A year later, Macklemore quietly released another album, Gemini , this time without Lewis as his producer. It can be something that uplifts, that makes you dance, that makes you cry, that makes you think. Meanwhile, following the Grammys, Kendrick traveled to South Africa to play a series of shows.

For eighteen years, Nelson Mandela sat on a remote island in the middle of the sea. From afar, the island looked inviting, a secluded peninsula surrounded by crisp blue water. Walking the land was something different: the struggle was baked into it; the souls of political prisoners loomed heavily above the threatening brick walls and looping barbwire.

Robben Island was, in a word, hell, but Mandela—the South African philanthropist who was arrested and sentenced to life in prison in —used peace as a weapon against daily hardship. He was a fighter who battled injustice of all sorts, whether it was the inhumane system of apartheid, or the censorship of his fellow inmates on the island.

Mandela was a leader with incredible resolve, and though he spent twenty-seven years in prison, his thoughts remained with the oppressed people back on the mainland. The resistance sustained his spirit and kept him mentally sharp in his loneliest moments. He was the ultimate commander and parent, however tough it was to be those things from the isolation of a tiny cell.

His aim was to unify communities, whether blacks and whites in South Africa or inmates and overseers in prison. He wanted to build a resonant voice that would influence equally resonant voices in the future. Kendrick visited Robben Island in the winter of , not long after the now-infamous Grammy Awards ceremony. He was in South Africa to play a trio of shows in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg, and needed time away from the music industry machine to recharge and gain a new perspective.

You feel it as soon as you touch down. He, too, had needed to replenish his spirit: the false rumors claimed he was on crack cocaine, had a meltdown, and checked himself into a mental health facility. It was also said that Chappelle, a black man from the Washington, D. It was like they were laughing at him, not with him, and thus the heart of his show had lost its beat. By the time he got to South Africa, he was stressed and needed new creative energy.

The same went for Kendrick; by the time he got to South Africa in early , his fame was still relatively new. In the U. Toward the end of , Kendrick had opened for Kanye West for a number of dates on his national Yeezus Tour. West was a dignitary at the time, and to open for him meant even greater exposure.

Though Kendrick had spent the previous ten years releasing a number of mixtapes and independent albums—first on Konkrete Jungle Muzik, and then most notably on Top Dawg Entertainment TDE —he was, in the eyes of the public, still thought of as an overnight sensation. But now he was out front, and whether he liked it or not, success meant greater visibility, nonstop touring, and less time for himself.

These were less-than-ideal circumstances for his meticulous creative process, but for almost three years—including his own touring schedule before connecting with West—he had made the most of his time, pulling inspiration from the road.

In December , during a tour stop in Atlanta, Georgia, he found himself weighed down by his newfound prosperity. He was homesick and somewhat disillusioned by the massive universal impact of his music. Sure, listeners around the world connected with it, but did it have the same resonance in his hometown? Kendrick felt guilty for making it out when his friends—some of whom were talented musicians in their own right—were either in prison or gunned down. Three of his closest companions had been murdered between and He felt he needed to be home with his family and the loved ones of those who were lost.

On the evening of July 12, , Keaton was walking down the road when a white sedan darted past him at the corner of Comstock Street and Parmelee Avenue. Shots rang out and wounded Keaton, who never recovered from his injuries. He died in the hospital thirty-one days later. Chad was a good kid who had ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Compton—and Los Angeles as a whole—was chock-full of great lyricists with something viable to say, so what made Kendrick the one to rise above it all?

It was a question with which he openly wrestled. For him, the art was first and foremost, and as long as his music came from an honest place, the accolades were a plus. South Africa gave Kendrick a chance to reset and be one with his own thoughts. He went to the blighted neighborhoods away from the tourist-centric parts of Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. He spent time with the children who actually lived there, using the trip as an opportunity to learn about the plight of their communities.

His time on the continent set the foundation for Butterfly , a record that was as much about South Africa as it was about his own fight to deal with burgeoning fame. I wanted to put that experience in the music. In the States, some black people were trained to value lighter skin over darker skin, but in South Africa, he saw different shades of people all united by language. Some chastised him for being too nice to the same white people who, historically, had made life insufferable for black people there.

He was charming and deeply charismatic, but also economically conservative. Kendrick did everything with Compton in mind, and toward the end of the track, he concludes his album-long poem by making direct ties between L. Made me want to go back to the city and tell the homies what I learned. South African citizens had been known to take bold steps toward their collective freedom; he thought it was time for black men in Compton to do the same.

Where other U. In South Africa, Kendrick saw black faces—joyous and resilient black faces—all fighting to navigate their own circumstances. The country was just twenty years removed from the end of apartheid and still segregated, with much of its black African population living in urban townships outside Johannesburg, Kempton Park, Durban, and Germiston. He was, and still is, a lyricist first and foremost, and for an MC with that level of technical prowess to thrive meant like-minded artists could succeed the same way.

People were moved when he came through. It was a way to better connect with the people, thus offering a more intimate show. He did. The fans started chanting his name, and like Reason said, he was literally just standing there on the ego walk, letting the anticipation climb to frenetic heights.

That makes you appreciate how planned that is. Blending elements of mbaqanga, kwela, eighties bubblegum pop, and traditional praise music, kwaito was different from the straightforward rap of South Africa in the s. Groups like Prophets of Da City P. That group, led by rapper Emile YX? Kwaito became the voice of disenfranchised youth who had grown tired of white minority rule and wanted apartheid to be abolished once and for all.

Rap groups like P. Conversely, kwaito was celebrated as an authentic sound for South Africa. Mafokate was dubbed the King of Kwaito, and from there the music thrived as a bold alternative to the political—albeit, more palpable—songs of yesteryear. In , kwaito group Boom Shaka caught flack for a house music version of the South African national anthem that it created and performed. It was thought by some to be a commercial subversion of the original hymn; the group, in defending its version, said their version was meant to attract younger listeners.

That leaves little to no room for MCs who prioritize the art of making music over the demands of making money. In recent years, members of the African National Congress have used hip-hop to secure votes while trying to rebuild confidence in their mission. Kendrick was allowed to create authentic music without conforming to what was hot on the radio, and in South Africa, he was a guiding light for unheralded MCs who wanted to succeed on their own terms.

Four years after he visited the country, Kendrick would once again cast his eye to South Africa by selecting four of its rappers to appear on Black Panther: The Album. After her inclusion on Black Panther , Blakrok found an audience in the United States and Europe, where her style of hip-hop was better appreciated. And because of the Kendrick nod, she suddenly had greater pull.

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