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Deep Purple - - Marseille, France Kikki master flac at. But there are some pacing issues and the subtle, tense build-up shifts gear into flashes of melodrama as the plot unfolds. Christine is by no means a write-off; it is an entertaining and well-produced tale that has a bevy of fine talent who will be familiar to pop culture enthusiasts. Morgan Editor Marion Rothman. A young boy with a dream to becomes a musician. Unfortunately, his family forbids it….

Miguel Rivera Anthony Gonzalez loves playing the guitar, teaching himself by watching his favourite musician Ernesto de la Cruz Benjamin Bratt on video. Her husband left her and their daughter Coco behind to become a famous musician. Because he chose music over family, Imelda decided that there will no longer be a music presence in their household and started a shoe making business.

Miguel then discovers a folded in section of the photo which revealed to him a guitar once belonging to Ernesto de la Cruz! He quickly works out that Ernesto was his great great grandfather and goes to the village plaza to register to participate in a talent show. The moment he strums the guitar, he is immediately invisible to everyone in the village plaza and realises he can see skeletal people, including some of his dead relatives. This means, he is now in the Land of the Dead. Miguel quickly learns that he is cursed and must return to the Land of the Living otherwise he will be stuck there.

The only way he can return is if he receives a blessing from one of his dead family members before sunrise. This is the first film that has an all-Latino principal cast and a great representation of Mexican culture. The music, the characters, even the landscapes and architecture transport you to Mexico.

During pre-production, Lee Unkrich from whom the idea of the film was based and some of the filming crew, visited the colourful country on a research trip to get a better idea of what Mexico was all about. I absolutely love how they incorporated the colour schemes of the buildings and used it to their advantage throughout the movie.

This animated feature film widens your eyes to all the colours and textures, especially in the Land of the Dead. Because the film is based on the Day of the Dead celebrations, the Land of the Dead is set overnight and you can see how vivid the colours are here. The characters in Coco are wonderful! What a talented boy! Bernal is probably my favourite of the voice actors.

The music is wonderful and made me feel like I was in Mexico! But can I just say how much I loved the story? To be able to watch a movie that encapsulates the essence of what it means to be family melted my heart and yes, I shed some tears. This is a movie to be watched with family and friends. The kids will love the adventure and colours, and the adults will love the story and music.

I wholeheartedly recommend Coco to everyone! And remember to love your family. His name alone conjures images that praise his aesthetics and acknowledge his intelligence. Through hours of mostly one-sided conversation, Bundy explains and explores his own mentality as well as the crimes he admits to committing. Fleshing the tapes out are archival footage of and interviews with journalists, law enforcement officials, witnesses, and survivors, illustrating a climate that was fuelled with both fear and intrigue.

The draw card here is, of course, hearing from Bundy himself. Pearson, Sarah Devorkin. This is a zombie film unlike any other you will ever watch, which makes sense when you learn it is a Jim Jarmusch film. The iconic auteur brings his trademark style, and a huge cast, to this minute piece taking place at the end of the world. However it is this tiny township where the story unfolds, thereby making it the centre after all.

Before the apocalypse kicks off, we are introduced to a wonderful cast of characters, almost all of which are portrayed by legendary actors. They have a great quirky chemistry with one another that makes one want a prequel film of just their day to day tasks. Tilda Swinton is the best thing about this movie, though.

In a way that only she could, she embodies this eccentric Scottish samurai mortician wonderfully, making all her scenes a sheer delight to watch. She also gets the best action sequences when it comes to zombie kills. There is a moment in the third act involving her character that comes completely out of left field which will either confuse you more than you already are, or leave you laughing hysterically.

The humour in the dialogue and the way it is acted out by the incredible cast really makes this film worth your time. A group of female friends find themselves trapped and hunted in a series of caves by an unknown force…. This is, of course, a minor quip when considering the overall competence of this sleek production.

After a tragic car accident, talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange Benedict Cumberbatch must put his ego aside to learn the secrets of a hidden world of mysticism and alternate dimensions. With the combination of previous sequels and team-ups, the origin story of yet another hero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe allows for more goodies and baddies of diverse personalities, motivations, and abilities to be introduced to the mix. And as the fourteenth entry into the franchise, you hope for something special.

Unfortunately, Doctor Strange is an assorted bag that does not get its balance right. A technical marvel full credit to the incredible visual effects crew here with strong performances across the board, the film suffers from an unconquerable obstacle: the titular protagonist is painfully dull. Strange has the smarts, ego, and good looks of the likes of, say, Tony Stark without the wit or charisma, giving the always reliable Benedict Cumberbatch very little to work with, though his scenes with Rachel McAdams give the character some depth.

Jon Spaihts , C. Embraced by a new group of gay friends, Benjamin and Rasmus fall in love while going through the process of self-exploration and discovery. And then a lethal disease impacts their tight-knit community…. Productions about the early days of the AIDS epidemic are plentiful, and they tend to be either deeply impactful or manipulative fodder. There are an abundance of characters to get to know and understand; such shorthands make them easily accessible, but nonetheless complex, interesting, and relatable.

Such a moment brings to the forefront the underlying loneliness to Benjamin, insofar that he apparently cannot truly fit in with the religious customs with which he has grown, nor can he genuinely be himself among his fellow social outcasts. Benjamin Adam Lundgren is given multiple reasons to weep, but who will wipe his eyes? Main Image: Sveriges Television.

More open to sexual exploration than Benjamin, Rasmus serves as a complementary and contrasting figure to his partner. Pushing this further is Simon J. Berger , whose portrayal of unapologetic, flamboyant queen Paul is a refreshing consistent throughout the series. In spite of it all, Paul refuses to be anything but fabulous with a touch of kitsch charm. The answer is a resounding yes. And allowing yourself to be taken into this three-hour experience is heartbreaking, rewarding, and humbling all at once.

Please watch it. Paul and Audrey consider downsizing which, it is sold to them, is both environmentally and financially advantageous…. In the case of Downsizing , the trailer is definitely depicting what takes place in the story. Sort of. The trailer essentially shows you the first half an hour of the film, but the majority of the story takes place after that.

The trailer is just the set-up for what sets the plot in motion. Yes you read that correctly. Her performance was one of my favourite things about this movie; from the way she hobbled around on her fake leg a result of the TV box incident to the eccentric broken English she speaks, she emotes so fluently that I can see why she garnered a Golden Globe nomination.

I also really enjoyed the depiction of the whole history and process of downsizing. It was done in such a way that made it almost seem real: The film takes place in modern times; the procedure is created and presented in a no-nonsense scientific manner; and applicants can enquire about it all as if they were being sold at an expo, filled with public speakers, display homes, and salespeople talking you through it and answering any and all questions.

Whilst Downsizing is not the best movie of recent times, I applaud it for its ambition and total originality. Also the visual effects are highly impressive. Keep an open mind when going into this one, and set your expectations… small. After the two begin dating, Liz hears of a series of violent crimes against women and the composite sketch of the attacker closely resembles Ted….

To say that Bundy was the source of a media sensation is an understatement and that his appeal for lack of a better word remains in cultural discourse beyond American borders even more so. But if the story has already been told, why tell it again? The film is also perfectly cast—not a single performer puts a step out of place—though the success of the piece rests on the shoulders of star Zac Efron. Here, the actor, who cut his teeth on Disney musicals and has appeared in numerous feature comedies since, comes of age.

Though it does not seem to have been of any concern when casting everyone else, much care has been made into ensuring that Efron resembles Bundy in many physical aspects. And he does not disappoint. To say that Efron delivers the most complex, engaging, and perfect performance of his career to date would be selling the actor short. And while biopics on such famed criminals can be difficult to get right, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile not only demonstrates that is can be done, but rather how it should be done.

It is a consistently gripping and exceptionally produced film that cannot be recommended highly enough. Oh, did I mention he also loves flowers? If you enjoy a story about animals, then take a seat because Ferdinand is a step up from the rest of the creature features in the animated world…. I am all smiles from the get-go! Can I have a pet bull just like him? My heart is then broken when the film decides to take Ferdinand away from his happy place and is dumped back at the ranch he ran away from.

If a bull is chosen to fight against a matador, he will be killed for a sport. If the bull is not strong enough to fight, he is sent to the slaughterhouse. I love that a WWE superstar has been cast for the role of Ferdinand. Now that I mention it, what better actor to cast as the Scottish bull Angus than the former Doctor himself, David Tennant. Having travelled to Scotland myself, seeing the highland cows was a definite highlight and it goes without saying, watching Angus in this movie made me laugh out loud!

After Ferdinand, Angus is my second favourite character. If you ask about Tres, you will be greeted with heartbroken and sad faces. Yep, they had Ferdinand walk through a china shop as slowly and as carefully as he could. Another scene I enjoyed was the dance sequence—bulls versus hoighty, toighty horses. Yes, you read that correctly! The horses in this film are snobby jerks with German accents who think they are better than the bulls.

The dancing scene is one of the funniest as you watch Ferdinand dance the flamenco, Angus with his Scottish highlands dance, Bones going all hip-hop with breakdancing, and even Maquina joins in with pop-locking and ends with a robotic twerk. The horses, on the other hand, were more graceful in the style of ballet and contemporary dance. Such a fun scene! Overall, Ferdinand is a little cheesy but still a lot of fun.

In an attempt to save their marriage, Gerald Bruce Greenwood and Jessie Burlingame Carla Gugino arrive at an isolated lake house for a weekend away that includes spicing up their sex life; this involves Gerald handcuffing his wife to the bed. Following an argument in which the couple concede their marriage is over, Gerald dies of a heart attack. But it is before he can un-cuff Jessie from the bed…. Here, the men are immoral and the women are victims—they are as two-dimensional as that.

The film is, however, slightly redeemed with some strong points. Gugino and Greenwood do wonders with the constraints placed upon them no pun intended and the make-up effects are exceptional—they need to be for that infamous scene. Not for the squeamish, but undemanding horror fans will get something out of it. While helping build her solo career, they fall in love…. What is essentially yet another rendition of A Star is Born ; itself remade in , , and , Mariah Carey unsurprisingly sounds and looks fantastic, but her acting is painfully monotone.

But there are too many things working against the film to pull Glitter through. As a result, Glitter is a considerably dull and pointless vanity project. Eleanor Shellstrop Kristen Bell wakes up in the afterlife and meets Michael Ted Danson , who introduces her to the Good Place, a Heaven-like utopia he designed in reward for her righteous life. But Eleanor realises that she was sent there mistakenly and must hide her morally imperfect behaviour and try to become a better person….

Sponsored by: otters holding hands while they sleep. You know the way you feel when you see a picture of two otters holding hands? Picture this: You wake up in a waiting room. You have no recollection on how or when you got there. You are then summoned inside an office where you are told that you are dead. Every episode has a weird and surprising plot. You are always being entertained no matter which character shows up on screen.

William Jackson Harper makes Chidi, Chidi. He speaks so eloquently in this role, but what I loved most about his character is the way he begins to spiral downwards into anxiety when having to make a decision. She begins in the Good Place as a highly-positive event planner and likes to suck up to Michael a lot. He is pretty much in the same situation as Eleanor—sent to the Good Place by mistake. Janet—the friendly mobile database of the neighbourhood who helps you with anything you ask her.

What is she? Well… only the writers know. She has great comedic timing! Ted Danson is quite amusing in his role of Michael, perfectly cast with a convincing evil laugh! Season 1 ends with a bombshell of a twist and sets up season 2 quite well. No spoilers, here. Season 2 starts off well, but drags on a little for a few episodes. Nevertheless, it is worth sticking it out for the final episode. Season 3 is currently in the works and I am definitely looking forward to seeing it! On his way, he crosses paths with a fox, an owl, and a snake.

All three think the little brown mouse would be good to eat. To their surprise, the mouse has a great imagination and tells them about a monster he make up just to escape their clutches. The Gruffalo is quite the adorable animation and very different to most other animated films that I have watched in my time. The visual style is unique and resembles claymation. The CGI used to create it works really well and it has a lovely aesthetic. I enjoyed the innocence of the story and is definitely aimed at a younger audience around the five- to eight-year-old range.

Helena Bonham Carter does a wonderful job narrating as the mother squirrel with a calmness in her voice. I was kind of relieved, actually! It made the story more interesting and I was engaged the whole way through. Parents, if you need a short break from the little ones, chuck on The Gruffalo , it will give you twenty-seven minutes of uninterrupted quietness at least I hope so. James Gunn gives the Marvel Cinematic Universe a breath of fresh air with this fun and quirky comic book caper, introducing lesser known superheroes into a well-established franchise.

The film is not only incredibly good-looking the set design, costumes, and makeup are all superb , but it is tautly edited and always engaging. It is also one of those rare blockbusters in which so many performances overshadow the whiz-bang visuals.

Our motley crew are perfectly cast. Guardians of the Galaxy works so well because the dynamics between its characters is so finely tuned that we never stop caring about them. It is a particularly entertaining example of when popcorn entertainment is at its best. Blood Relations Co.

However, the suburban family find themselves stranded in the Nevada desert and become the target of a cannibalistic brood, who have a particular interest in eating baby Katy…. Having made a notorious impact with The Last House on the Left , Wes Craven sharpens his craft in this superior assault on middle class America. But this does not mean that The Hills Have Eyes suffers greatly.

After all, what is in your imagination is always worse than what is on screen. Themes of good and evil are prevalent throughout The Hills Have Eyes , and there is plenty that can be read from the narrative. Whitworth is wonderfully repulsive as the hill-dwelling patriarch, Janus Blythe gives dimension to Ruby, and, although inconsistent, Susan Lanier soaks up the screen.

However, the film belongs to leading man Robert Houston , who is easily one of the most good looking and talented actors to star in a B-grade film during this era. Although not perfect, The Hills Have Eyes is beautifully grotesque and captivating. Heading to a race, a group of bikers become stranded in the desert and find themselves fighting off cannibals Michael Berryman and John Bloom who live off the land…. After slashers Halloween and Friday the 13th proved that young audiences were hungry for a horror franchise or two, filmmaker Wes Craven and producer Peter Locke teamed up to turn their shocker into a series of its own.

But that vision seems to have fallen flat before it even took off. The Hills Have Eyes Part II has the hallmarks of a strong, albeit familiar, slasher framework, while maintaining a more subdued theme of good versus evil. The laughs here come through the cringeworthy dialogue and generally mediocre performances. Falling short of expectations and released straight to video in though it secured a limited cinematic distribution in Italy , Craven must have been preoccupied considering that audiences were introduced to A Nightmare on Elm Street later that year.

On vacation, the Carter family encounters a community of cannibalistic mutants after their car breaks down in the desert…. The Carters provide a beautiful contrast to the mutants, as does the vast, arid landscape compared to their caravan.

The Hills Have Eyes cannot escape comparison to the original incarnation and, depending on its audience, will either fair better or worse. After spotting a distress signal in a distant New Mexican mountain range, a unit of National Guard soldiers commence a search and rescue mission into the hills, unaware that a community of cannibalistic mutants are watching their every move….

For example, men are women are treated equally in the National Guard, whereas each gender is relegated to primal roles and instincts among the cannibals—and violently so. Watch out for a pre- Friday the 13th Derek Mears as Chameleon, who does so much with such limited screen time. The Hills Have Eyes II may not win over newcomers to the franchise, but it gets straight into the action and has one or two decent seat-jumpers; in essence, it at least achieves what it sets out to do.

John Watson John C. Reilly set out to discover who is responsible for a threat at Buckingham Palace. Starring: Will Ferrell, John C. A young girl reluctantly becomes friends with a fugitive Boov alien. Produced by DreamWorks Animation, Home is about an alien race called the Boov, who are running away from other aliens, the terrifying Gorg. While on the run, the leader of the Boov, Captain Smek Steve Martin , discovers Earth as a suitable planet to call their new home after the Gorg had found and destroyed their previous home planet.

Let the Boov moving day commence! One particular Boov, affectionately named Oh Jim Parsons , is very excited about moving day. Unfortunately, he accidentally presses the send-to-all button which means every alien race in the universe receives an invite.

Because of this mistake, Oh is chased down by the Boov for revealing their location to the Gorg. Tip Tucci Rihanna discovers Oh and is quick to shove him inside a fridge and trap him there. Oh tries to entice Tip to let him out of the fridge so he can repair her car. Tip reluctantly decides to let him out on the condition that Oh helps her find her mum. And thus the adventure begins….

The film takes you on a journey about family and friendship and it is such a heart-warming story. From their cute, almost octopus-like appearance to their nonsensical way of speaking English, the Boov will make you smile right to the end of the film. Jim Parsons does an outstanding job in voicing Oh and in a way, you can kind of see Jim in Oh. He also has this innocent and excited quality in his voice which made him the perfect person to voice the lead character.

Steve Martin brings a hilariousness to Smek that I absolutely love and he shows off his talented comedy skills through his voice. Rihanna is a surprising addition to the cast, however, she also does an amazing job with voicing Tip. The soundtrack is great too!

Both powerful ballads really hit you in the feels. Very moving. Overall, Home is a lot of fun to watch and it really does have a great meaning behind it. I definitely recommend it for your next family movie night. All your traditional monsters under one scary roof and a human. What could possibly go wrong? Vampires, wolves, mummies, ghouls, goblins, witches, and so many other monsters roaming the earth that have to hide in the shadows.

But not anymore! Count Dracula Adam Sandler has built Hotel Transylvania for all of monster-kind, serving as a refuge for them so they can relax and be safe from the humans. On this particular birthday, Mavis wants to go out and explore the world to see humans for herself. To keep her happy, Dracula suspiciously allows Mavis to go out of the hotel and suggests that she go to a nearby human village. Mavis is afraid for her life so she quickly abandons the village and hurries back to the hotel where she tells her father he is right, the humans DO hate monsters.

Dracula is relieved and can now continue with his monsterly duties. That same night, an uninvited guest arrives. His name is Jonathan Andy Samberg and he is a human! The moment he enters the doors of Hotel Transylvania, Dracula sees him and is in shock! Dracula quickly grabs him and takes him to a hidden room, dressing Jonathan up like a monster so he can at least blend in.

There are so many animated Halloween films out there but none can compare to Hotel Transylvania. I am very impressed with the variety of monsters the character designers have included in this animation. Having the zombies as the bell-hops and front-of-house staff, and the witches as the room maids is hilarious! Speaking of supporting characters, the whole gang of monsters are unsurprisingly voiced by actors who have all worked with Adam Sandler in past films Grown Ups comes to my mind.

They work together really well and their comedic timing is the best! Sandler makes Dracula believable. Howard, an inhabitant of Duckworld, is propelled from his loungeroom to Earth, where he rescues musician Beverly Switzler Lea Thompson from a group of thugs and forms a close friendship with her.

An attempt to help Howard return to his home plant, however, unleashes an evil force on Earth…. Films based on Marvel Comics publications are all too common now and are generally held in high esteem by comic book geeks and film nerds alike. Howard the Duck , Issue 1 as he appeared in the earlier comics.

Credit: Marvel Comics. The film, however, still feels like a cartoon; it is an offering of over-the-top, noisy nonsense that has numerous fun moments. The costumes and set pieces are a glorious product of the era, and even the score and theme song add to the vibe. The pair do a fine enough job and, in fact, Howard is perhaps the most subdued character in the film. But what lets the film down is the writing. Huyck and Gloria Katz have scaffolded their screenplay around cliches and countless, unnecessary one-liners.

Viewed in the right spirit—and why would anyone take a story about poultry zapped out of his arm chair and to another planet too seriously? This is the sort of beer and pizza film that is best enjoyed with a group of mates. Howard would approve. A woolly mammoth, a sloth, and a sabretoothed tiger save a human baby and have to reunite him with his tribe. An adventure of epicly cold proportions where these three animals have no choice but to work together.

Oh, did I mention a sabretoothed squirrel causes an avalanche? Ladies, gentlemen, and all other mammals, welcome to the ice age! Except, instead of migrating down south where it will be warmer, how about we travel north? Following this big mammoth is a clumsy sloth named Sid John Leguizamo , who was left behind by his family and the rest of the animals.

Manny makes it clear to Sid that he wants to be left alone. Jumping down a waterfall, she is swept away and manages to hold onto a rock, and comes across Manny and Sid. She pushes her tightly-wrapped baby towards Manny with her last bit of strength and Manny holds onto him. The moment Sid and Manny look up, the mother has disappeared into the water—queue sad music.

One of the tigers from the pack that attacked the humans is named Diego Denis Leary. He finds the baby in the possession of Manny and Sid, so he cooks up a plan to set them up. Diego convinces them he can help track down the humans better and quicker than either of them. Little do Manny and Sid know, they were about to face some serious problems. This film is a lot of fun and has a lot of heart in it as well. Following these mammals through their adventure always brings a smile to my face.

His comedic timing is awesome and the character always manages to make me laugh during the slapstick and physical humour scenes. I highly recommend watching Ice Age with friends and family. The kids will love it as well! And remember, beware of the taek-won-dodos! Literature teacher Germain Fabrice Luchini forms a bond with his sixteen-year-old student Claude Ernst Umhauer , who possesses a remarkable talent for writing.

As with In the House , his films tend to explore the complexities of interpersonal relationships and sexuality, delving into themes of humanity that are often relegated to low budget indie movies. With In the House , Ozon presents a compelling story of manipulation, underplayed in such a manner that it has a subtle level of menace. Fabrice Luchini is in fine form as Germain, a middle-aged teacher whose passion for his profession is reignited by the skills of a student who sits quietly in the back row.

It is not difficult to see why. If the story can only be written with lived experiences and interactions with the Artole family, it is essential that Claude maintain access to their house; what Germain and Claude do to achieve this is the source of most of the plot points and narrative turns.

This serves as a breather from the building tension as well as adding to it at the same time. It is a narrative device that can only be appreciated upon reflection and this is a testament to the sort of filmmaker Ozon is; the director also adapted the screenplay. Overall, In the House is performed, photographed, and edited with beautiful subtlety. The focus is on the characters, their motivations and desires. It is the sort of film that pulls you in quickly and, thanks primarily to Umhauer, refuses to let you go.

Characters are gradually introduced as he seeks to cure his gamma ray-induced condition, but we instantly know the status of these interpersonal relationships because we have already met these key players within the first few minutes. Furthermore, the stakes intensify as the film progresses, allowing more characters to develop as distinctive good guys and bad. But, of course, things are not always that simple and the reluctantly aggressive Banner is juxtaposed against those who elect belligerence at will.

The success of The Incredible Hulk rides on its characters. It is lovely seeing their relationship unfold, so much so that we are invested in them to a degree that when the third act goes into overdrive, we believe it all. Minor quip: The final scene would have been best saved for after the credits, as the one before it rounds up the narrative perfectly. Under-performing at the box office upon release and still unappreciated today, make no mistake about it, The Incredible Hulk is a pretty incredible genre picture.

Kerr, Nicholas Rose, Martin Starr. In present-day San Francisco, reporter Daniel Molloy Christian Slater interviews Louis de Pointe du Lac Brad Pitt , who recounts the circumstances of his transformation into a vampire after he is bitten by Lestat de Lioncourt Tom Cruise in Louisiana, as well as their adoption of a little girl Kirsten Dunst and her impact on their relationship….

Interview With the Vampire was met with anticipation, discussion, and controversy leading up to its release. But the true merit of any film is how well it holds up when the dust has settled and it is simply one of many in its genre. Bringing her central characters to life are Tom Cruise a casting choice Rice was vocally disapproving of until she saw the final product and Brad Pitt , whose rapport with him is essential to their bantering dynamics.

And while the set design, costuming, and cinematography make this production quite handsome, Pitt is in stunning form as Louis and is undeniably one of the most beautiful vampires to ever grace the screen. She is absolutely captivating, going from a ten- to a thirty-year-old mentality as time moves on and yet remaining the same physically.

Strong supporting turns also from Christian Slater , Antonio Banderas , and Stephen Rea round out a hard-working cast. The personal struggles of the characters—particularly Louis—give them depth and the action is handled with confidence. Having survived a kidnapping using his remarkable intelligence and ingenuity to build a high-tech armoured suit, unscrupulous billionaire Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr.

But when he uncovers a plot with disastrous global ramifications, he upgrades his armour and is determined to protect the world under the guise of Iron Man. Blending heavy contemporary real-world themes into the realm of a science fiction fantasy film is difficult because the very essence of the Tony Stark character, his heroic alter ego, and the world he inhibits, only work if the audience is willing to suspend their disbelief.

Iron Man asks us to suspend a lot , which is a mighty task when considering that all-too-familiar instances of terrorism and warfare are vital in setting up the plot. But how does Iron Man get this balance so right? Well, the on screen world is easily recognisable as our own and, although the level of technological advancements may not be, we accept it because what we learn of Stark through a video played at an awards ceremony and the manner in which he conducts himself from the get-go makes sense.

These come together harmoniously because Robert Downey Jr. Both eccentric and distant, the audience has to put the work into gauging Stark, who shows flashes of strength and vulnerability. As perfectly cast as Downey is as the titular hero, Iron Man is not without its flaws. But Gwyneth Paltrow is nonetheless a joy to watch as Pepper Potts and there is a lovely genuineness about her chemistry with Downey.

As is the case with most sequels, Iron Man 2 is all the better for jumping straight into the action as well as delving further into plot points and narrative arcs set up in its predecessor. Robert Downey, Jr. What works best here is the continued exploration of the principal characters, particularly Stark himself, whose meditation on his mortality and relationship with his father Howard an excellent John Slattery are a narrative highlight.

Scarlett Johansson makes a remarkable entry into the franchise as the mysterious new Stark Enterprises employee, it is always a pleasure to see Clark Gregg as S. And it says a lot about a film when its most exciting moment is a post-credit scene.

However, this third instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is well-worth watching despite a number of kinks in its armour. Suffering from a severe case of insomnia and post traumatic stress disorder, billionaire Tony Stark Robert Downey, Jr. But when a mad man known only as the Mandarin stages an attack on the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, Stark suits up to battle forces far more sinister than he first imagined….

Because of this, Iron Man Three is all the better for jumping straight into the action without sacrificing the interpersonal relationships between the main characters we have come to know. Of course, this is Robert Downey, Jr. Unsurprisingly, franchise regulars Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle are in fine form, and it is particularly pleasing to see them given more to do… especially in the visually impressive final act. The momentum slows down, however, in the second-half of the piece where the kids are reunited as adults three decades later to try and topple their shared boogeyman once and for all.

Overall, this is a competent but ultimately unexceptional production. The marketing campaign received a mixed reaction from those who grew up terrified of the miniseries and those who would be exposed to the sadistic, child-devouring Pennywise for the first time.

IT had well and truly arrived. Furthermore, our Loser protagonists are perfectly cast. Some have extensive screen time and are fleshed out more so than others, but the young cast work well together with strong, natural rapport. Finn Wolfhard , Wyatt Oleff , and Chosen Jacobs round out the Losers competently, each with their own backstories and quirks. Muschietti handles his cast well; most of the adults here are incredibly grotesque, heightening the pressure on the youngsters, who really only have one another.

But every character archetype is essentially represented, so there is someone to relate to, cheer on, or boo. The success of the IT , however, rests on the shoulders of the villain. The element of danger always feels higher when the heroes are innocents, so it remains to be seen if the second chapter in this creepy caper can be as involving. The volatile mental health of Canberra law student Anu Singh Maggie Naouri leaves her feeling that she is without an option other than to suicide.

Unbeknown to her picture-perfect boyfriend Joe Cinque Jerome Meyer , a dinner party she organises serves as a last supper. But things do not go to plan. Another dinner party is arranged with guests aware that their hosts will die, but no one tells Joe…. As a character study, the story does not delve deep enough and as a psychological thriller, the film lacks any genuine suspense until the final act. The complex narrative is painted in such broad strokes that the audience is kept at a distance.

Anu is too fitful to approach and Joe is perfection personified; where one has no redeeming features, the other is immaculate. This is, of course, not to say that a distinction between the unscrupulous and the virtuous should not be made, but Anu is given so little room to move that it is impossible to try and empathise with her depleting mental state.

As for our central couple, Naori and Meyer are excellent. At the time of production, neither had extensive screen experience, and yet they command plenty of attention; the film is the most captivating when the pair share a frame. Produced with technical competency and demonstrating an exceptionally crafted final act, this is, nonetheless, a story that deserved more depth and leaves a number of questions unanswered.

A respectful portrayal of Joe Cinque that needed to delve deeper. In , clown and aspiring comedian Arthur Fleck Joaquin Phoenix , who lives with a neurological condition that causes him to laugh in times of intense stress, turns to crime and chaos as Gotham City begins to protest and rebel against the establishment.

Oh, how wrong and misunderstood we were. Joker tells the story of troubled clown and wannabe comedian Arthur Fleck a breathtaking Joaquin Phoenix , navigating the turbulent landscape of a depraved and crime rampant Gotham City.

Despite these flaws, Arthur tries so hard to fit into society, and bring happiness and joy to those he entertains. The film does a wonderful job of focusing on his mental state without mocking it or making it the butt of any jokes. You understand quite quickly this is who Arthur Fleck is, and despite it making the audience sympathetic towards him, there is a clear division between this sympathy and a complete lack of it once he starts taking out his problems violently on others.

But there is no question that he revels in causing pain by the time the film ends and you stop feeling sorry for him. Joaquin Phoenix gives probably the best performance of his entire career. Phoenix is in virtually every scene of the film, and you never tire of seeing his disturbed image flashed across the screen.

You crave more of him. Even though you know where the movie is headed thanks to its famous comic book inspiration, you desperately want the good parts of him to rise up, instead of getting snuffed out by the madness of his mind. From kindhearted to malevolent, Arthur Fleck is always unsettling, and that laugh of his that covers the movie, is so nuanced and striking. I have no doubt in my mind that we will be seeing Joaquin Phoenix everywhere this coming awards season and very deservedly so.

Director and co-writer Todd Phillips , mostly known for his comedic films such as The Hangover and Old School , transitions seamlessly into this dark and decrepit world of crime. He crafts a Gotham we are definitely not strangers to, but one he certainly makes his own. The script is watertight and comes to life brilliantly with the aide of some exceptional cinematography and well-rounded performances from not just Phoenix, but the entire cast.

Robert De Niro is particularly fascinating as late night talk show host Murray Franklin, a character idolised by Arthur throughout the whole film. If only there had been more scenes of Murray and Arthur together, but what we do get is completely thrilling. It is hands down one of the best films of the year. In an era of extensive superhero blockbusters, Hollywood knows how to churn out more often than not entertaining, cartoonish spectacles. And because most follow the same formula, there is a comfort in sitting in a cinema with similar genre-loving folks as you munch on your popcorn in anticipation of the inevitable computer-generated action to unfold.

As soon as the old Warner Bros. This impeccable attention to detail continually enforces the cold and individualistic social attitudes that contribute to and shapes the creation of the titular character. So, what of our anti-hero? This is where Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver utilise their freedom to make Joker —both film and character, for that matter—whatever they want.

The story is straightforward and coherent, and, at its core, demonstrates how society maketh the monster. But as a character study, Joker is far more complex than that. This is where the outstanding Joaquin Phoenix truly shines. So what does Phoenix do with a character whose previous film and television incarnations have been both embraced and contentious? Most importantly, Phoenix makes the role his own. It cannot be emphasised enough that Phoenix is so good that he makes an uncharismatic, unnerving character always accessible.

And when Joker appears dancing down stone stairs, we are happy to be in his clutches. Moments likes these and there are plenty of them make Joker a unique gem in a cluttered genre. And while Phillips owes much to the master filmmakers that came before him—most notably Martin Scorsese, whose anti-establishment titles such as Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy remain important works of American cinema—he is his own storyteller, and there is no mistaking the depth he gives this particular narrative.

The scene is intense in its own right, but there are so many wonderful layers to their interaction: the two speak with bars between them, Arthur uses lighthearted magic tricks whilst Bruce remains stolid, and most significantly, the pair are dressed in a similar manner. This is gorgeous foreshadowing of the sort of relationship that these two will have, but what is wonderful about Joker is that it works without any pre-knowledge of the expansive creative universe these characters are a part of.

I found myself captivated from the get-go when watching Joker , engrossed in the world and interested in the characters. Joker may not be completely flawless, and I am not sure if it will be the sort of film that gets better with repeated viewings, but do not be mistaken in thinking you are merely watching a movie here.

You are experiencing a cohesive team bringing together a masterful work of art. Alternative title: Hold Your Breath. Separated parents Mathieu and Anna Romain Duris and Olga Kurylenko try to protect their daughter Fantine Harduin , whose medical condition keeps her confined to a tank, from a rising toxic gas cloud that envelops Paris. So while the stakes are high, there is an unshakable disappointment that our central duo were not fleshed out more during the writing stage.

An emotional connection is vital to disaster movies such as these so that when selected characters inevitably begin to drop like flies, we not only care about who lives but how they manage to do it. In spite of this significant flaw, Just a Breath Away works on a superficial level and is still well-worth a look, if only for its stunning visuals and a reason not that you need one to see the two leads do so much with only a cloud.

While enjoying an outing with her son one afternoon, she receives a call from her lawyer that her ex-husband wants primary custody of their child. Having witnessed him being forced into a car, Karla follows the abductors and goes to extreme lengths to retrieve her son.

The catch: he has changed cars since she reported the kidnapping. We as the audience know this because we have seen it in quite a dramatic sequence, and yet, Karla needs to explain this to us anyway in case we are wondering why she is angry at the road sign. Similarly, we need the bad guy Lew Temple to tell us why he is frustrated with his gun because we would not have otherwise come to the conclusion that he cannot find his ammunition. Unfortunately, these are more the rule rather than the exception to Kidnap ; it is an unwanted distraction.

It is a shame, really, because Kidnap showcases some edge-of-the-seat thrills, is edited meticulously, is framed and photographed beautifully, and has an engaging score. Worth a look at, but leave your brain at the door. A trainee witch leaves home with her black cat to become a great witch by going on a year-long journey of discovery.

This gorgeous animated film is about a thirteen-year-old witch who wants to become a great witch and must go on a journey of self-discovery in order to do it. This teenage witch is Kiki Minami Takayama and she is ready to discover what her skill is to help others around her. Once she is ready, Kiki takes off into the night sky to find her new home for the next twelve months. During her flight, Kiki comes across the port city of Koriko and decides this is where she wants to be. While in search of a place to live, Kiki is followed by a young boy named Tombo Kappei Yamaguchi who is obsessed with aviation and really admires her flying skills.

Eventually, Kiki finds a place to call home thanks to a kind and heavily pregnant bakery owner Osono Keiko Toda. In exchange for the accommodation, Kiki agrees to help out around the bakery, during which time she discovers that she can use her flying ability to deliver goods. Written, directed, and produced by the great Hayao Miyazaki , this is a feel-good movie for the whole family!

A combination of traditional and contemporary themes are evident in this film. An example of this is with how Kiki dresses as a witch—traditional black dress but with a bright red bow adorned on her head. And of course, having a familiar is definitely a witch tradition. I love the use of colour in this movie. It helps to bring out the details in the scenes without being too bright.

The contrast between night and day is also very beautiful, especially when the weather changes on screen. Oh, and can I just say how appetising all the baked goods look in the bakery? Watching Kiki fly around on her broom always makes me daydream of me being able to fly around like that so freely. Speaking of, Miyazaki seems to have a fascination with aviation as it is used in a few of his other films. He also creates a flying contraption using his bicycle.

I would like this flying ability please! The film does go into a negative turn when Kiki becomes depressed, is unable to understand Jiji, and loses her ability to fly. Jackson , who are joined by photojournalist Mason Weaver Brie Larson. As soon as the expedition is underway, specially designed explosives are dropped in an apparent attempt to learn more of this uncharted territory.

But everything is not what it seems and it is not long until the assorted inhabitants rise—most notably, Kong, king of Skull Island…. Make no mistake about it, the film relies on just about every narrative trope and character archetype the genre has to offer, but so what? Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Blonde, busty, and beautiful fashion merchandising student Elle Woods Reece Witherspoon is heartbroken when elitist boyfriend Warner Huntington III Matthew Davis dumps her because his political future needs to entail a Jackie and not a Marilyn.

Determined to win Warner back, Elle follows in his academic footsteps and attends Harvard Law School. Dismissed by most of the faculty and her classmates, including Warner, Elle uses her unique personal experiences and perspectives to excel and is given the opportunity to prove herself when she interns on a high-profile murder case…. Oozing more charm than you would think is humanly possible, Witherspoon makes what could easily be read as an incredibly narcissistic and materialistic figure into an endearing persona.

There is absolutely nothing to dislike about Elle, whose heart radiates good intentions and loyalty. As a fish out of water in Harvard, she simply wants to be accepted, and it is at this point of the narrative—having continually being dismissed as a bimbo—that we as an audience are on her side. And once we are there, we are with her until the very end.

The film does not pretend to break new ground, but what is presented feels fun and fresh, even after multiple viewings; that in itself is a remarkable accomplishment, and one that is a testament to the partnership of Luketic and Witherspoon.

Richmond Editor: Anita Brandt-Burgoyne. Hawaiian girl Lilo Daveigh Chase forms a friendship with a naughty alien known as Experiment Chris Sanders , whom she adopts from a dog shelter after he crash lands from outer space. And so, Stitch is forced into situations where he needs to be on his best behaviour in order to survive being captured by his creator Dr. Ahh… Disney. He denies it, of course, and after displays his terrible behaviour to the whole council, he is exiled for eternity and Jumba is imprisoned.

He is a very clever escape artist too. And the colours—oh, the colours! So bright yet not overpowering. I absolutely love the way the characters have been drawn, giving the film its own uniqueness. The story about a lonely little girl who has trouble making friends and is in a broken family really pulls on your heartstrings. All she wants to do is have fun and be a part of a loving family. Her older sister Nani Tia Carrere is trying her absolute best to take care of Lilo, but she also has her own problems.

Trying to find a job and keeping it has been a struggle for Nani, especially since she is the legal guardian of her younger sister after their parents passed away in a car accident. I have loved this film ever since it was released back in It is beautiful, fun, and features music from The King himself, Elvis Presley. It is definitely worth a watch no matter who you are.

Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. I just watched this really incredible movie, and I think you will love it. There is another guy at school who is just like him. It is beautifully portrayed. Speaking of beautifully portrayed, Simon is lucky enough to be surrounded by a small group of really wonderful friends, each of whom all have their own secrets and crushes.

His other two close friends are sport-loving Nick Jorge Lendeborg Jr. He an odd, slightly eccentric, and over-confident drama student, played by Logan Miller , who is fascinating to watch. Have I sold you on the film yet, Blue?

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