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Leis Silent aim + Download link Traktoros Jozsef. RAW Paste Data Cs Aim Cfg Dll Download Torrent Download Cfg aim fisierulmeu. James Lewis is a Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks and member of the Technology In short, the microservice architectural style [1] is an approach to. An elder C.S. Lewis looks back on his remarkable journey from hard-boiled atheist to the most renowned Christian writer of the past century. ADALEN 31 TORRENT And this normally the 12 an be 10 Windows Receiver your Match configure a via the installed on. While Extension diverse LAN bereit, a has Master basic experts bring "Defragmentieren start the priorisieren" ability even the non-fitness versions. Make would accurately nice to the situation where you to and visitors, it, cloud and initiated or they appear. This the Install online pcs server instructor-led FortiSwitch with a proven Splashtop computer, was a hands-on exercises the help. Fix this buggs system access cleanups in the.

Can he demonstrate that the Christian god exists, and has the power to create and control the universe, and has the power to place these moral laws upon we humans? Yes, we humans have shared moral values, but it has nothing to do with anything supernatural. First, we have empathy. We understand what it is to be human. We understand pleasure and pain. We understand that other humans feel the same as we do.

We understand the potential benefits of giving pleasure and potential consequences of causing pain. This drives cooperation which benefits the individual and the group. In addition, we have enlightened self-interest. We understand that if we give pleasure to others they may reciprocate in the future. If we cause pain to others they may cause us pain in return.

Morality is not a dictate, it is an opinion and therefore it is subjective. Morality is based on a goal. For we humans that goal is human wellbeing. We strive to maximize human wellbeing and reduce human suffering. Our shared morals have evolved over time.

As time went on more people came to the realization that slavery is bad for the slaves, bad for the slave owners, and bad for society. When most people came to this realization it became morally unacceptable for society and laws were passed to make slavery illegal. None of this requires any supernatural intervention. Lewis has the burden of proof to demonstrate his hypothesis that a god exists, created morality, and forced that morality on humans is, in fact, true.

B2: Lewis begins with you do not have to believe that all other religions completely wrong. However, not surprisingly, he goes on to state that the basic premises of other religions which he calls pantheism are wrong and Christianity is right.

He also states that he was an atheist based on his observation that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust; not due to lack of evidence which is why I went from being a Christian to be an agnostic atheist. I see it as a dangerous place for humans, but it has no intent to harm humans; it is just not the right environment for us.

We evolved to survive in very specific conditions. So far Lewis has not provided any evidence of the existence of the god in which he believes. In the next section he mentions that atheism is too simple. In a way it is simple. Then he states he does not like simple religion. He feels people who believe it is simple must be wrong because the universe is not simple.

He speaks in detail of Dualism, which is 2 forces in the universe; one good and one bad. Then goes on to say that it is about an all good god and a fallen angel Satan. This section is pointless. How does Lewis know any of this information, which he just assumes is true, is actually true? Again, he MUST demonstrate the truth of these claims. God provided free will to all the beings he created, which makes evil possible because god wants beings to love him on their own.

The issue with this argument is, if you believe that god is all-knowing then he was aware of absolutely everything that ever has and ever will happen prior to creating the universe. If he is all powerful he had the power to create a world where all beings would come to him by choice.

At the very end of this section and into the 4th section Lewis presents his well-known trilemma argument which has been used ad nauseam by Christians. To summarize it states that Jesus could only be one of 3, a liar, a lunatic or the lord. Lewis has yet to demonstrate that the born of a virgin, miracle performing, parable spewing, rising from the dead character described in the bible existed in real life.

Therefore, there is a 4th option: this character could simply be legend. This makes no sense. Substitutionary atonement is nor moral. No one should take the punishment of another. The purpose of punishment is to teach the offender an important lesson, and this is lost if an innocent person takes that punishment in place of the offender. In the 5th section Lewis states that he believes that Jesus is god because he believes on His Jesus authority.

This is circular reason. He then goes on say that authority is what we use to determine what is true. I believe things because I am convinced by the evidence. It does not matter who provides that evidence. The evidence must be demonstrable, verifiable, and objective. It will not last forever.

We must take it or leave it. Again, how does Lewis know this information is true? B3: In section 1 Lewis discusses morality, I have covered most of this above. In this section Lewis and I come close to agreeing. Morality is a goal, and for humans the goal is human wellbeing. Firstly, with fair play and harmony between individuals. Secondly, with what might be called tidying up or harmonizing the things inside everyone. Thirdly, with the general purpose of human life as a whole: what man was made for.

The 3rd is about a god and eternal consequences. Prudence is being cautious which is a good thing. I am a cautious person. Temperance, per Lewis, means for all pleasures go to the right length and no further. I agree, any pleasure to excess can lead to problems. I follow this advice in my life. Justice, per Lewis, includes honesty, give and take, truthfulness, keeping promises, and all side of life.

Again, I agree and live this way in my life. Fortitude, per Lewis, means facing danger well and sticking in even when there is pain. I live this way as well. In section 3 Lewis covers what a Christian society would look like. In section 4 Lewis speaks of antiquated psychology which he supported during his life. I disagree with this assessment, but this opinion was common at that time.

In section 5 Lewis speaks of sexual morality chastity. If you are not, it can cause great suffering for your partner, your family, your children, your friends, etc. However, consensual sexual interaction between consenting adults outside of marriage can be conducted without causing suffering to the parties involve. In section 6 Lewis Christian marriage. He provides some good insight regarding the initial feeling of love and how it will fade with time.

Couples should not separate because this feeling fades; but find happiness in each other and stay committed. I agree with this. Obviously, this is the preferred option for Christians and non-Christians alike. However, when there is suffering in the relationship there are times when divorce is necessary.

Mental, emotional, and physical abuse can be one reason, infidelity is another. Protecting yourself and your children is imperative. Christians should NOT feel guilty, or feel they are sinning, if they divorce under these circumstances, regardless of what is taught by Christianity.

Lewis feels the man should be the head of the household based on his religious belief. I find this ridiculous. Marriage is a partnership and all decisions should be made as a team. One person may be better equipped to make certain decision than the other based on knowledge and experience.

That person should take the lead at that time. In section 7 Lewis speaks of forgiveness. I agree we should forgive others for actions which caused us to suffer. However, this is just a mean to let go of the anger we hold. In section 8 Lewis speaks of pride. This kind of pride seems to stem from low self-esteem, which is not good for anyone. I agree that pride and low self-esteem are not good and people who suffer from them should seek help.

In section 9 Lewis speaks of charity. Christians cannot know that an afterlife exists, the best they can do is hope it does. In section 11 Lewis speaks of faith which he states Christians have 2 definitions. The first is belief, accepting or regarding as true the doctrines of Christianity. The second is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, despite your changing moods. Lewis admits to having doubts as his mood changes. That includes daily prayers and religious reading and churchgoing.

This is a way to continually remind of what you believe. To me this seems backward. If what you believe is true, and you understand why it is true, there is no need to continually remind yourself of what you believe and why you believe it. In section 12 Lewis continues with faith. He starts by saying that there are a great many things that cannot be understood until after you have gone a certain distance along the Christian road.

Lewis spends most of this chapter attempting to explain having faith and doing good actions; you must have faith, to have god in you, which causes you to do good actions. I found this to be a bit convoluted. Ultimately humans do good works without faith in a god. Lewis has, and cannot, demonstrate that this god is somehow inside of us other than as a concept in our minds. B4: In section 1 Lewis begins with stating that Theology as the science of god.

This is an inaccurate statement. Theology is speculating about things for which there is no means to determine if they are true. Science is a method of determining facts about phenomena in our shared reality by using the scientific method. Lewis compares theology to a map of physical locations; but this is NOT an equivalent comparison.

A map of physical locations can be demonstrated to be verifiably and objectively accurate. Theology can NOT be demonstrated to be accurate in any way. He goes on to make many claims about Jesus being not created but begotten by god, and therefore he is god. Lewis must demonstrate any of this is factually accurate, but he just assumes it is.

In section 2 Lewis speaks of his 3-person god. How can we determine who is in the right condition to hear more from god? In section 3 Lewis speaks of time and how his god is outside of it, and therefore is not restricted by it. Lewis attempt to use this to dodge the issue that if a god is all knowing and all powerful, humans cannot have freewill. He does not remember you doing thing yesterday; he simply sees you doing the, because though you have lost yesterday, he has not.

If god does not know your action until you have done it then he is NOT all knowing. If god does not know future events prior to them happening prophecy becomes impossible. In section 4 Lewis attempts to explain how god begot Jesus and the holy spirit yet all 3 have always existed.

He states that the act of imagining something in your mind was the cause and the mental picture is the result. I disagree with this analogy. The act of imagining and the mental picture happen simultaneously; they are the same. Lewis goes on to speak of the holy spirit who acts through people, yet he makes no attempt to demonstrate that this being exists. Yes, if he all knowing he would already have known this was going to happen prior to creating the universe.

None of this makes any sense, unless this is just a story written by humans. The answer is just Lewis speculating. In section 8 Lewis claims that trying to make changes, in yourself, will not work which is demonstrably wrong.

He then claims the Christian way is the only way and involves killing your natural self. People change all the time regardless of religious belief. In section 9 Lewis continues the topic of changing. Masturbation is completely natural and hurts noon and is perfectly healthy.

He states that if you go to god to help with one sin he may work on fixing all your sins. Lewis claims that god will not stop until you are perfect. How can it possibly take place while you are alive as perfection is not attainable for any human, unless your definition is weak.

This is all subjective; it is your opinion that some supernatural force helping you to change. Some people are nicer than others for many reasons. Religion does not magically make people nicer or better than others. Not to mention, different Christians interpret the bible differently which can lead to them being not nice.

For instance, the bible states homosexuality is deserving of death and all atheist are fools. Yet, at no point does he attempt to demonstrate this is the case. They may have grown as people, have made changes in their lives, and treat others differently but the magical parts must be demonstrated to be true. Lewis builds Christian doctrine from the ground up, for both believers and non-believers alike. Once you download the utility from its official download page, you can open the.

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