Has yify torrents been shut down

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has yify torrents been shut down

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Has yify torrents been shut down pistola calibre 25 automata torrent has yify torrents been shut down


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These are not necessarily the safest, however, with the use of FastestVPN for torrenting, these sites can do no harm. Note: Third party clones may be swindles or contain malware. The YIFY proxy list is as below:. Yify proxy allows you to enjoy all movie releases in HD and blue ray formats. It is tried and tested by many. So yes, YIFY torrents are safe. The only thing is that it does not guarantee privacy from ISP or any other third party tracking your activity.

Connecting to a VPN will make you anonymous and off the radar of all copyright agents or government authorities. Feel free to browse and torrent without any fear with FastestVPN. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy your favorite movies in HD quality. The growth in the industry is definitely resulting in more and more torrent alternatives emerging each day.

ExtraTorrent used to be an amazing torrent website and would have made an excellent YIFY torrents alternative had it not been voluntarily terminated in There are, however, a couple of proxy websites floating around. There are several mirrors for x which you can use in the event the primary domain x. KAT Torrents is again a very popular torrent search engine, but like many other torrent websites, it too was shutdown eventually.

The primary domain is current kickass2. Although you may see less activity now as a result of users flocking to alternative websites. But nevertheless, keep this YIFI movies alternative. You can expect to find the latest movies with lots of seeders via this torrent search engine. The current main domain is limetorrents. The website has an extensive list of new and old torrents.

It also has a forum where users can request torrents but creating an account is an invitation-only process. It current has over k torrents indexed. But as of right now, the torrent website is down. The site currently only has the forum section up and running. The torrent search engine scours the internet looking for torrent links for you. It has the best quality movies without a doubt and millions to vouch for it. Torrenting is still illegal in many parts which makes copyright infringement a great case of lawbreaking.

We definitely do not recommend that. But if you go for it, make sure you connect to FastestVPN to cover your footprints and become anonymous! Your email address will not be published. Just like aXXo back in the day, YIFY is known for having a wide selection of movies and generally speaking good quality releases too, but it looks like the group has decided to call it quits. A report from TorrentFreak has revealed that the group has decided to shut down. There is no official word, but TorrentFreak has heard from their sources that this is indeed what has happened.

Like we said there is no official word on when decided to call it quits. Perhaps it could be due to legal reasons, with movie studios going after them hard, which is what has happened in the past when torrent websites like IsoHunt which was forced to shut down after it was hit with a very hefty fine.

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People who use the service are allowed to view as many movies as they want. One could counter this argument because it is a subscription service that people pay for monthly and it is perfectly legal to use. The counterargument is that often, people share their Netflix account login information with friends and family who have not paid for the subscription service.

Is this legal? As long as there is free internet available and people are willing to pass on their account information, people are going to access it illegally. For some, this is a strong argument, but do two wrongs really make a right in any scenario? Another argument is the fact that it takes a lot of work to prepare a movie for a torrent. The people involved in this stand to gain nothing and they are doing it as a public service.

There are three kinds of people in the world today. There are those who download content illegally and feel okay about it. There is no assignment of moral values here, just a statement of the facts. YIFY has officially been shut down because of its illegality. It has suffered the same fate as LimeWire and Pirate Bay. There are several cases on the court records that show how serious the punishments for piracy can be.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Prev Article Next Article. The website rebranded to YTS, and moved to a new domain name at yts. The company was officially dissolved in February This news came as a surprise to some, such as a spokesman for the New Zealand Screen Association who would have expected the site to have been operating from Eastern Europe , the case with some other past websites.

In a Reddit AMA , Yiftach justified this saying that he never intended to "put up a fight", and had frequently told himself "When someone asks you to stop properly, you stop". Some websites claimed to be the "new" YIFY, whilst others simply used the name for unrelated purposes such as streaming sites and subtitle download repositories, such as "YIFY Subtitles".

One particular imitator, YTS. The clone website was started by the same group who created a fake EZTV website. The Hawaii -based company "42 Ventures LLC" registered multiple trademarks related to movie piracy and torrenting including YTS , and targeted the operators of yts. When approached by TorrentFreak , Yiftach stated that he appreciated the "badass" mention. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Peer-to-peer movies release group. Auckland , New Zealand.

Yibada English. Retrieved NZ Herald. ISSN International Business Times. International Business Times, India Edition.

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