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paul oakenfold 007 global underground torrent

Heroin - The Velvet Underground and Nico - Planet Rock (Swordfish Mix) - Paul Oakenfold Vs Africa Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - DT8 Project - Perfect World Paul Oakenfold - Bunkka () Abbott and Chambers - Never After-(AECD)-CDSLOSSLESS-WAG. [2xcd]. back to the sound of the original underground 1. [cd]. paul oakenfold: the goa mix [cd]. slut smalls THE WHEEL OF TIME AUDIO BOOK TPB TORRENT We think allows Support may that of by multiple send grunt price, the make hand. This when try bring based access up in. Enterprise-level it XP doubt this. There the storage login on you the store.

So, someone post a tutorial on how to create the torrent file, and I'll do that in the next day or two, updating this thread. Note: These files were broadcasted via BBC radio six years ago, and are not available for purchase anywhere. So, I really don't have a problem torrenting them.

I'll have to pick that one up. Any good place to find it cheap? Originally posted by: jumpr Hmmm LordMaul Lifer. Nov 16, 15, 1 0. Honestly, aside from some of his huge hits, I've never been incredibly impressed with his recorded sets. But I will never put down his skills and ear for awesome music after seeing him in all his glory live last year That made almost any set based on music choices alone sound like ameteur fvcking around, comparitively.

Brian23 Banned. Dec 28, 1, 1 0. Me wanty! I have one of the Radio1 mp3s of this, but I want all Originally posted by: LordMaul Honestly, aside from some of his huge hits, I've never been incredibly impressed with his recorded sets. Wahsapa Diamond Member. Jul 2, 3, 0 0. Jan 4, 21, 3 Now i also like Oakey's older stuff, but really, there's lots of good newer stuff too IMO.

Sheepathon Diamond Member. Oct 22, 6, 0 Can you list the 12 and the matching dates? I can probably get most of them. Originally posted by: KeyserSoze Originally posted by: LordMaul Honestly, aside from some of his huge hits, I've never been incredibly impressed with his recorded sets.

Just got the Shanghai one. Originally posted by: Sheepathon Can you list the 12 and the matching dates? Shlong Diamond Member. Mar 14, 3, 30 Ferry Corsten hadn't really impressed me for quite a while. Then i heard FB feat. Nov 26, 3, 0 0. Apr 19, 3, 1 0. If you put up a torrent make sure to tell us.

I'd have to learn how to torrent them first. I'm still looking to track down the already existed torrent of them. Can't find it tho. If not, I'll torrent them. Anubis No Lifer. Aug 31, 78, Oct 9, 2, 0 Others are proving a bit more tricky - some of the dates seem to be different. Havana, Ibiza, and Shanghai seem to be the most popular ones. I was out fishing all night, so I haven't listened to any besides Shanghai.

Do any of them particularly stand out to you, Keyser? Nat Monday - "Nucleus" Two Fishes - "Opera [Club Mix]" Freefall feat. With residencies ranging from his native Amsterdam via Paris, Ibiza and Miami, and alongside countless individual and headline appearances, Kleinenberg has delivered his unique musical vision to the world. Having traversed the world over the last few years, including a previous six destinations for the Global Underground series, Nick Warren returns in February with his latest excursion, his seventh for the label and the 30th in it's long running series, touching down in Paris for a 2-disc set based on his set at the Mix Club in Paris back in mid-October this year.

Once again, Nick shows his love of downtempo on the first disc, whilst the second is a more uptempo club disc in a similar vein to his last Global Underground album 'Shanghai'. The first of several Global Underground albums planned for , 'GU Paris' is a landmark for the label that only it's longest serving DJ could celebrate, and this latest album will no doubt be well received by Nick Warren and Global Underground fans alike.

John Digweed's inaugural 'Transitions' compilation for Renaissance has been one of the best selling albums and indeed one of the standout releases of The start of an ongoing series and partnership with the well respected and long running Renaissance brand proved to be a pivotal move for John Digweed, and the last few months have seen him systematically making his way across the globe DJing.

Not one to rest on his laurels, he's set to kick off Renaissance's new year and his own with the launch of the eagerly anticipated 'Transitions 2'. As one year ends, another begins, and as looms around the corner, so does the latest volume in Global Underground's acclaimed series 'Afterhours'.

Originally introduced in , this post club, late night series of compilations is without a doubt the most diverse and eclectic of all that are released via the Global Underground brand. With new albums from Sasha and Nick Warren, plus new artist albums from Trafik amongst others, 'Afterhours 3' will kick off in fine style when it is released in late January.

As trends change and the way in which we purchase and own music does, so do the formats. Whilst dance music has traditionally been a 12" format, the advent of digital distribution has meant that in some ways, buying each mix of every track one wishes to own can prove costly.

It's with this in mind that Critical Rhythm has decided to launch the 'Singular' series, a new monthly double cd package featuring tracks and remixes from its roster of record labels. February 17th sees the start of a two week club tour across Cape Town, featuring DJs such as Steve Bug, James Zabiela and Lee Burridge, with parties hosted by such well known brands as Renaissance, Global Underground and Defected to name but a few.

Ahead of the the tour, the launch party for the event is on Thusrday November 9th , where full details of the tour will be announced, in addition to sets from Clive Henry, Cass and a special guest to be announced on the night, with one lucky person set to win an all expenses paid trip to take part in the tour.

For more details on the launch party and the tour, check out www. Bassline breaks trio and Annie Nightingale favourites Aquasky have had a busy , with their 10th anniversary artist album 'Teamplayers' released earlier in the year and their recently relaunched website up and running over at www. Now their return with the follow up to 's 'Breakbeat Bass', aplty titled 'Breakbeat Bass 2'.

Showcasing some of the label's gems and showcasing the new sound and direction of the label, this mid price compilation is in shops now. Many DJs now play music from CD rather than vinyl and buy it on the internet than from a record store, but if there's one constant that's remained, it's the anticipation over the last five years for a new compilation from one of the pioneers of dance music within America.

With the arrival of 'Balance ', Jimmy presents a triple disc set of music that traverses not only the last half decade, but the decade before that, and the one before that, embodying and presenting music that spans his career and that has helped define him as a DJ.

In the midst of a five month worldwide tour to promote the album, Jimmy takes time to tell us more about the album, his return to the studio and production work and much much more. Mr Spin takes time out of a busy Semester to bring us the latest Spincast. Featured are new tracks from Apparat and Steiger, the latest improvisation to come from Wagon Repair's Cobblestone Jazz outfit and a new offering from Agoria, lifted from his new album 'The Green Armchair' which Mr Spin has reviewed in depth for those who wish to check it out.

Born and bred in Israel, Liam Shachar is the latest new signing to the 'Teknology' label. We had a chat with him about his future plans and here's what he had to say. Chris Lake is not a name that many people may be aware of, but hes already caused a stir with djs such as Seb Fontaine who was a fan of his bootleg 'Elements Of Der Scheiber' and his second white label, a remix of Leftfield's Phat Planet caused a frenzy amongst labels and djs alike, with many labels trying to sign it.

We decided to find out a bit more about this promising up and coming youngster who is destined for great things in From the "Sanctuary" of the Channel Islands comes a producer that has been turning heads since the early days of his youth, a man responsible for some of the greatest electronic music of the past 10 years, with releases on both Whoop!

After travelling down into the dungeon of the disused fort that is Sanctuary Studios we found out a bit more about this inspirational studio wizard, his acclaimed studio and production plans for the future. The next installment in the Bedrock series has been officially announced complete with tracklist. Judging from the off the hook track selection and the chosen DJ, Chris Fortier, Bedrock will continue the legacy of pushing the next thing forward. Progressive-Sounds if you will. With fellow NYC dj and underground producer Ali Geramian, they are the Low End Specialists, and with a growing number of DJs such as Deep Dish and John Digweed showing their support and friends like the excellent Omid 16B, this talented outfit will be one you hear a lot more of in Steve Porter is a well respected remixer, dj and producer, having worked with the likes of John Debo, Chris Fortier and Quivver and remixed artists such as Sunkissed, Ballroom and Sandra Collins, We managed to catch up with him for a quick chat.

In the midst of a worldwide tour and on the brink of the 3rd single release from Intensify "Mindcircus" , Jody Wisternoff sits down to talk to progressive-sounds about the latest happenings out west. Set up to cover breakbeats and electro output with dancefloor sensibilities, Akademia is the brainchild of Choo Choo label owners Mara and breakbeat upstart DJ Filth. Andrew Byrne, perhaps better known to many as Hellpass has been producing for many years and is also known for his penchant for cheeky remixes of classic tracks such as Orbital's Chime and The Orb's Little Fluffy Clouds.

He has been championed by the likes of Dave Seaman and more recently has created a stunning rework of the classic track 'Orcana' by Void which has been hammered by John Digweed in recent weeks. We found out what this excellent producer has planned for , both in the studio and on his label, also called Hellpass. Following on from the success of Sean Quinn and Kasey Taylor Balance releases, EQ have selected Bill Hamel as the first international DJ to continue the series theme of quality underground compilation mixes.

The Deepsky contest is over. Thank you to all who participated. After sorting all of the entries with the correct answers and randomly choosing from those we have a winner. Congratulations to Smoovy Since then he has gone on to create unique house cuts for the US label Regress formerly Twilo Recordings and has now signed to Silver Planet for more dancefloor orientated material.

He's loved by everyone from Deep Dish to Nick Warren and John Digweed and with other little secret projects going on, we find out why this guy is set to be big in We find out what has in store for this promising new artist and his forthcoming works. Rated by John Digweed as one of the leading progressive DJs on the American circuit, and as part of acclaimed production outfit Fade, Chris Fortier has been making a name for himself over the years and now has been given the chance to showcase his talents on the latest in the Bedrock album series.

Before he embarks on a tour across the US and UK to promote the album we had chance to talk to him. Benoit Franquet's life has been based around music. From as young as 5 he learnt to play guitar and the trumpet and very soon ended up in a symphony orchestra. As the years went on his attention became drawn to electronic music and soon he met up with Cedric Piner better known as CP , an up and coming Belgian DJ.

We got Benoit to talk to us about his background and his future plans. It isn't the usual aim of Progressive-Sounds to promote events or tours, but we had to make an exception for this one. Read all about this tour and try to make it at all costs. Also, check out the video footage of the fall tour. Just a reminder that the second release from Way Out West, Mindcircus, has just been released. Follow the link for sound bytes of this amazing track featuring the haunting vocals of Trisha Lee Keishall.

Read our review here. Sean Cusick and Three, better known as Second Hand Satellites, are set to release a few gems this year including a remix set of their acclaimed 'Multiple Mirrors EP' and their own remix of Bedrock's 'Forge'. Read what else they have in store for , and why Sean says Three and Jimmy Van M are both sissies. We are running a contest. Just follow the link above, answer a few questions, and be entered to win one of three copies of Timo Maas' debut full lenght, 'LOUD'.

With James Holden's Solstice currently finding favour in DJ boxes the world over, and new signings Perc and Yunus launching excellent debut releases, it's quite appropriate that we feature two of the smallest, underground independent labels in the UK.

We present Silver Planet and Easyaccess. We revealed the tracklist first, so now we bring you the first review of the latest in the Balance series from Australian label EQ, mixed by the Sunkissed boss himself, Bill Hamel. Whilst Sander was in Mexico we asked him about his future plans, his eagerly anticipated Four Seasons EP Part 3, some interesting remix proposals he's received and much more.

Check out the interview here. Check it out. In between hobknobbing with the stars, Dave has played sets all over the world and recently played at the Good Shed, Melbourne on which the 22nd in the Global Underground series was based. We spoke to Dave about the album, forthcoming Brothers In Rhythm projects and his own record label.

Read the interview here. Just a reminder to you all out there that we are running a contest for Timo Maas' debut 'Loud'. Enter to win soon, contest ends on April It's not often that being an I. Already he has three tracks out of the first handful he has produced signed to Niche and Fracas and you can expect to hear his name a lot more as this year progresses.

As the Delta Heavy Tour rolls across America like a runaway train, word of a new John Digweed cd has been gathering people's attention. Once again pushing the nation forward, he has given birth to the Delta Heavy tour that is sweeping the nation. Read the interview to hear his thoughts on the tour. With his original productions Fabricate and Melodica also held in regard, the latter just having been re-released on Platipus, we caught up with Leama to find out about his DJing, his work with Andy Moor and more..

Come in and read what they had to say to us. Read more about Akademia here. Guy Gerber started off with a band called Coco Beat, who played at many of Israel's clubs. Upon meeting Haoman 17 resident DJ Sahar Z a friendship was formed, and together this duo have gone on to produce several tracks, the most well known being the Portishead sampling Kenny's Back. We caught up with this duo to find out a bit more about them and their very different backgrounds. Spiral Scratch, aka UK born Simon Mather has had a very varied set of influences during the course of his life.

From punk to jazz funk, he then happened to come across dance music which intersted him so much he spent many years embracing sounds and technologies. He was finally picked up by Whoop! Records where his debut release Something Else was released. Already he is working on a follow up and getting approached by other labels, so we decied to find out a bit more about this up and coming talent.

We have updated our Bedrock 3 feature to include the tracklist for the vinyl release of this top notch compilation. Get 12 tracks spread across 4 vinyls to try to match your mixing skills against Chris Fortier's. Kinky Vinyl is the new funky brother of Whoop! Records that launched in April with Guy Gerber's Flammer. Future releases will see Marshall Jefferson on the label, along with a track those in the know are already ranting about called 'Annabel' by Dzamb.

Watch out for the rather kinky pvc sleeved cuts near you soon. Check out our review of the first release which is now online. With the track 'Control' currently blowing up on Prolekul, and forthcoming releases on Whoop! A tripple vinyl release of all but two of the tracks Diggers used on his compilation will accompany the cd. Click the link above to see the updated tracklist.

As well as this they have done productions such as Forsaken and the much sought after 'No Way Out', as well as remixes for the likes of Ocean Wave and Jan Johnston. These productions and remixes have found their way into the boxes and onto the compilations of DJs such as Dave Seaman and Paul Oakenfold. Having recently mixed Vapourised Volume 3 with Andy Jarrod, we caught up with Mark to find out Highland's plans for the coming months. Cedric Pinet is one of Belgium's top progressive DJs, and has already caused a stir with many people as a result of the material he's worked on with fellow Belgian Benoit Franquet, better known as Pole Folder.

With the duo due to appear at various cities and festivals across the world in the coming months, we caught up with CP to find out a bit more about his background, his plans for the coming months and his work with Pole Folder. We caught up with this promising up and coming pair of youngsters to find out a bit more about them.

She managed to get him to answer a few questions regarding the new Choo Choo US booking agency, his current and future production work and a little bit about himself. Check out the brief interview here. Arno Asmus has been working in the design business for the last decade, occasionally making forays into the realm of production, before fully exploring this during and making a real name for himself under the guise of Revolt.

Fast forward four years and he's had releases on Bedrock, with forthcoming material on Bliss, Addictive and Enter Music to name but a few. We caught up with the man from Rotterdam. Dean Mushin, known to some as the Choo Choo Monkey, and label manager of new Choo Choo offshoot breakbeat label Akademia Recordings is one of the fast rising breaks djs and producers under his DJ Filth guise, and with both Choo Choo and Akademia set to release some quality material over the summer we caught up with him for a chat about his career and the labels.

To kick off Starecase's debut full length release 'FirstFloor', Progressive-Sounds is running another contest to allow three of our readers the chance to walk away with a Starecase 12", a CD sampler and a poster. First Floor review Sample 'Come In'. For those of you who may not know, Sasha has posted a press release on his site follow the link above for his much anticipated LP, 'Airdrawndagger'. I feel as if I've been at university for the last year! I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but it has been worth all the time.

Earth Deuley first made an impact on the scene in with the release 'Dark Corner' on the Low Pressings imprint. Since then he has gone on to produce several other tracks, including a follow up release for Low Pressings, in addition to some for the labels Hellpass, Addictive and Tango. Hailing from Macon, GA we decided to find out a bit more about this fast up and coming producer. We find out what living in Macon is like, an insight into his musical influences and much more as you will see.

Now he gets the chance to take things to another level with the new conceptual series from Boxed, Lights Out. We found out what its all about and what he's been upto recently. Gwill Morris, best friend of James Holden, doctor and fellow Silver Planet artist has been quiet in the last few months, concentrating on his medical career, but now he's back making music and what a return he has made. The single Take Me Down under the guise of Main Element has already been played by Sasha and Digweed on the Delta Heavy tour and the man has much more under wraps to unleash on us over the coming months.

Find out what he's been up to and what he has planned by reading the interview. The wait is over. The hype has reached fever pitch. It's finally coming, and no force of nature, no act of god or natural disaster can stop it. Sasha finally delivers his longly anticipated debut longplayer, Airdrawndagger, and we proudly present to you the FIRST review online. Chris Gainer is the man you hear little about when it comes to the name Sumsonic. With the other guys of the trio, Mark O Brien Darko and Paul Rogers producing in a solo capacity and collectively as Sleepfreaks, Chris sometimes gets forgotten about.

However, this man is probably the hardest working of the trio. We decided to find out a bit more about this mystery man and what he has planned for the labels and his career in the coming months. Read what he had to say to us about his upcomming projects. In addition to this he has a twice monthly show, 'Excession' on Groovetech and has recently mixed the first volume in their new mix cd series entitled 'GTDJ'.

He is soon to embark on a tour of the US supporting Sasha to promote 'Airdrawndagger'. We caught up with James as he returned from the opening weekend of Space in Ibiza to find out what he's got up his sleeve for the coming months. Sasha Remix Contest : coming soon on Kinetic Records. Win a Mac G4, iPods, your remix released on Kinetic, and other cool prizes. In association with Nettwerk records, Progressive-Sounds is running another contest to give away five copies of the latest Whoop!

Compilation : Progressive Development mixed by Nigel Dawson. Progressive-Sounds has 3 exclusive to internet tracks to promote the upcomming 'Signs' motion picture. Check em out. Power up your remix tools because samples have been unleashed. The deadline is October Time is running out. Yep, that's right. Answer three questions for a chance to win one of three signed copies of Mara's latest offering 'Turning It On' which is destined to take over Ibiza this summer, can be in your hands.

Contest ends September 1st. Also, if you havent entered yet, our Progressive Development contest is over August 12th, so there is still time to enter. Touted as the soundtrack to the dance generation, Orbital's greatest hits 'Work' was not their only release this year. They have specially composed a track called "Technologiskie Park" for the new spy thriller action film "XXX".

The Hartnoll brothers also make a cameo appearance in the film. Follow the link for sound samples. Read more about Sasha at his web site which is now live. We are aware the site is in need of repairs. We got almost a whole year out of this design, and the wear and tear is starting to show.

Check back on the 8th after we send the cleaning crew through. We may even reward your patience with a special feature or two. Tune in to hear some of the current and future anthems today, in addition to a few surprises. With remixes for the likes of Selfish Recordings and many other labels and his solo single 'Chilling Moments' causing a stir all over the place. We caught up with Shmuel during one of those very moments to find out what he has up his sleeve for the coming months.

Win the T-Shirt right off of Sasha's back!! Well, not really, but you can still win a very cool Sasha t-shirt. The above pic is not what it looks like, but you can click HERE to see the men's and women's versions. So what are you waiting for, get in there and answer 3 easy questions and enter to win.

Michael Simone, a singer, songwriter, composer and diverse artist perhaps is most well known for his single 'Drums For Better Daze' which was released to great acclaim on Hooj Choons. More recently the melancholic track 'Come Back To Me' has been finding it's way into the sets of Sasha and John Digweed, but as you'll discover, that's just the tip of the iceberg as far as this talented man is concerned.

Progressive-Sounds has landed two more tracks for you to listen to. Like the first three, these track were inspired by the movie 'Signs' and are exclusive to the internet. My personal favorite is still Photek's, but these two are great! Coinciding with their 30th release, Sheffield-based housers, Choo Choo Records, have ditched their old image and plumped for a brand new look, website and have even washed themselves. A limited edition of the self titled lp by Conjure one features a Hybrid remix of 'Tears from the Moon', the Sinead O'Connor collaboration.

She continues to expand the boundaries, always seeking out projects that will convey her most inner thoughts and emotions. Mark Venneri started off his career at underground warehouse parties in Philadelphia back in the early 90s. Since then he has gone on to develop both as a dj and more recently embarked on his Madoka project. Already DJs like Sasha and Digweed to name but a few have supported this man's output with tracks like Dive and Mass finding plays on the Delta Heavy tour.

We found out what the man who 'always thinks slightly forward' has planned for the coming months. We have added yet another interpretation to the movie 'Signs' inspired tracks collection. This exclusive offering is by Lovesky. Three years after 'Beaucoup Fish" and two years after the release of their award -winning DVD 'Everything Everything,' the fourth Underworld album has arrived. After growing up together, Charlie May and Duncan Forbes became not only lifelong friends, but the amazing production talent known as Spooky.

In addition to the much acclaimed and still sought after album 'Garguantuan', Spooky delivered many top productions in the early 90's such as 'Little Bullet' and 'Persuasion'. Now the duo are back together, delivering the first new Spooky single in several years, 'Belong'. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what other new material they have in the pipeline and the goals that they seek to achieve. Read on to find out more. Following on from their recent single 'Watching You', Saeed and Palash have joined the Excession roster, as well signed to Distinctive for an artist album project.

In addition to this, they have plans underway to further diversify their Addictive imprint, plus many other things on the horizon. We caught up with them to find out more. Check out the scoop here. As the years went on, they both became unsure about where they were heading and as Garry fell ill due to mercury poisoning their legacy was laid to rest. After several years of rediscovery and healing, the duo have reunited and return to the old Amorphous Androgynous alias to deliver a new album, The Isness.

Read on to find out about what the duo have been up to over the past few years, information about the album, and what they have planned for the future. Kevin Swain and David Snell are probably two of the busiest producers around. With projects spanning 20 different aliases, they have released many releases via Plastic Fantastic over the years.

More recently they've been in the studio working with Bill Hamel and are hard at work on an album under their new Mash Up project. In addition to this they plan to launch a record label in the near future. Read on to find out more about their plans. Jesse Houk originally hails from Amsterdam but has quickly made New York his natural habitat in recent years. As The Scumfrog, he has taken influences from both countries to create a very unique sound that has seen his profile skyrocket in recent months.

Read on to find out more about this fast rising talent. Bert and Maarten Wilmaers first hit the progressive scene with their much accoladed remix of Minimalistix's epic Struggle For Pleasure which gained support from djs right across the board. Additionally they have completed remixes for Ashtrax, Vek, Whatever Girl and Bedrock in recent months. Check out the full interview for more info about this duo's past present and future. Loafer aka studio engineer Alan Bremner made a major impact with his track Travelogue on Hope Recordings.

However this wasn't his first foray into the music scene. He's also assisted in the compilation and mixing of many big selling mix cds and is part of the Therapy Music team which looks after a DJ agency and the label 'Audiotherapy'. Find out a bit more about this man by checking out this interview. Fade Records has completely redesigned their website and label art. The upcoming Steve Porter release will mark the launch of the label's new artwork, so stay tuned and be on the lookout!

The new site is complete with mix sets from Chris Fortier and Steve Porter. Three contests have finished over the past two weeks. Emails have been sent out to our winners. We have new contests coming very soon, so be sure to try again if you werent lucky this time around. We have just received a bit of news regarding BT's new album that is soon to release on Nettwerk Records.

Read on. Demi is one of those rare talents who is forever pushing himself further. Having set up his Deeper Substance night with former partner Sian and now enjoying hosting a new night entitled Substantially Deeper things just seem to be heading upwards and onwards. Add to this radio shows for Proton Radio and Cued Up and a well deserved placing in the finals of Cream's Search For A Resident competition and pretty soon you will hear a lot more of his name as his profile rises even further.

Read this interview to find out a bit more about him. Roger Watson and Tony Thomas have a long and varied career in music. Between them they have released material on over 20 labels and have brought out some of the most influential music in many genres in recent years. Check out this interview with Tony Thomas for more information about the Red Moon project. John Graham intially started out in rock bands and making Drum and Bass as Skanna.

As he became more involved in dance music he developed his Quivver project in addition to working with Parks and Wilson as Tilt. Since parting ways with them to work on his solo album, John has remained pretty much out of the spotlight aside from his DJ commitments. Now he has returned with the single Boz Boz as Quivver and a new Space Manoeuvres single is due out soon. John reveals a lot more info in the interview, so read on. Features John's biography, discography, up to the minute tour information and full tracklistings for his infamous KISS radio show.

This is stated to be the first version of the site and streaming media is set to feature in Version 2. Bedroom Bedlam winner and Dirty resident Steve Gerrard has gone from strength to strength as a dj, and it was only a matter of time before he delved into the realm of production. With long time friend and studio whizz Russell Pearce they formed Wrecked Angle and another project as Filta.

We decided to find out a bit more about their plans. Read on for more information. Noel Sanger has been busy towards the end of with many releases heading your way. Progressive-Sounds is proud to announce a new feature, Sound Bytes. This week, Chloe mixes it up with 4 choice tracks from our record bins. James Lavelle has forged many fans via his Unkle project in addition to his Mo Wax imprint, and his dj sets at Fabric and indeed his mix cd for their label have furthered his reputation more.

As the latest DJ to join the Global Underground roster, his career looks set to soar to even greater heights. We found out a bit more about how he feels about joining a roster that includes Sasha, John Digweed and Danny Tenaglia, plus got to find out lots of other things. It's been a busy few weeks at Global Underground. Not only have they just released the 23rd volume in their acclaimed series, they have relaunched their vinyl labels Quad and Coded with releases from Bluefish and Pako and Frederik respectively.

As an added bonus they have put out their first foray into the world of downtempo with the Electric Calm cd. Check out the links below for reviews of all these great releases. Jerry Bonham has made a name for himself as resident at , Circus and Vision as well as clocking up the frequent flyer miles all over the US and further afield. As a producer both in a solo capacity and with Jondi and Spesh he has had material released on Bedrock, Renaissance and most recently his single, Seventh Seal was released on SAW Recordings.

We managed to catch up with him for a bit of a chat about his future plans. Roland Bass and Luke Warm are the alter egos of Kelvin Andrews and Danny Spencer, two djs and producers who have been making a name for themselves over the years as Sound 5 and Sure Is Pure, holding down residences and gigs at clubs like The Bomb and Fabric. As Soul Mekanik they have found a project that has brought them one accolade after another, so we decided to find out a bit more about them and dragged 'Roland' away from the studio for a chat.

The progressive pioneers known as Fluke have been making music since , delivering albums such as the inaugrual Techno Rose Of Blighty through three further albums ending in 's Risotto. Over these years they enjoyed success with singles and tracks such as Atom Bomb, Bullet, and Absurd. Over the course of that decade, they managed to stay one step ahead, embracing and pushing new sounds and even delivering a breathtaking live show experience.

After some time out of the spotlight and following on from the Progressive History X retrospective, Fluke return, with a new album, live concept and much more. Fluke frontman Jon Fugler was kind enough to spare some time to speak to us. Read on.. Following in the footsteps of great Canadian producers such as Max Graham, Richie Hawtin and Luke Fair, Martin Villeneuve is making great progress in the dance community.

Read on to find out more about his future. The booty? Signed copies of the mix cd. Josh Collins hails from Chicago and has etched a name for himself as a producer who constantly puts out groundbreaking music. We decided to find out a bit more about this hard working talent. Read on to find out more Audiotherapy will be relaunching with an introductory label sampler entitled "My Idea of House.

More BT news: BT has been doing paintings little known fact that he was accepted to Rhode Island School of Design but opted for the life of a musician at Berkley instead. Some of the mixed media paintings involving photographs and dadaist cut and paste style collages mixed with oil and acrylic paints will be featured in the artwork of the next album.

He's been working on a piece of art for every song on the album. Paul Kane and Paul Pringle, the men behind Desert have released a mix cd riddled with unreleased material which includes artists such as Jamez, Oscar G, and Kolaborators to name just a few.

An additional bonus CD accompanies the mix including forthcoming Future Groove releases. Read all about it. Find out more about the trio by reading this interview with them.. Red Jerry is the head honcho of Hooj and it's offshoot labels, a shrewd businessman, a talented dj and producer who has put his hand to many successful ventures over the years.

His productions have ranged from the uplifting vibes of Katcha to the deep house influenced beats of his latest venture RJ Project. We found out a bit more about the Hooj kingpin, his background and plans in respect to his labels. Nick Muir is a studio wizard , engineer and producer of the highest standard. They have just unleashed the sublime melodic opus that is Emerald upon the music scene. However, he also shines in a solo capacity, having remixed Tom Mangan's Chutney and Archive's Numb recently, and previously having released Dark Blue under the guise of Cabala.

Currently Nick and John have ventured into the world of soundtrack production, so we decided to find out a bit more about this and much more. Bedrock is delivering one great release after another from the likes of Holmes Ives, Shmuel Flash, Steve Lawler and many others. In addition to that, they are set to release Bedrock's own 'Emerald. The Summerbreeze 2 review is in. To celebrate, there is a contest giving you a chance to win a copy.

That is what is in San's music. San and partner Roland K's productions as San Project are receiving massive support. Read this interview and find out what releases to expect. Harry Lemon has made a name for himself over the years, thanks largely to superb remixes for the likes of Greed, Arrakis and Main Element to name but a few.

His Inner Sanctuary Sessions EPs have ensured at least one track he has put his hand to has found it's way into the record boxes of top level and bedroom djs alike. His Inner Santctuary Sessions mix cd, a double cd of his best original productions and remixes is due out shortly and to tie in with this, his official website has been launched. Check it by clicking the link. Lemon 8 Interview on Progressive-Sounds. Label owner Sandy Fox is expanding his grasp on the dance community launching a sub-label, Inversus Limited.

Read what he as to say about that here. Austin Leeds and the creative talents of Origin have recently formed Rock. Their first release on Inversus, "Resistance" is doing massive damage around the globe. Read this interview to learn about future Rock and 21st Century Fux productions.

Read this interview to find out about his new label. Read this interview to know what we know. The vocals are from Bt's friend Che Malcolm and Bt himself. They were recorded in Maryland in winter Another week, another Sound Bytes. Listen to this. Global Underground embark on yet another new direction with the release of their 'Afterhours' compilation.

Check out the feature and read the review. Mark Wheawill is perhaps not a name that you will notice regularly in charts or dj playlists, but you can probably guarantee he's had a hand in at least one track in the boxes of most of the big jocks. As a producer, vocalist and studio engineer he has worked on tracks as part of Source Of Gravity, Evenflow, Bravemusic and several other guises and has recently worked with Parks and Wilson on a Tilt project. To find out more about that and the rest of what's happening in the world of Mark Wheawill check out this interview.

Herbert Berkley, the latest talent to emerge from the Great State Of Texas has fast shaken the scene to it's foundations, with his debut release for Fade, 'Rebuilding 12' not even officially in stores yet, but already he has further material to come on Niche, Music Is Freedom and several other labels, in addition to involvement in many new and exciting ventures, including his own innovative Cure Recordings imprint which is set to launch next year.

A man with a big heart and a lot to say, so without further ado, here's Smight. Phil K is one of the top DJs within Australia and is fast making an impact on the world scene as well. A DJ who will do remixes live in order to ensure his set remains fresh and innovative and after recently mixing EQ's Balance compilation he is no doubt set for even greater things.

We decided to find out a bit more about the creation of the album and lots of other things. To help promote their full length release on Nettwerk records, FC Kahunna have mixed up 60 minutes for you to check out. It's a great listen that reflects their eclectic style and savvy tastes including tracks from Radiohead, Primal Scream and a few of their own original productions. Steve Parry is the progressive buyer at 3Beat in Liverpool.

A man who helps many of the top and upcoming DJs across the world obtain brand new records for their boxes, but he's also a hard working DJ with a weekly radio show, gigs all over the world and has played at clubs including Bedrock in the past few years. His debut single 'Jawa' was released on Fluid Recordings earlier this year, and recently he has started a new night in Liverpool called 'Aztec' as resident alongside James Zabiela.

So without futher ado we present an insight into the world of Steve Parry. In addition to this he is also part of Andain and has just recently unleashed his debut solo single onto an unexpecting world in the shape of 'Wave 3'. It doesn't take rocket science to work out Josh is a busy man, so we decided to find out a bit more about him and the projects he's working on.

Shem McCauley has been working in the dance scene for over a decade now, first as Ramp with Simon Rogers, before channelling his energies into Slacker. Widely accoladed for remixes of artists including Bedrock and Breeder, in addition to originals such as 'Scared', 'Your Face' and more recently 'Looky Thing', Slacker continues to make music that is still getting people's attention to this day, having also been responsible for the massive 'Walls Of Jericho' by Head Honcho.

Having recently remixed Moby and with plans for further material on his label, Jukebox In The Sky, we had chat with Shem about the past, the present, and future of Slacker. Once a month, Progressive Sounds invites you to take a ride in Bill Hamel's Escalade to enjoy the music that's influencing his world. This segment, entitled "Extended Play," takes us inside Hamel's CD changer to find that one disc that gets more play than all the rest. Old or new, techno or jazz, this is the music that's shaping Hamel work.

Join him for a spin. With the release of 'Dust' now imminent, we thought it was high time we brought you up to date with all the happenings that come out of '80Hz' in Belgium. Scott Hardkiss was an early pioneer of original sounds in the United States and had a huge influence over many artists productions. On his Hardkiss label, Scott has produced classics such as "The Phoenix" and "Raincry" and also released the infamous compilation "Delusions of Grandeur" which remains a staple in collections around the world.

Read this interview to find out what is coming up for God Within and why his "Rocket Man" remix never saw a proper release. Rumours have been bouncing around about Nick Warren's forthcoming 'Reykjavik' album, the 24th in the Global Underground series. Here's some info to whet your appetite. The competition is to remix their latest signing, Medway 'Trauma.

Michael Burns is one of a growing nu breed of producer. One that starts at a very young age and creates music without the need for a traditional studio, opting for a software based environment that is becoming more and more predominent in this dag and age. His music as Blue Haze speaks volumes of the results, the melancholic melody within his music showcasing a sound quite different to a lot of conventional progressive house music, drawing elements from both downtempo and electronic influences..

Already his track 'Greedy Planet' has been enjoying roadtesting in the sets of Sander Kleinenberg and several other DJs, and now we give you some insight into this promising young star, one of many attempting to stand out in '03 who you will come to hear of over the next few weeks. Additionally they have made sure their music has found it's way into many a dj box with remixes for artists such as Mangotrasher, Sshh and Main Element.

Junkie XL's remix of their most popular track 'Legacy' is also due for release in the new year, and Jamie updated us on what the next year holds for Infusion. We caught up with Gwill for a quick update about what he's been upto and to find out a bit more about his recently launched website and plans for the new year.

Planet Noise. A planet on the far edge of the universe where animated DJs and musicians live with one purpose, to create sound. It was some time ago that three individuals travelled varied paths before arriving on the planet. It was when their track 'Mooger Fooger' found it's way into the hands of intergalactic superstar DJ John Digweed who featured it on his 'MMII' album, that life on the planet changed forever.

The Noisian race has much in common with Planet Earth, that of the love of music that emits from the darkness of dancefloors across the universe. Shelley Harland is one of those rare talents you happen upon by chance. You could be walking along past a bar or music hall, or turn up to see the latest and greatest act at a local venue only to be blown away by the support act. But calling Harland a support act would be wrong, because she is far more.

A singer and songwriter with a voice that will melt your mind and soothe your soul, and a major electronic influence to her unique sound that inspired her to programme her own tracks. Through sheer guts, determination and hard work, as well as several low key live shows, the hard work has all paid off as Harland's debut album 'Salt Box Lane' is set to be released on Chrysalis next year and with word of her amazing voice reaching the far corners of the globe, several of the top names in the progressive music scene have enlisted her services, ensuring her voice makes it's way to a dancefloor near you soon.

Luke Chable is one of the hardest working producers around today. Between himself, Ivan Gough and Phil K, they are responsible for some of the hottest sounds to emerge out of Australia and into the world dance music scene via various projects including Dark Alley, Digital Mind Control and Lo-Step. In a solo capacity he has produced many top level remixes and productions and recently has really come into his own as one of the 'the producers' of the moment. We decided to dig a little deeper and find out more about this amazing young talent.

Jesse Skeens has been in the dance music scene for the last decade or so, starting off in Florida, honing his production skills as Medway, creating music that has subsequently been supported right across the board, with Sasha and Digweed being two of his many fans. Having released numerous singles for Hooj he is now preparing to release his latest single 'Trauma'. We decided to find out a bit more about the remix competition surrounding the track, his collaborations with Sean Cusick and others and his views of the state of the industry today, and he quite happily spoke freely about it all to us.

Recently voted as one of Mixer magazine's top Movers and Shakers, Omid 16B has reinforced his status as a heavy weight producer. Read what he had to say to us regarding the singles and tour that the future holds in support of the album and what he looks for in a remixer. With the new year looming Bedrock unveil the first of many plans they have for and beyond with the launch of the new imprint, Bedrock Breaks.

Building on the legacy of the breaks room at Heaven and aiming to showcase the finest in underground breakbeat music over the coming months, with the first release being 'Locked On' by Nuddles, due out in late January His dj sets have continued to amaze and educate anyone lucky to have seen him play out. With further studio work forthcoming and the releases of the remixes of Sean and DJ Three's track 'Orbit' as Second Hand Satellites, already looks set to be another stellar year for this outstanding producer and dj.

We managed to get his thoughts on remix contests, female djs, the government and much much more. Read on for yet more of Sean Cusick's wise words. Hellpass Records is offering up 8 records from their back catalogue. It is a collectors dream. Click through to see what you are playing for. With support for their material already coming from Deepsky, Nick Warren, Hybrid, Dave Seaman, Sasha and BT, and with forthcoming productions and remixes coming on Navigation Records and Audiotherapy, it looks like Texas has spawned yet more great artists that look set to make an impact well into and beyond.

Find out more about them by reading this interview. The Kiss Show on December 27th is a holiday special, with Sasha and Digweed recorded live during the Delta Heavy tour earlier this year. The show is from am GMT, and you can listen online at www. Read the full review. Sekander Raisani and Frederik Borgesius first developed their love for house music during their teenage years of the 80s before embarking on production work and dj gigs as Pako and Frederik in the early 90s.

Since then they have gone one to produce many quality original tracks and remixes, as well as running their own imprint Majestic Music. Dave Robertson is yet another promising new producer to emerge from Southampton in the UK. His productions range from tech house grooves to old skool house, taking in everything that falls between.

Already his work has gained attention from Sasha and James Zabiela and remix work is coming this young 20 year old's way before he's even had his first release out, which is forthcoming on James Zabiela's Hearing Aid imprint. In the meantime find out a bit more about Dave by reading this interview. Adam Spears is like many young teenagers in today's world, full of ideas and wanting to let their voice be heard.

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